Monday, January 26, 2009

Dancing Dilemma - Part 2

**Update**OMGosh!! Go here and WIN!! Thanks, Kerry!

Even though today is a dance day, I couldn’t stand this anymore. By 2:15, I was on pins and needles waiting to speak to Gretchen. I ended up calling the dance studio and leaving her a message to please call me (I thought it would be better than trying to talk to her with little three and four year old girls running around). Am I a “drama mama” or what? Look, when I’ve got a $75 costume, $40 a month, and other “recital fees” still left to be paid, AND four hours a month of dance time laying on the line, I wanna know if my daughter is going to be able to dance!

A friend at work asked me, “Well, what’s more important? Dancing or Disney?”

Well, Disney is, you moron, but I still want my little girl to dance!! I want to know that I haven’t pooped off nearly $500 in nine months!!

Sorry. I got off on a tangent.

Gretchen called me back and apologized.

The only way Alise will be able to dance in her recital in May is for me to let her switch classes and she take with the 3:30 class on Mondays. Same dance. Same costume. No friends (that I know of). An even bigger class. I've got to make arrangements for someone to pick her up from school, get her dressed and get her to the studio. And I'll have to leave work early to pick her up by 4:30.

I guess you know what this means.



  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I'm so sorry Laura :-( I don't know what to say!!! I was so hoping that it would all work out. I just know that you all will remember how magical Disney was after your trip. Take Care!

  2. I can barely read my blogs (happy tears for Harper's update). Sorry!!

    I am sorry about the dance dilemma. :( WHY are they making Alise change her class??? WHY can't she stay in her usual class with her buddies and dance in the other performance (SAME dance and SAME costume yet we are going to rock Alise's world by taking away the comfort of her buddies, her familiar schedule and class?). Just wondering.

    We have a meanie dance coordinator that makes me want to spit tacks. My younger daughter missed a few classes due to illnesses and we were issued a "warning." Somehow these people lose the focus of what really matters--We aren't off to Julliard this year....we have a small child dances and enjoys herself in the presence of her friends. What else matters? We need to foster positive self worth.

    It will all work out, Laura. Keep praying, girl!! (((((LAURA)))))

  3. oh Laura! I'm so sad. Maybe something will work out.

  4. Somehow, I still have a feeling this will all work out. (at least I am hoping so)

  5. Fingers crossed something works out....

  6. Hey girl! I hadn't seen that link in your post, but I'm TOTALLY gonna add myself to it! Hope I can get this thing figured out! :)

    Also, glad I saw their "tips" section, b/c my luck I'd be having to ship to Timbuktu or someplace REALLY expensive! I limited my winners and shipping addresses to the continental US!

  7. As a mother of a dancer (6 days a week for the last 8 years of dance) I do know how you feel. We had some dilemma's ourselves, like when the teacher wanted Gretchen to blow off her Sr. Prom to dance in a competition. When she wouldn't, she wasn't allowed to dance in that number at the recital. $75 costume fee down the drain. Gretchen, did however, use it for a dance number she did at school for performing arts. All was not lost.

    In defense of the teacher, the reason she would have to change the class is because of the choreography. Everyone has a place and you just can't add an additional girl at the end.

    I'm so sorry about this. If you do decide to not have her change classes, remember that you haven't lost out. Alise has learned discipline, grace, cooperation and much more.

    I'll pray for all of you as you make this decision.

    ~huge hippo hugs~

  8. oh my...isn't is crazy how hard it can be to work out our little people's schedules!?!