Monday, September 15, 2014

Short & Sweet

Hello, Monday!

I won't be posting a menu this week because, well, I won't be COOKING this week!

WE ARE SLAMMED!!!  There is something on our schedule for every. single. night. of. this. week.  Which explains why I took a day off from church yesterday to do nothing but REST.  I needed time to psych myself up for the week and spend a few hours studying with Alise because before I even SEE the test schedule this week, I already know that we have FIVE tests!!  I think this week might just send me in to hiding!

I'll post pictures later - I put a few on Instagram late Friday night - but Alise had the best time cheering with her Big Sis during the most. expensive. Friday. night. football. game. EVAH!!!  Oh, dear Lord!  We spent $80 dollars that night, y'all!!  $80 at a high school football game!  But there's a reason!  WHO KNEW that the temperature would drop by 50 degrees from the time we parked the car and plopped our butts down in the stadium?? WHO KNEW??  I had SHORTS ON!!  So of course, the school made a fortune with selling long sleeved t-shirts and hoodies because I had to have one!!  I was freezing to death!  And since I had to have one, Baby Girl had to have one!  They would have made even more money if the concession stand had broken out the hot chocolate!!  That's the fastest I've ever noticed the temperature change around here and like I said, I was not prepared!!  We left in the third quarter.  As much as I love football and Alise loves to cheer, I had had enough.  But not before we drove the drive-thru at Wendy's and Wayne and Alise got Frosties.  Go figure. They're weird.

So much for short and sweet.

Wayne and I started watching "The Blacklist" this weekend and we are HOOKED!!  It's a really good show!!  Ranks right up there with "Scandal" in my book!  "The Blacklist" just came out on Netflix last week, so we're sitting through marathons and binge watching to get caught up in time for the season premiere next Monday!  Check it out!

And speaking of TV, I heard the contestant that won Miss America last night won it with a talent of playing the cups?  I haven't quite delved into this story, yet, but I didn't watch the pageant because, of course, we were watching The Blacklist.  But I have to say that if pageant talent has come down to playing the cup song, we're in a world of trouble!!

That's all for now.  More later when I decide to come back from hiding.

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