Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Top 5 ~ Halloween Edition

I had originally thought about not posting a Top 5 because this week has not been extremely kind to us.  On Monday, my grandmother died.  She was the last living grandparent I had and we celebrated her life on Wednesday.  Our already busy schedule was even more so this week with all the Halloween activities going on at Alise's school and the teachers did not let up with homework and tests.  And with our already crazy schedule, the week was just that much busier for us!

As I was looking back over my Halloween Pinterest Board this week to double check some pins that I plan to use for our Halloween party Saturday night, I decided to post my Top 5 Halloween ideas.  Here are the ones I used or planning to use this weekend:

{one.}  I decided to use this idea for Alise's class Halloween party at school.  It was simple, simple to do - if only I could get everything I needed together at one time, but I forgot a few items and had to make several trips back to town.  I made this prop into a Halloween Jeopardy-type game with clues/jokes that the kids have to answer.  I even included a "Double Jeopardy" and candy to spill out of the bowl when it's "punched."  I'll try to do an entire post on this Halloween Jeopardy idea next week!  I'll also let you know what the kids thought of it!

30 Awesome Halloween Games for Kids

{two.}  We decided to "Boo" our neighbors this year!  Here's the FREE printables I used to do it!
You've Been Booed! is a Fun Halloween Tradition! Free Printable Tags, Ideas and Instructions
Now, the funny thing about this story is that Alise got caught!!  I told her to ride her bicycle over to our neighbors house so that if their front window was open, they would just think she was riding her bike up and down the street.  A perfect example of Baby Girl not listening to what I tell her!  What did she do?  She walked across the yard and Ms. Louise saw her and met her at the door!  Darn it!  Oh, well!  Our neighbors are great and we even got booed late Sunday night ourselves!!

{three.}  I found the crazy eyes for this fun project at Walmart.  I plan on making these tomorrow for the party at our house.
Gooey Monster Eye Cookies Recipe

{four.}  I really want to pull this punch off tomorrow night for the party.  Have you ever made the smoking cauldron punch?  Well, I haven't, but there's a first time for everything!
Non Alcoholic Smoking Cauldron Punch :: Dry Ice is added to the "Cauldron" & is NOT in the punch. Recipe on the site.

{five.}  Instead of making individual baggies of these great treats, I'm going to  put them in individual bowls with food tags so that the kids can just grab-and-go!
Witches Warts- Chocolate Chips  Ghost Poop- Mini Marshmallows Monster Scabs- Graham Crackers Jack o Lantern Teeth- Candy Corn

The tradition continues!  Tonight we're trick-or-treating with the same family we have been for going on nine years!  Our sweet girls don't have many years left for doing this, so we're enjoying it while we can!  On Saturday, Alise's entire 4th grade class from her school will be at our house for a fun-filled Halloween party complete with a flashlight scavenger hunt, a bonfire, hot dogs and a hay ride - that is, if we can find some hay!  Preferably FREE hay! 

I hope everyone has a very scary Halloween!  Stay safe!!

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