Monday, October 25, 2010

The Halloween Party of 2010

I decided to break up all the Halloween festivities into several posts. Today's post are just pictures from the party. I'll share more details later this week. Enjoy!
First there was one {And no, that's not make up on Belle's face, nor does she have a black eye. I did something when I was editing the picture and I couldn't get it off!}.
Then there were two.
Then there were three.
Love, love, love this picture of the girls peeping through the front door to see who was arriving next!

Working on a craft while we waited for others to arrive.
The Cheerleader and the Rock Star.
The boys!
We were "discussing the map" in this picture and I don't know what cracks me up more: the Rock Star's confused look or the Lady Bug's hand on her hip!! Haha!
Finding items on the scavenger hunt.
The kids did so well using the map and looking for the items. The scavenger hunt was a HUGE success and went off alot better than I ever thought it would!
Finding the "treasure box" FULL of candy!
Eating hot dogs, cupcakes, and cookies while watching "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

A little birdie told me that we were going to have a UPS man come to visit. I kept it a secret from Wayne and when he saw E, he got the biggest grin!! Chad and Janna came to visit and so I snapped a picture of all THREE UPS men - only two weren't wearing uniforms!
The UPS man and his mom.

The Rock Star and her mom.
Our favorite Trick-or-Treat friends. We've been getting together for Halloween since A and Alise were two years old!
The kids with Mrs. M. They were SOOO happy to see her!! She arrived during the scavenger hunt and the kids were so busy looking for things that they didn't notice. When Alise saw her, she said - or rather, hollered, "MRS. M!!" and gave her a huge hug!
Leaving for the hay ride!
Roasting marshmellows.
Our favorite Pre-K4 teacher and her Lady Bug.
Pippy-Longstockings came for a visit. Wayne totally cracked me up! After the party, he said, "How in the world did she get her hair to do that??" Ha! I'll never tell....

More Halloween fun coming this week!


  1. That looks like so much fun! The costumes were darling!

  2. What a fun party!

  3. The Halloween party looks like it was so much fun and you worked in all the traditional things! Love it!