Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Top 5

Happy Friday!

While you're reading this, I'll be pah-roosing the aisles at Mistletoe Market in Jackson, Mississippi!  It's been YEARS since I've been and a friend asked me to go, so I decided to take the day off from work and officially begin my Christmas shopping!  Yay me!  So excited to be getting out of town for the day!

Today on my Friday Top 5, I want to talk about jewelry and how you store it, organize it, or display it.  Jewelry boxes are has beens for today's jewelry buff {although I do have a jewelry box that belonged to my great grandmother!  Can you believe my mother tried to sell it in a garage sale??  What was she thinking??}.  With all the big, blingy necklaces these days, some women are choosing to display their pieces.  I, on the other hand, just want a place where I can find what I need when I need it without having to rummage through a box or - as it stands now - bathroom cabinets.  So today I'm sharing five of my favorite jewelry organizers. 

What I'm really looking for is a rustic piece to hang my jewelry on.  Wayne said he would make it for me if I just came up with the design.  I don't want to display my jewelry for everyone to see.  I'd rather have something to hang on the inside of the bathroom cabinet. More on that later. 

{one.} I love this piece because it's simple.  I love the antiqued knobs and the screen for hanging earrings.


{two.}  I thought this was a neat idea with the bar and hooks. 

jewerly hook display, this is much better than the idea I came up with for this same purpose. This can also be used for hanging belts

{three.}  But I think I'm still partial to the old fashioned knobs and rustic look.

jewerly hanger

{four.}  I wanted to post this one because after reading the website, all they used was a picture frame!  A picture. frame.  I think this would be perfect if you chose to display your jewelry.

Jewerly display frames. Perfect if you are short on space.

{five.}  I love the display of this one as well.  I love the rustic look and the addition of the picture frames.  Another great way to display, however not many people have that much room in their closet or bathroom or even bedroom.

Jewel Pallet untangle your jewels to make ever by OldReflections, $125.00

I decided to include this picture below to show you more of the style I'm looking for. Although this cabinet looks custom made - my cabinets are much deeper - I'm wanting to do something similar with the doors shown here.

Jewelry Holder - Necklace - Cabinet - Wood - Wooden - Handmade - Furniture - 44 x 20 x 4.5 on Etsy, $340.00

I think Mr. Horton and I can pull something off!  Don't you!?  I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out, but don't expect anything too soon.  It's still football season!

Which reminds me!  My Bama team plays LSU this weekend!  It's going to be a GREAT game!

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