Monday, June 16, 2008

Resting our Elbows on the Bedspread

In her book, Whispers of Hope, Beth Moore tells a story about an angry teenager that was giving his parents a really hard time. He was going through a rebellious stage and his parents told him not to go out with his wild friends one night. He went anyway. The next morning, the teen asked his mother, "Mom, have you been praying for me again in my room?" His mother - a little surprised by the question - responded, "Yes, son. I always pray for you. Why do you ask?" "Because, Mom, I can see your elbow prints on my bedspread." Wow! This is not the first time I've read this story, but every time I do, it brings tears to my eyes. Let's face it. Being a mom is just plain tough! Whether it's battling a three year old like me or a thirteen year old, parenting just isn't easy. There are days when we just wanna throw our hands in the air and throw a hissy fit (southern talk). I believe God has a special place in His heart for women. I believe he blessed us not only with a nurturing spirit, but also with an overwhelming desire to seek the very best for our families through the power of prayer. When we choose to rest our elbows on the bedspread, we are - in a sense - offering our children back to Him. We are acknowledging that God is in control of their lives; remembering that our children are simply gifts that He has so lavishly bestowed on us; and finding strength to carry on as a Mother. Let's rest our elbows on the bedspread.

I had a little help in the kitchen tonight. Baby Girl just insisted on helping me with supper. So, I let her help me with making the lasagna tonight. I let her sprinkle the mozzerella and parmesan cheeses. She thought she was such a big helper and she really was!! Here she is:
You'll have to excuse her messy face. I had to stop for gas on the way home from picking her up from school and she begged me for an icee and M&M's. Somehow, the M&M's got a little messy.

Tomorrow evening, Alise resumes gymnastic class. We've taken about a month off. Since she's three now, she'll be moving up to the "Tumble Bears" class. I think I'm more excited about it than she is! Now, because she won't be in "Diaper Daredevils" anymore, I get to stand outside and watch from a window. I no longer have to participate! {Thank you, Jesus!} Anyway, I've been trying to talk the new class up so that she'll really wanna go in with the "big girls" and do her thing. I'll be so upset if she turns into velcro and won't go in the class. After gymnastics, we have a birthday party to go to. A friend of ours is turning 40 and they've invited a few families over for swimming, crawfish, and oreo ice cream. What a combination! {Laughing} I've decided to make an appetizer called "Apache Bread." I'll be sharing the recipe tomorrow.



  1. Well, if you're sharing the Apache Bread recipe, maybe I should share the oreo ice cream......even though it is a family secret!! lol

    I haven't heard the elbow story before. Thanks for sharing!! Wonder if my boys would notice?

  2. What a wonderful story. To you care if I borrow it?? he he

    Congrats to Alise for moving up in tumbling. Sounds like you are happy!! (I would be too!) Have a good day!

  3. Thanks for sharing the elbow story. I was having one of those tough Mommy days today and after I read your post I went and prayed in my daughters room. I feel so much better and recharged!

    I hope Alise has a wonderful time at gymnastics.

  4. What a wonderful helper she is! All this talk about yummy recipes is making me hungry!