Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dancing Dilemma

I think Alise had an epiphany this morning on the way to school.

“Mommie, I’m going to be a ballerina teacher when I grow up!”

“Really? I think that’s a great idea, Alise!”

“Yep, Emma’s going to be my helper and Allie’s going to be my cup holder.”

{I am trying so hard to keep a straight face and not bust out laughing.}

“Why does Allie have to hold your cup? What if she wants to dance, too?”

“Because Allie can’t dance and I need someone to hold my chocolate milk.”

I am assuming that “Allie can’t dance” refers to the fact that Allie doesn’t take dance lessons.

These three girls have such a love/hate relationship. They gang up on one another, love on each other, and can be the best of friends when they want to. Alise, Emma, and Allie went to the same day school since they were one year old. And now, they are in Pre-K3 together (Emma and Allie in one class and Alise by herself in another). But this will be the last year that the girls will all be together. Today I paid the deposit for her spot at River Oaks for Pre-K4 next year.

It breaks my heart for the girls to be broken up, but if there is one thing that being in a separate classroom and dancing and gymnastics have taught me, it’s that Alise can make new friends.

Now, for the “dance dilemma.”

I have not seen the rehersal and recital schedule for Alise’s class. However, a friend from work – whose daughter dances at a different location – said that she has seen the schedule and that Alise’s class will be dancing on Saturday, May 23rd at 11:00 AM.

This is bad.

This is very bad.

We are flying to Disney on Saturday, May 23rd.

I want to cry.

{Sniff}I noticed in the costume binder that another class had the same exact costume as Alise’s class. I thought that was strange and that maybe they were going to combine classes. My friend told me that she thinks it’s the same song and costume for a Friday night performance. If that’s the case, then I might be able to let Alise dance with the other class on Friday night and we could fly to Orlando on Saturday as planned. I need to talk to Gretchen.

The other problem is if Alise will even dance with this “other” class and how do I break the news to her that she won’t be dancing right beside her best friend? That’s enough to send her over the edge and refuse to dance.

It’s killing me to know that I’ve paid all this money for a costume and Alise might not even get the chance to wear it. Not to mention all the time involved.

I am just so disappointed. But that’s usually the way things go for me. Big excitement and an even bigger let down.



  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    I'm so SORRY Laura!! I really hope that Alise can dance on Friday if this is the case!! Keep us updated!!!

  2. That makes me so sad to hear that! I hope that they lady you were speaking to had it all wrong and that Alise and her class are dancing on Friday night. If not, can you fly out any later on Saturday? I hope it all works out!

  3. I wanted to cry too! But I just know that it's all going to work out!!

  4. Oh, no! I was just catching up on your posts--Happy Belated B'day, BTW- and then I got to this one. Tricky situation there, sister. Maybe the lure of the Cinderella Castle will be enough to ease the sting of not getting to dance with the friend. I hope she gets to dance with the other class, I want to see pics!

  5. I sure hope things can work out. I feel your disappointment, I have been there before.

  6. So sorry. That's disappointing!

    Alise's conversation with you cracked me up! Love that girl!

  7. Oh no....two such special events and both of them at the same time! I'll be crossing my fingers that she's able to dance Friday night! (hugs)

  8. That just stinks. I always had hives over the dance recital. As they get older, it gets worse. I'm gonna pray that this works out for you guys.

    ~hippo hugs~

  9. What a bummer! The recitals are such a big deal- maybe for us moms more than for our kids, but still! I'm sure it'll all work out. Hang in there Laura!

  10. Oh... and I hope it's okay, but I am totally stealing your modesty button. :)

  11. Oh no! I hope everything works out.

  12. Oh geez, I really do hope it all works out...I have had a similar situation. Hopefully if it does go pear-shaped, Alise will be comforted by a trip to Disney? That IS pretty cool!