Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Halloween Jeopardy Game

As promised, here's what I did with a GREAT BIG piece of cardboard last week!

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I turned it into the Halloween Jeopardy game!  And yes, one of the "bowls" is missing because I still needed to cut out the "star" for the Double Jeopardy question!  I wish I had gotten one of the moms to take a picture while we were playing!  We just propped it up against the white board in the classroom!

Here's what you'll need:
A big piece of cardboard depending on the categories and number of questions
spray paint
Styrofoam bowls
tissue paper
candy, optional
clear tape (I used mailing tape)
duck tape
a black marker

Spray paint the cardboard and let it dry.  Stick a few pieces of candy in each bowl along with the question/hint/joke and cover with tissue paper.  My bowls only required 1/4 a sheet, but I doubled the paper.  I used clear tape to secure the tissue paper around the bowl.  It was nothing fancy, trust me.  Then I used a big piece of looped duct tape to secure the bowl to the cardboard.  I wrote the point value on each bowl and then labeled the categories on the cardboard.

At the party, we split the class into two teams.  Each student was allowed a turn for their team. When the kids decided which point value they wanted to try, they "punched" the number {bowl} and candy spilled out along with their question.  They were allowed to discuss the answer with their team.  We didn't deduct points if a team got the answer wrong, but the opposing team could try to "steal" and answer the question.

The kids decided to have the girls versus the boys and the girls won by a landslide.  Poor boys!  But the over all verdict of the game was that THEY LOVED IT!!!  The game was a hit!!  We played it while the students ate their Halloween goodies!

I'll even give you the questions and answers I used by category!

100 pts - The date Halloween is celebrated  {October 31st}
200 pts - A primary color of Halloween.  Can also be a color of a cat.  {Black}
300 pts - What children ask for when they go door-to-door {Treats}
400 pts - What guests at a Halloween party bob for  {Apples}
500 pts - {I can't remember!  Just wing it!}

100 pts - Melts in your mouth, not in your hand {M&Ms}
200 pts - Taste the rainbow  {Skittles}
300 pts - It takes a lot of licks  {Tootsie Roll Pop}
400 pts - US President Ronald Reagan loved this candy {this was my Double Jeopardy question.  The answer is jelly beans}
500 pts - This candy is the most popular Halloween candy {Reese PB cups}

100 pts - Something worn on the face  {Mask}
200 pts - Super Heros wear this  {Cape}
300 pts - No bones about it  {Skeleton}
400 pts - A sheet  {Ghost}
500 pts - This costume was the most popular of 2013 {a witch}

100 pts - What do you call a skeleton that won't work?  {A Lazybones}
200 pts - What does a witch ask for at a hotel?  {Broomservice}
300 pts - Who has webbed feet and fangs?  {Count Duckula}
400 pts - Where do ghosts water ski?
500 pts - Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?

100 pts - Fairy God Mother turned me from this into a carriage  {Pumpkin}
200 pts - Charlie Brown received this at Halloween  {A rock}
300 pts - A Favorite Halloween movie.  Also something a witch might say. {Hocus Pocus}
400 pts - These main characters went to a University  {Monsters Inc.}
500 pts - An old black and white TV show that starts out by snapping fingers  {The Addams Family}

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