Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

Here are some thoughts running through my head this fine Monday morning!  Maybe I'll come up with some more today while I am sitting at the court house waiting to find out if I will be selected for jury duty.  Yay for Monday!

Monday - I'll have a cafe mocha, Valium, vodka, latte to go please.

1.  What is the deal with everyone in the world wanting to own chickens?  Not a rooster in sight, but they got chickens and a chicken coop of all things.  And they are NAMING said chickens!  Names like Lucy and Theo.

2.  I do not care about your bikini body, okay?  I mean seriously!  Put some clothes on!  And you may have "earned' your body and that is all well and fine, but flaunt it in your own world and not mine!

3.  And cover that tattoo up, too!  There are kids around!

4.  I didn't even know the World Cup existed until a few days ago.  Not a soccer fan.  But, yes, I know who David Beckham is.

5.  All highways in America should be FIVE lanes!!  Notice I said, "highways."  That's because all interstates in America should be EIGHT lanes!  But back to highways.  There should be two lanes going one way and two lanes going the other and then a freakin' TURNING lane for both directions!

6.  Speaking of which, Sunday drivers do NOT need to be on the road between the hours of 7:30am and 8:30am Monday through Friday.  That's why you're a Sunday driver.

7.  God bless all you palazzo pant and maxi dress wearing girls!  I'm "pea green with envy!"  Just can't pull the look off no matter how hard I try.  I'm too short.  At 5'3, I'm lucky to pull off a maxi skirt.  With my height, I don't think the styles look good on me anyway even if I am fortunate enough length-wise.  Last week I found an awesome maxi dress that would be perfect for Hawaii and then saw the note that the model was 5'7.  Dang it!

8. So yeah.  Jury duty.  The bane of my existence this week.  I've never even gone through the process before but I've heard horror stories.  Here's hoping I don't get selected.

9. I'm still working on those last measly five pounds!  My goal weight has always been the weight I was when I got pregnant with Alise.  I just don't understand why these five pounds are so much harder to loose this year! I've increased my walking this summer by one to three miles five days a week.  And I don't believe I am building muscle because walking is a cardiovascular activity and no strength training is involved.  I've been getting up at 5AM the last three weeks and walking three miles in nearly 100% humidity and the scale isn't moving. I thought I had cut back on calories, but obviously I haven't cut back enough.  I can tell a difference in my clothes, but I like to see it on the scale.  It's just so discouraging.

10.  Y'all have a great Monday!  Stay cool!!

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  1. I'm with you on the weight loss deal: I've started walking 5 days (brisk pace) & went back on my diet that a dietitian recommended (basically eating right and watching portions & drinking a lot of water), and the scale has barely moved. UGH!
    Also agree with you about the bikini body & tattoos.
    I've got quite a jury duty story to tell...I may have to make that into a blog post!