Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Friends!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Baby Girl.  I think she was in kindergarten when it was taken {the only way I can tell is because of her teeth - they all still look like baby teeth - ha!}.  Last year, we had a school project regarding ancestry and we determined that our family had a little Irish blood, so Alise was SO excited to wear a shirt that said, "Kiss me, I'm Irish!" on the front.  This morning, Alise and Wayne will be celebrating the day at her school's Pop's Pancake breakfast.  She is so excited about it because it's the one day of the year that her dad gets to take her to school and they get to eat breakfast together.

I must say now that St. Paddy's Day is officially here, I'm feeling a little guilty for not planning something special for dinner tonight.  But when I was planning our menu on Sunday, corned beef and cabbage - which I've never made a day in my life! - just didn't sound very appetizing.  Oh, well.  Taco Tuesday it is. Maybe I'll make up for it on Cinco de Mayo!  Ha!

We had a great relaxing weekend! Alise and I went to a shower/brunch first thing Saturday morning for a sweet friend's daughter that's getting married in a few months.  L, the bride-to-be, also cuts Alise's hair and her sister, K, was her Big Sis last year, so Alise was very excited about going.  L looked beautiful and K came over to us to specifically talk to Alise and ask her how cheer was going.  They are the sweetest girls and it was a beautiful shower. Here is a pic of Alise and I before the shower sporting our green a few days early.  She insisted on wearing her Easter dress to the shower.

That afternoon, Jennifer and I took the girls to see Cinderella.  I think Jennifer and I loved it more than the girls!  It was so neat to see "Rose" and "Daisy" from Downton Abbey in different roles.  What a great movie!  When we got home, Wayne was grilling at the cook shack. I grabbed a glass of wine and we sat outside and listened to the radio and talked until dark. After the great dinner he made, we all three took turns tasting these delicious pies to celebrate "PI Day!"  Can you guess which one was mine?  Ha!  We have a local eatery that specializes in gourmet pies.  They're known for their Caramel Banana Cream Pie.

And because I haven't posted nearly enough pictures of our beloved Jack here on the blog, here's a picture of me and him Saturday evening while we were sitting outside.

Excuse my flat hair head.  You can see that our weather was still misty and a tad dreary this weekend.  I also had my sunglasses on top of my head because that's what everyone does when it's a gloomy dreary day, right!?  HA!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!  I apologize for the lack of posts this week, but we are so busy with softball season starting back up and tryouts in the evenings.  I'll be back on Friday for my top 5 post fer sure!

P.S. If you live near a Sonic, you may want to take advantage of ALL DAY HALF PRICE SHAKES!!  Yum!  I have a chocolate one with my name written all over it!

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  1. Love the picture of you and your daughter! I can't wait to see Cinderella - glad you liked it!

    1. Thank you, Lana! She's my MiniMe!

    2. Thank you, Lana! She's my MiniMe!

  2. So many fun things! You and your daughter looks so great dressed up and yay for pie, we have big activity day at school too.

    1. Thanks, Ginny! Enjoy your Spring Break!

  3. I was reading this right when you commented on my blog! How funny! I loved Cinderella :) it was so cool to see it with real people instead of the cartoon!! I NEED to go to sonic too!