Monday, December 03, 2018

Tips To Maintain Your Weight During The Holidays

I know, I know. Thanksgiving is over and I'm a little late to the table with this post, but my dear blog friend, Lisa, who blogs over at Coast to Coast (and who I recently got to meet IN THE FLESH on our trip to Nashville, so go say, HI!) posted last week about this cute little poncho that covers the fact that you may have had to unbutton your pants for Turkey Day and that reminded me that I never finished writing this post. And I do believe that was the longest sentence in the history of blogging.

If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I've been on a weight loss journey since the last week in February 2018. Why the last week in February? Well, that was our week of Spring Break and that was the week I put on my tennis shoes for the first time in about two years, and started hitting the pavement. I wanted to have enough energy and stamina to be able to do all the necessary walking on our trip to Disney in May. Two weeks after Disney, Wayne had a heart attack and my (our!) eating habits changed even more to the better.

And now it's the holidays and what's an appetizer-loving, sweet-loving, wine drinking, Christmas party girl like me supposed to do in order to NOT gain back some of those unwanted pounds? Well, you're in luck because today I'm sharing my personal plan to maintaining my weight during the holidays!
Water Wagon || Trust me. I know how difficult it is to drink water. I've only been on the wagon since April and as of today, I'm getting pretty darn close to falling off! I've managed to let my beloved Diet Coke sneak back in my busy life. But each day is a new opportunity and it's about making the better choice for my skin, my mood, and my weight. I just feel better when I'm drinking water. And as for wine, I've become a tee-totaler. Who needs those extra calories? Think before your pour, Friends.

Sneak In Exercise || This summer and early fall, I had all the time in the world to walk. But now it's basketball season and my routine has been interrupted for Alise's games and practice pick up times. Mommin' ain't easy, y'all, and that's why it's important to still get in those exercise times. I'm finding out that I have to rearrange my walking time to fit our schedule and that even twenty minutes instead of forty-five still count. Two days instead of four days still count. Walking weekends now (which I didn't do alot during the summer as I counted those as my "off days") still count. Sneak it in whenever you can.

Eat Small Snacks || I use to not believe in the snacking theory. I just saw myself eating more: snacking AND eating at meal time! But eating smaller meals and snacking on a palm-sized nutritious  snack during the day really does help control hunger.  Choose your snacks wisely.

One spoonful, One plate || Notice I did not say "heaping" spoonful. I've started using smaller plates at home for myself to help with portion control. All those small baby bowls from Alise's toddler days (and that I'm embarrassed to say that I still have...) have come in quite handy for measuring smaller food sizes. At parties this holiday season, have just one plate (not platter size) of food and go ahead and add dessert so you're not tempted to go back for more. Portion control is the absolute hardest for me and it's even worse at Christmas parties because everything just tastes so darn good!

Make Good Choices || I was recently reminded of the 80-20% rule, which means that you eat healthy 80% of the time and whatever you want the other 20% of the time.  I honestly don't think 80% is a nice, well-rounded percentage for this peri-menopausal mama! Maybe more like I need to eat healthy 95.637% of the time. But in all honesty, maintaining your weight during the holidays comes down to making good choices. I ask myself all the time, "How much longer will I have to walk if I enjoy another piece of pizza or dessert?" If it's not worth it, or I don't have the extra exercise time, then I tell myself, "maybe next time." I'm a big fan of "next time" because that just puts off the tempting choice. 

I hope these five tips will help you make it through the Christmas season without gaining those unwanted pounds. I personally will just be happy to maintain through the holidays and pick up with those never ending last four pounds in January. 

Merry Christmas!

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!


  1. Bwahahahahahaha, that graphic at the end - funny!!!! Good tips my friend and so useful. I always feel so much better when I eat better that I shock myself when I fall off the wagon and start eating junk! Have a wonderful Monday - love ya!!

  2. These are al the tips I live by but I am struggling this season, I need to print this out and hide my ponchos, lol!! You look fantabulous!! Happy Monday babe! xoxo

  3. I literally just laughed at the title alone. Good for you reminding us that we need to keep things in check during the holidays.
    & yep - I am that last picture. 1000000%

  4. These are such great tips. I especially need to work on the water!

  5. The holidays can be tricky, can't they? My rule is I just want to maintain my weight loss (I'm down -55 pounds since February 2017) throughout October - December. If I can do that, then I am totally okay with my life :)

  6. I have until the end of January to lose 8-10 more pounds, so I've got to be vigilant during December! Thank you so much for all these tips - I definitely need to work on the water!

  7. Well first, thanks so much for the shout out. MWAH!💋 These are great tips...I just said to Kent last night something about portion control as I LOADED our plates...LOL. (at least it was green beans I was heaping on there) my nemesis. I try, but man is it hard. And I have virtually no self control when it comes to apps. I just love them soooo! I still have all my kids little plates and bowls too and I'm not at all embarrassed. One day we will be so glad we saved them #grandbabies❤️ You look so good, girl and I'm so proud of you!!! XO

  8. I've been really trying hard to eat healthier AND drink more water. I am also trying to not drink so much coffee. I was drinking wayyy too much, mainly the caffeine part was just too much. I decided to only allow myself one coffee a week now on Saturdays. It's tough and I will maybe treat myself on special days, but you have to almost quit cold turkey to do something. I also think smaller servings and the 80/20 rule is great, too!! I think during the holidays it is the most important to try to keep these in mind, because it is so easy to get stressed or tempted this time of year and ruin all of your hard work on staying fit and healthy.


    1. I totally agree, Carrie! Getting on the water wagon is so hard, too, but I was doing SO darn good until November. It's all about giving yourself some grace and starting over again the next day to do better and make better choices. We can do this!