Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Never Say Good-bye

For some reason, Bon Jovi's song, "Never Say Good-bye" kept replaying in my head yesterday.  The song really doesn't fit this kind of situation, but oh, well.  I'm just being honest.

Last night, we met Robbie, Angie, and Maddie at Longhorn to eat and say good-bye.  They are moving back to Alabama tomorrow.

My rag-a-muffin child!  She had been at camp all day and then she had art lessons.  I think it's pretty neat that the girls take after their moms and dress similar without even trying.  It's just called "good taste."

I'll be honest.  There were lots of tears shed in the parking lot of Longhorn last night, but I really did better than I thought I would.  I've had a few months for the news to sink in.  I told Angie that I just wanted her to be happy and I knew she would be happiest in Alabama.  But it's still so hard to let a close, close friend go.

Angie invited me to come this weekend and help her unpack, but I think I'll let them get settled before we make a trip across state lines.  Their family will be there to help and her mom is coming to visit.

But this sweet, Auburn loving family will be missed by this Alabama loving family.

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  1. I'm telling you Alabama is the place to live. It's God's Country. :)

    I'm sorry your friend is moving here and not staying close to you, but it will be an even better excuse to come this way more often. Think of it this way, she will always have a close place in your heart and just a phone/FaceTime away.

    We Love You!

    Your Bama Family