Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Squared

I know you’ve all heard of the love triangle. You know, those crazy love relationships where two girls are fighting over the same boy or vice versa? Fortunately for me, I was never involved in one of those. I liked guys that didn’t come with a lot of excessive “baggage” per se. But I digress.

So lo and behold my surprise when my own daughter informs me on the way to school one morning that W (her little male friend) can’t make his mind up if he likes her, A (one little female friend) or A (another little female friend). Alise said, “So I just told him, ‘W, you’re gonna hafta make up your mind because I need to know!’ He changes his mind every day and I’m just sick of it!”


Talk about left field! Where did that just come from? I thought we were listening to the radio!?

And Love Squared was born.

Now, there’s something you need to know about this whole situation. All four kids are in the same class. All three little girls’ names begin with the letter A. Two of the girls are blonde; one is brown. One is a cheerleader. One is a wanna-be-cheer leader and I’m not quite sure about the other one. One is loud and bossy (she takes after her mother) and the other two seem to be rather quiet (although I heard one of them had to pull a horse shoe the other day, too, for the first time). I believe all three girls carry pink backpacks and love their stuffed animals. Two girls are already five; one is still four. The main heart throb is five, too.

That W! He’s definitely a womanizer!!

Why, just yesterday morning, Alise was whining about the outfit that I had picked out for her (my turn to pick) and said, “Mommie, nobody’s going to like me if I wear that.”

Listen here, Little Sista!

So then I proceeded to give Alise her very first lesson in love.

Say it Loud, wear it proud, Honey!

No, I actually told her that it didn’t matter what she wore or what she looked like on the outside because what really mattered was what her heart looked like on the inside. The heart always has to be in the right place.

And you can just guess how well that went over.


  1. That is so funny! You never know what they are going to say do you?

  2. Drama! I have one just like that. I told her to say bye-bye yesterday when I picked her up from daycare and she went over and kissed a little red-haired boy. Lord help us.

  3. Why is it starting so young? I never had boy trouble at that age!!! A.J. informed me recently that his "girlfriend" has been giving him kisses at school. What the heck???? They are 4!!!!!

  4. That is too funny! I'm so glad, Katie's not into boys yet. In fact, she doesn't like them because they take away her girlfriends. lol!

    I've been trying to do the same to Katie about what's on the inside shines through. She's all the time asking me if she pretty. I'll turn around and ask her if she was pretty on the inside. When she's not nice, I tell her that she's not pretty anymore because she's being ugly. It seems to work.

  5. And so the girlie drama begins so early? I'm not ready for that stuff. I was shocked enough when T asked me how the baby was going to come out.

  6. Tell Alise to hold her horses till she meets Bo. Except he does have a thing for girls with double names.

  7. Ha ha! We had a melt down here too and when I told Morgan that God had special boy picked out for her to marry, she asked me if it was the little boy in her class that all the girls fight over! It starts way to early! :)

  8. Wow! That is quite a love triangle. W will have to choose Alisa. She is our favorite. You never know what the little ones are going to say.

  9. Mrs. L and I call it the Love Triangle Saga. Did Mrs. L send you the picture I took of A and W one day at school while they were in centers??

  10. You are going to have your work CUT OUT FOR YOU when that sweet Alise is a teen!

  11. Jackson (second grade) is rather smitten with a little girl in his class. And she is with him too (I think). Thanks goodness she is the cutest girl in the class and comes from a good family!