Friday, January 04, 2019

National Spaghetti Day

Being the Carb Queen that I am, you know that I could not let National Spaghetti Day pass without a big shout out, right? And who better than to celebrate it with (other than "real" family and friends, of course!) than this sweet couple?
JANUARY 4th  ~~ It̢۪s National Spaghetti Day! :: Celebrate with Disney's "Lady & The Tramp"
So here's the tea: There was this pin on Pinterest that has been burning a whole in my apron to try and I had an extra day off from work this week - because y'all know I need a whole extra day to get me back into our daily routine! - and so I decided to pull myself away from a really great book and the twinkling lights (Yes, our tree is still up!) and make it mostly because I already had all the ingredients. BUT...I decided to put my own fun twist on this new recipe and here's how I did it!

I decided to bake it in a cast iron skillet! Some friends and I were recently talking about a cast iron skillet and we managed to talk another friend into purchasing one. My grandmothers ALWAYS used cast iron and my mother cooked certain things in hers, too. Me? I don't normally like dragging that heavy thing out, but I do from time to time.
The recipe I referred to above, and inspired my own version, can be found here. I made some adjustments because, honestly, every time I read that the recipe called for cream cheese, I wanted to gag. Cream cheese in spaghetti? Nope. So here's my recipe for Skillet Spaghetti and even Alise said she liked this version better than the way I normally make spaghetti. That means alot, y'all.
I'm not a fan of meatballs, but Alise likes them and requested that I add some to the recipe. I used frozen meatballs and browned a few in a dutch oven. I removed them and then added ground beef, onion, and minced garlic to the pan. I browned the meat and then drained the excess.
While the spaghetti was boiling, I combined the meat and sauce and brought the mixture to a boil. I like to add additional seasonings like basil, parsley, oregano, and Italian seasoning for added flavor. Just add to your taste.
I ended up leaving out the cream cheese and combined three cups of mozzerella and one and a half cups of parmesan in a small bowl to sprinkle between the layers.
I combined the sauce and spaghetti and layered half the mixture in a lightly buttered cast iron skillet. Then I sprinkled the cheese mixture, added the second layer, and ended with another sprinkling of cheese on top. I baked it in a 350 degree oven for twenty minutes. 
And THIS is how amazing it turned out! Absolutely delicious! I cut the servings into pie wedges and we enjoyed a yummy meal, complete with garlic bread and leftover black eyed peas from New Year's Day. It was the ultimate southern comfort food! 
Happy Weekend, Friends! I'll be busy taking down our Christmas tree on Saturday and having an early birthday dinner with friends later that evening. I've decided that Sundays are going to be as restful as can be for the Horton's in 2019, with no errands or last minute projects (ahem!). I hope your weekend is peaceful, too. I'll be back on Monday to share my word of the year with you. Can't wait!

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!


  1. There’s that CI skillet cooking up that delectable grub! Yummo, this looks delish and my family will love it! I adore your new blog design, Linda is so sweet! I need to redesign mine this year, I love your soft clean look and especially the lil flowers! Happy FriYAY girlfriend! xo lots of love

  2. Looks yummy and I agree - cream cheese in spaghetti is a no!

  3. First of all girlfriend, I LOVE your new blog design! It is so pretty and I just love that sweet picture of you! It is perfection!
    This looks so good, and I'm with you - no cream cheese in spaghetti. I love ricotta but no cream cheese! NO! I love how you tweaked the recipe and it is the kind of thing that I would not be able to stop eating, I love a good baked pasta! Mmmmm!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend my darling friend!

  4. What a fun post and carbilicious holiday! Wishing you a beautiful first weekend of 2019! xo - Brenda //

  5. Delicious! So I got rid of our cast iron pans years ago not realizing that they were like gold! Honestly, I had no idea how valuable they are. I am definitely going to try this recipe out for a special treat for the family as it sounds delicious and I think I'll make some meatballs today :)

  6. That looks and sounds amazing. My family goes crazy over spaghetti and would love this. Thank you so much. I also love your new blog design, it is so pretty!

  7. LAURA! You have got to try the cream cheese on it. I have a version of that uses cream cheese and sour cream and!!!! The creaminess is to die for. Using your cast iron skillet was a great idea!!! XOXO

  8. Well, would have never thought to bake spaghetti in an iron skillet but that looks awesome and I'm with Lisa, I'd use the cream cheese. Have a great first weekend of 2019!

  9. Go on with that cast iron sketti! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. This looks delicious - a great twist on the traditional dish. And everything is better in a cast iron skillet. I literally gasped when I saw your new blog it!