Monday, September 19, 2011

Our FIRST First Grade Project

Somebody stick a fork in me.

I'm done.

I just finished our FIRST First Grade project.

I think I have a headache.

And before you go all nazi on me and try to give me a hard time about doing my kid's school project, just know that there's not a whole bunch to sticking some pictures and a fact sheet on a piece of poster board, okay? Wayne and I simply helped with "placement." The hardest thing was Alise picking the animal she wanted to do her poster on and keeping it! She wanted to change her mind every day. FINALLY, she decided on the zebra.

I helped her with the fact sheet and Wayne helped her find pictures of zebras on the internet. It was my idea for her to include a zebra that she had drawn, and yes, I bought the zebra paper. It breaks up the monotony, don't you think? If it had been my way, the poster board would have thrown up zebra, but safice is to say Alise did a pretty good job on her own!

And then Wayne had to go off and find that stupid mask cut-out of 'Marty' off Madagascar. So with that crazy idea, I left him responsible for finding "wiggly eyes" this weekend to go on it. Can you see those eyes?

And what did Alise have to say about her project and all that she learned from it?

"It's all about the wiggly eyes, Mom!"


  1. I love the wiggly eyes! I think Alise did a great job on her Zebra - A++.


  2. Well that is just adorable :-) Cutest Zebra project ever!

  3. Is it just me, or are kids being made to do projects at a younger age? The only thing I remember about 1st grade is doing the Phonics books.

    In the 4th grade we had to do a Missouri Notebook. It was a huge project. My parents ended up helping me a bunch.

  4. That zebra is precious! I'm loving that zebra paper, too!