Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Latest FLIP Video

(Please note: Do not feel like you "have" to watch my videos. They are mostly intended for the audience of my mom, my BFF Leigh, Alise's Aunt Donna, and our family in the wonderful state of Alabama. Unfortunately, they are required to watch. There will be a test next time we speak to these chosen few.)

I taped Alise last Tuesday night at gymnastics (no pun intended with the Flip title). It wasn't one of her better nights. Why? One, because she was picking her seat most of the night (the panty issue again) and two, she insisted on wearing socks, which I don't think the instructor likes too much (she took them off later). She usually sticks most of her bar exercises and I think she got in too big of a hurry on her balancing pieces. However, that last cart wheel looked pretty good to me! You might even be able to hear me on the video.

The Horton's had a very low key weekend. Wayne was back at the camp Friday night, so Alise and I snuggled on the couch and watched movies. We slept nearly twelve hours and stayed in our pj's until 11:00. It was so cold and dreary here and Alise wanted to go outside, but she' got a cold and I wouldn't let her. You know you're really a mom when your daughter blows her nose and you look to see what color the results are (I'm sure you appreciate that one). What's even worse is when she blows her nose and tells you what color it is herself. Sorry. I'm just sayin'.....

Wayne got home in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday and I high-tailed it to the activity center to get in some exercise. I guess he didn't like me walking in my blue jeans (why, I have no idea), so he gave me some money to buy some "exercise clothes." I didn't ask questions. I just took the hand out and headed to Academy after my walk. I bought two pair of cute cotton draw-string capris and a t-shirt. Can't wait to wear my new duds. What motivation, let me tell ya. How's everyone doing on their diets? I've lost 6 pounds so far! And that includes eating birthday cake! Woo-hoo!

While I was running errands, Alise and Wayne were at Petco buying new aquarium in fish, filter, and rocks to go in the bottom. They weren't exactly dressed to go out to eat (I can't believe Wayne let her out of the hosue with that get-up she dressed herself in!), so I contacted my next best choice, Leigh, to see if she could go to a movie. We went to see "Last Chance Harvey" with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman. It was really good. I told Leigh it was probably the cleanest movie I've seen in a while.

Lo and behold, we noticed tonight after church that Alise is a new "Moma" and a proud one at that! One of her three new fish had babies!! They are SO tiny! We counted seven or eight. What a perfect opportunity to teach her about the blessings and creativity of God. With fish, of all things! We prayed and thanked God for the new fish. Alise said they were "so sweet" and that "God was so sweet to give them to me." Sounds like a proud Moma, doesn't it?


  1. I'm so glad to know it will get better! And her "picking her seat" cracked me up! Looks like she wasn't the only girl that did it though :)

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM


    That video was too sweet! Is that Little Gym?

    Congrats on the baby fish. And what a simple, beautiful way to discuss how sacred all of God's creation truly is (a message for ALL in the time of US policy reversals).

    The following comment made me ROFL because I totally commisserate!!!

    "I guess he didn't like me walking in my blue jeans (why, I have no idea)" ---LOLLLL! Loved that!!

    I am thankful to have my sanity back (my husband came home after a long weekend of work!).

    Have a great week!


  3. How sweet that you prayed about the new fish. I love that. I sometimes miss being the mother of little ones. At 32 and 35, the relationship is much different. But you never get over being a mom, as I'm sure your mom has told you.

    I love your posts. I'm now going to read your Saturday's meme. I'm anxious to find out more things about you.

    ~hippo hugs~

  4. It's me again, responding to your MeMe. #1 - I have wondered what your profession (outside wife & mother) is, and that is answered. #2 - I laughed when you said you hated panty hose, and you wonder why Alise has panty issues? #3 - I am so out of it that I thought you were talking about the art of philosophy (which I hated in college). I didn't realize that there was a fragrance by that name. LOL.

    I really enjoyed your MEME.


  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I love the videos you post of Alise!! I get a peek into what's its like having a little girl! What a great idea to get fish! We may get the boys some fish too! Me, not so good with the diet. I keep getting sick and falling off the wagon,lol! Who wants to diet when they are sick!?

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. That is awesome!!

    You are so funny about the gymnastics. The "panty issue" is inherent in gymnastics. :-)

    That movie looks really good. I've always really liked Emma Thompson.

  7. Alise is so good at Gymnastics! Allison's little girl started Gymnastics this year. The place that she's sending her let her fall while doing Skin-the-Cat twice. Now, Anya doesn't want to do it any more because she's afraid that she'll fall again. Is there any advice that I could pass along to her?

    I love the fish story. Alise is such a sweetie. You give her a big hug and kiss for us. We miss y'all!

  8. aren't Flips great? we love ours. try to catch some clips of the fish babies...!

    stop by when you get a chance...i passed along a blog award to you today...


  9. Woo Hoo! Brad did something to our firewall or whatever it is so I can watch the videos!! She is so cute!! Ask me any questions -I'm ready...