Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a FABULOUS weekend!

It started out with a shopping spree for Alise on Friday night.  I just know I'm up for the "Mommie-of-the-Year" Award for sending my daughter to school in shorts last week when the temps dropped during the day and when I picked her up that afternoon, she said, "Moma, I'm freeeeezing!!"  I may have heard her teeth chattering.  Anywho.  A pair of jeans, colored pants, two dresses, four blouses, and a pair of boots later, I was exhausted!  I had had all the shopping with an eight year old that I could take!  Wayne met us at Olive Garden for a late supper and I finally got my pasta fix.

I was able to find some really, really cute tops for Alise at Dillards.  I'm talking about the ones that are in style right now like the chevron patterns and leopard prints.  Here is her favorite blouse.  It has a big leopard bow in the back.  

On Saturday morning, we were running in different directions for hair cuts. Wayne took Alise with him and I had a few hours to myself at the salon to get my hair colored.  That afternoon, I took Alise to the pumpkin patch and even though it was cloudy, I still got some good pics.  Here's my blonde Wonder Woman!

On Saturday evening, I got ready to watch Alabama whip up on Arkansas.  I made a small version of Apache Bread and we enjoyed the first half of the game lounging at the Cook Shack, but y'all!  It actually got COLD!  So we took the party inside for the remainder of the game.  Roll Tide!

And I'm only showing this picture because I love, love, love how my Bama tunic looks with my camo pants.  I wore the pants all day Saturday with a sequinned sweatshirt until game time!  If I was going to a Bama game, THIS is the outfit I would wear! So, so cute!  I told you, camo is IN!
Sunday morning was what I would call our first official day of  Fall.  I don't know what the temp was that morning, but it was cool and crisp and I LOVED it!  At church, our pastor said that it was officially "boot wearing season for the ladies."  I nearly said "Amen!" Here is a pic of Baby Girl and I before church.  I'm so envious on her leopard cardigan!

A little history behind my dress.  I actually had to go and get it out of a Goodwill pile I've been collecting in the spare bedroom.  When I bought Alise's dress Friday, I thought we could be twinkies.  You can't tell because of the cardigan, but her dress is collared with some bling.  I think I might keep my dress after all.

And lo and behold, look who showed up at church in the same thing!!  My good friend, Leigh!
Great minds think alike!  We tried to find Alise to get her in the picture, too, but she had already ran off to Sunday School!

On Sunday afternoon, Alise and I went to a "Scoop & See" party for our friend, Kate, and her new sweet baby girl, Lena.  I use to babysit Kate and her two sisters and it's been such a blessing to see these girls grow up and start families of their own.  Kate and her husband are living in Germany right now, so she will be headed back later this week.  The shower was so sweet and the cake was delish!!  Lots of ice cream with all the toppings, too!

Here is a pic of Kate holding Alise eight years ago and here she is now holding her own Sweet Baby girl!
And here we are for a "family" shot!  HA!
Great friends and great memories!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Love Alise in her costume. She looks adorable in her new clothes too! You are super hot and skinny in your Bama/camp. I want those pants. Where can I get them?

  2. How sweet you got to see all the Russell girls! It's hard to believe they're all grown up.
    Alise makes a great WW!!

  3. Alise's costume is awesome! And I love your purple dress - classic!

  4. Love the Wonder Woman costume! Love the new clothes. Very cute!