Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lots of Firsts

Last Monday, Alise came home with her FIRST word list with flashcards to match {in my favorite colors of purple and pink, I might add}. She had to be able to recognize nine words {not spell} by Friday. Wow! I was reminded how much my little girl is growing up! Who remembers word lists in kindergarten?!!She also had her FIRST night of homework. It was my FIRST time to have to "sign papers and return them to school."
Alise made her FIRST 100 on a word test. I was SO proud of her!Alise wrote her FIRST sentence. Not quite what I imagined her FIRST sentence to be....? "Owls are nocturnal"??? How many kindergarteners use THAT word every day?? But I love it! Seeing Alise's handwriting just brings tears to my eyes.

And for BOTH a Mommie & Daughter FIRST.....Alise has been insisting for braids in the mornings. I don't know what it is about braids, but she's just ate up with them. So I finally caved last Tuesday morning and attempted braids. The only way I could do it was to to put her hair in pigtails first. And here she is! A happy little kindergartener!!Even Mrs. M said I did a good job!


  1. Kindergarten? Seriously? Man.

  2. Way to go Alise! We have word list, but no test yet.

  3. I just learned my letters in Kindergarten. Now they want you reading by December of Kindergarten. You almost need a college degree to go through that grade. Ha! But all kidding aside, they really do ask a lot of our kids.

  4. All I remember doing in kindergarten was playing, coloring, watching films, learning to tie my shoe, my phone number, letters and numbers. Boy have things changed!

    Way to go Alise - you are a great student!

  5. I love braids! I'm looking forward to having a daughter a million years from now and french braiding her hair.

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