Monday, August 10, 2015

Cheer Camp

I'm taking a little blog break this week to soak up the last few days of summer break before we have to resume a normal routine next week! Wayne and I are headed to NOLA for a few days at the end of the week and I'm looking forward to getting away and enjoying some great food, even if Felicia has to tag along!

Today was Alise's first day of cheer camp and I can't tell you how excited she was!  She made me get her up at 6:00 even though the camp didn't start until 9am!  "But MOM!  I have to get a shower and wash and dry my hair and you have to put it in a ponytail because I can't get it high enough on my head and have you seen my white bow and what did you do with my cheer shoes?"  Uh, yea!  So that's how my morning went!

So, so proud of this girl!! I'd be lying if I told you that I wasn't secretly praying that this girlie makes it on the JV Cheer squad next year {our private school is so small that they let the sixth graders try out for JV squad}!! Alise has already picked out her Big Sis, but she was a little miffed that she's no longer on the front row!  #cheerdrama

These are the cute happies that our cheer sponsor made for the girls! 

I felt so sorry for Alise and all the girls when I got to the gym.  I walked into the waiting area and told Erin, the cheer coach and gym manager, that it was so hot.  She said they were working on the air and that it should be running by 3 o'clock.  All those poor girls had to practice in the heat of the gym!  Granted, they have to cheer in the heat at the football games, but still.  They all walked out with red faces and sweaty clothes. I'm hoping that A/C gets fixed today!!


  1. Have a wonderful time. I bet it was hot, I don't know how they did it.

  2. I think I'll be taking a blog break (or two or three!) as we get closer to the wedding and things are getting crazy!

    I hope Alise makes the JV squad! This made me so nostalgic for high school football (I was not a cheerleader, but loved to watch both the game and the cheerleading!). And I've been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix, so that may have added to the nostalgia too. :)

  3. This cheer mom says get that ponytail higher!! lol

    1. Bwahaha, Whitney! We did have it MUCH higher when we were competing, but those days are over! This is just her school cheerleading squad. We got tired of the traveling.

  4. It is so miserably hot here, even in an air conditioned gym!! Elie's girls were dying Saturday taking photos, and she had them in their light weight pep rally uniforms! Hope she has a great time at camp despite the heat and makes the JV squad.
    And, agree with Bama Girl...much higher indeed ;-)

  5. I hope you have the best time in NOLA!! I'm looking forward to a recap since I'm headed there in the FALL!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I'm with Alise!! The pony must be high, I find the higher the pony, the higher you can jump!!! :-) I will keep my fingers crossed for JV!! And NOLA! So jealous, but oh so excited for you guys!