Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wednesday Ramblings

1.  Sonic will have half priced cheeseburgers on August 15th.  That's our official first day of all day school so I can definitely see half priced cheeseburgers on the menu that night. 

2.  Did you know "distressed" jeans are back in style?  We just always called them, "jeans with holes in them" back in the '80's & '90's.  Way to make a come back, Fashion World.  Just change the name.  Anyhoo, did you use to wear "jeans with holes in them"?  My Moma wouldn't let me.  If you're interested in making an '80's/90's comeback, they have some "distressed" jeans at Tar-jay. Oh, and wallpaper jeans, too.  Just trying to help a fellow Fashionista out.

3. I'm on a mission to find my high school class ring.  Has anyone had success with turning in their gold for cash?  Y'all know the price of gold has skyrocketed, right?  A year ago, a friend of mine from work took broken rings and crinkled necklaces to a gold-for-cash place and they gave her $1,000!!  I suggested to Wayne that we find our class rings and see how much we could get for them {Such a waste of money over twenty years ago {Sorry, mom and dad!}.  When Alise graduates, I'm going to suggest a really nice ring or other piece of jewelry for graduation - even if she decides to melt it down twenty years later}.  I'm thinking if we got a decent price for them, we could buy something really nice for the house or make a down payment on our anniversary trip to Hawaii.

4.  One of the TV shows we're watching this summer is Master Chef.  If you watch, or from Chicago, then you know who Graham Elliot is, but have you seen him lately?  Click here.  Wow!!  I'm not sure I would have enough nerve to do something like that.  I'm too scared to even have lasik surgery, y'all {which, by the way, my eyes seem to be improving since I've hit the big 4-0!}!!

5.  And this probably isn't the right thing to follow after pointing out Graham Elliot's weight loss, but Saturday, I was in Walmart doing my bi-weekly {yes, I said, 'bi-weekly'} grocery shopping and just look at all the freakin' different kinds of Oreos, y'all!!

There is only one kind of oreo for me!  A double-stuffed oreo.  Dipped in a cold glass of milk.

6.  My plans to make a Tomato Pie {new recipe} for two weeks in a row have been dashed.  Mr. Horton refuses to eat it.  Refuses to even try it!  The man makes TWO batches of pizza sauce and won't even try a tomato pie.  He cost me six tomatoes.  Sunday night we had grilled shrimp and I made a new recipe for a "spicy dipping sauce."  I was so disappointed to discover that it was nothing more than a homemade version of cocktail sauce.  Bleh.  It was the first time I ever had to buy horseradish.  Yuck.

7.  I have finally accepted the fact that Alise will not be participating in her school swim meet this year and it totally disappoints me.  She is so out of shape!  She just isn't interested in it this year.  I told her that her dad and I were not going to take off a day of work to go out of town for an all day swim meet if she wasn't prepared.  She doesn't seem to care.  But here is a picture of her anyway getting out of the pool Sunday evening.

8.  I am dying to have this bow belt from Talbot's!  And the red patent one is oh-so cute as well!

9.  I'm over Johnny Football and ready for some REAL football with our own QB, AJ McCarron.  They should strip Johnny Manziel of the Heisman.  It's no surprise to most of you that I have no respect for thugs, people who don't play by the rules, and in my book, if you screw up, there are no second chances.  That's just the way I roll.  And it's why I no longer watch professional football because something happens when all those millions of dollars start coming in.  At least with college football, the guys are wanting to play for "the love of the game" {I hope!}.  Someone dissed me on Twitter for going off about an Auburn thug {it wasn't Spam Newton at the time} and I feel the same way about any Alabama player.  I've even told my favorite Bama player, Kenny Bell, that the day he turns thug is the day he looses me as a fan.  I don't play with football, y'all.  Roll Tide!

10.  And... because it's "Shark Week"...Chomp!

Hope your Wednesday is going well!


  1. Love the picture of your little girl, she's adorable! Also, love Sonic so will have to make sure it's on our menu the 15th :)

  2. So over Johnny Football. Sick of hearing about him on the news. Sorry no swim meet :( Also, I'm with you - I don't need 15 varieties of Oreos. Keep it simple!