Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Thoughts On A Pizza Bar

In case you didn't know, both LSU and Alabama have bye weeks this weekend {What am I going to do with myself??}.  On November 9th the two teams will play in TTown {sooo wish I could be there!} and we will be hosting our annual "Bama v. LSU Game Day Party" at the Rammer Jammer Cook Shack.  Complete with the big screen and lots of party food. Kid-friendly, of course.
LSU vs. BAMA game is on. 3rd quarter and BAMA is up 14 to 3


Back to party food.

I've told you that we have a pizza oven at the RJ Cook Shack now.  That was Mr. Horton's summer project. Click HERE to see.  For the last few weeks, we've been working out the kinks with keeping the fire going, the temperature, yada, yada, yada.  The college group at our church are actual ginny pigs this weekend when we try it out for an "official" test run. Having said all that, I'm seriously considering changing the menu for the Bama v. LSU party in two weeks.  I'm thinking a pizza bar instead!

{What I really want is this Mashed Tater Bar!  Just look at this thing!}
Mashed "Taters" Bar: Let mashed potatoes be the blank slate for your guests’ culinary imaginations. Also, bacon bits. TheKnot.com


I mean, really!  What do y'all think?  A pizza bar can be fun!  it's something kids and adults would enjoy, don't cha think?  All I will need to do is buy the toppings!  To save time, we'll buy pre-made crusts and sauces - maybe a variety of two or three - and that way, everyone can have their own personal pizza!

But if you know me, I can't just stop with a pizza bar! There are just some things that are staple party foods when you come to the Horton's!  No party at our house would be complete without red velvet cake balls, Apache bread, and a variety of dips!  It's just the way I roll.

I'm also trying to talk Mr. Horton into this s'more bar. The kids will LOVE this!
smores bar - looks like a fun party idea & yummy, too!

We always have a great time at our parties!  Everyone - no matter if you're an LSU fan or not {Wayne and I are the only ones wearing Bama, of course} wears their favorite college team shirt!  One year, every SEC team on the east side was represented!  That was a fun year!  We'll be missing our Auburn friends this year.  It just won't be the same without them!


  1. Love this idea and wish I was coming to this party!!

  2. Sounds like a fun party with great food!