Monday, October 17, 2011

This Is My Blog And I'll Cry If I Want To

Let's just say that the night I decided to go all Nazi, I wasn't exactly crying.

I was RAGING mad!!! I was seeing STARS I was so mad!!! I knew my blood pressure was through the roof!!

I was so stinkin' mad I left my family and went to Walmart!!

For me, that's MAD!!!

I'll be honest. I have a problem with our schools {private and public} dismissing class for the day in honor of Columbus Day when our children don't even know who Christopher Columbus is. Period. Paragraph.

And don't give me that crap about it being a "federal holiday" or a teacher "in-service" day. And don't tell me that Christopher Columbus didn't discover America.

Truth is, I don't care who discovered America. The Day became a federal day in 1937. That's 445 YEARS after his so-called discovery. So if we're letting our kids out of school, don't cha think it's a little IMPORTANT that our children know WHY they are getting out of school???

They {sorta} know why they get out for Thanksgiving.

They know why they get out for Christmas.

Ask my daughter who Christopher Columbus is.

I guarantee that she'll look back at you like, "what the heck are you talking about?"

That's a cryin' shame.

And THEN!! Let's throw in a little Diwali while we're at.

Diwali. D-I-W-A-L-I.

Look it up for yourself.

So our children don't know why we're getting out for Columbus Day, but we're going to allow a PARENT to come in and teach our children about an Indian Hindu celebration that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what they are currently learning or reading in their class?

And we'll allow those parents to dress in their Indian garb and bring Indian food for the students to eat? Right before lunch time {I bet Alise was sure glad she brought that PB&J sandwich for lunch!}?

And we'll allow them to BRING HOME PROPAGANDA about this celebration so the parents find it in their backpack, read it, and think, "What the hell did my kid learn today? I thought she had FOUR tests!"

It's completely unacceptable.

So Monday morning, I went to the principal.

And in my not-so-Nazi sort of way, I explained to her everything that I've posted here.

And then some.

I told her that I wanted to bring in a set of bagpipes in celebration of OUR Scottish heritage. That if we were a non-religious school, I wanted to talk to Alise's class about the birth of Jesus at Christmas.

I told her that I pay private tuition every year just like this Indian family and that I was sick and tired of their preferential treatment. And that I was sick and tired of this Indian crap being poured down our throats every year. If we can't teach our children about Christopher Columbus, then we sure as heck don't need to be teaching them about Indian culture and practices.

I told her that Alise is not to be placed in future classes with any children from this family. And I told her that I was so upset about this that I would consider taking Alise out of school if this continued. It hurt me so badly to say that because I dearly love our school. But everything that happened last week had sent me over the edge.

First and foremost, we have a wonderful principal at our school. I believe that Ms. T truly cares about our students and their families.

And more than anything, she listened. And sometimes just listening is the best way to bring a crazy Mama back from over the edge.

Ms. T apolojized and agreed that we {our school} must do a better job of teaching our children why they are getting out for Columbus Day. {Amen!} She said that when she use to teach first grade - YEARS ago {we both laughed} - that she had activities and books and other classroom activities about him and the children just loved it! {Exactly!} I told her that I remembered color sheets and a funny song when I was in Ms. M's kindergarten class over thirty years ago, but that I didn't think Alise got any of that last year and I didn't understand why? She told me this would be addressed.

As far as the Diwali issue, it has been an issue in previous years as well {I already knew this!}. It has been made clear to this family that they are not to discuss any religious ideas what so ever {So my desire to preach about Baby Jesus in December was shot down}. The family is only to discuss their holiday celebration and their customs associated with it. I got the impression that this was not a planned event nor had it gone through the proper channels for it to take place. Ms. T assured me that we would do a better job in the future with this issue and asked if I had any suggestions. I told her that I didn't have a problem with the school incorporating an "International Heritage Day" - one day mind you - so we could nip all this in the bud. Every student would be allowed to dress in costumes of their native heritage and bring a dish for their fellow students to try. That way, everyone gets to participate and it is not nailed down to one specific nationality.

That's my solution for the whole thing. And teach about Christopher Columbus.

As for the pereferential treatment, Ms. T expressed a saddness that I felt that way and contrary to what I had seen and heard, matters with this family had and continue to be addressed. Our headmaster is aware of some of the issues and if I wanted to talk to him about some of these matters, she was more than happy that I do. It is not the desire of our school to show pereferential treatment to students or parents {Yes, ma'am!}. Alise is an excellent student and our school is very happy to have our family attend and under no circumstances do they wish us to leave {tears}. She hoped that we would be able to improve on these issues so that our children receive the best education possible {Amen!}.

And then I went to my car and cried and thought, "I'm such a bitch!"

But don't cross me.

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