Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ok. So I got the "nasty-gram" from my family wanting to know why I haven't posted pictures of Alise in a while and why did I not take her on the "Thelma & Louise Roadtrip."

{I just thought, I shoulda called it the "Thelma & Louise ROADSHOW"! Ha!}

So here are some pictures of my sassy-STRAIGHT-A's-TOP-READER-in-her-class-flyin'-cheerleader-who-is-so-excited-to-have-Mario-Party-for-her-DSI Baby Girl.
This picture was taken on Grandparent's Day before school. Alise got so many compliments on her dress, but if they only knew what I had to go through to get her in it!!! She enjoyed spending the day with her Grandparents and showing them her class and school.
One morning before school. Alise is so in to the side pony tail look these days.
Don't ask me why she decided to don a bathing suit this weekend!During the Alabama game. Guess whose pom poms those use to belong to?

And that just about sums up our life these days. School, homework, a couple of licks over the head with a speckled notebook, a few rounds of "flashing" {I'm talking about addition/subtraction facts, peeps!}, and then we're out the door for cheer practice. As for the DSI game, we promised it to her if she made straight A's.

Try explaining the end of the 9 weeks to a first grader!

As for the road show - I mean, road trip - there was no question in my mind that Alise wasn't going. She and M are best friends, but carousing my six year old was not what I had in mind for a girl's weekend. Poor M had to lay down in the floor board when we had to go back to get the gifts so Alise wouldn't see her. Now, I certainly don't recommend keeping things from your best friend, but M has done a great job of not telling Alise where she was all weekend. Besides, it was M's grandparents we were going to see and they probably would have disowned Angie if she had drove all the way to Alabama and M wasn't with her.

On Saturday afternoon, Alise texted her teacher, Ms. H, who graduated from Ole Miss. She texted, "This is Alise. Good luck on the game. I hope Bama wins." Ms. H texted her back, "Yeah... we're going to need lots of it! Have a great weekend!!" Alise was thrilled that her teacher texted her back! I think I'll let her wear her Bama shirt on Monday {Giggle}!

Alise is working on reading her FIRST official "chapter" book!! I am SOOO proud of her!! She seems to be taking quite a bit of interest in reading lately, and I am over the moon about that! She is reading a Judy B. Jones book about what else? First grade!

Wayne worked on the cook shack all day today. He wants to get it ready for the LSU v. Bama game. That is, if our sweet friend Mr. M doesn't come through with tickets for us. Wayne said he wouldn't blame him at all if he decided to sell them since the going price right now is $300 a ticket. Oh, well. We'll have great seating with friends here at the Rammer Jammer House!

I took Alise to get her flu shot today. She did great! No tears!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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  1. That is so awesome that Alise is loving school and reading! Mary-Kate had a great time at her Grand Parent's Day too!