Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have You Thought About It?

I realize it isn't even Halloween yet, but do you realize that Christmas is less than two months away? Maybe you've been too busy to even think about Christmas. I thought I was, too, until I was flippin' through the channels this weekend and QVC was having an entire weekend devoted to nothing but Christmas. I didn't buy anything, but it certainly got me to thinking about "what in the world am I going to get so-and-so?"

In our early marriage years - and pre-Alise - I started my Christmas shopping early. Like in July. Sometimes I could take advantage of mid or end-of-summer sales and find something for somebody. But since Alise, my shopping days are much less and my end-of-season shopping days even lesser! There just isn't time.

As most of you know, Wayne and I sold our "second home" nearly two weeks ago. So we've begun looking for a new home - the one that we plan to grow old and gray in. Ha! We've lived in our current home for ten years. Same furnishings. Same decor. Same, same, same. You get the picture. So with a new and bigger home, I'm wanting to go new, new, new. Needless to say, we're saving our money and we've agreed not to spend alot on ourselves this year.

We really don't have a big family to buy for. Just Alise, my parents, brother, SIL, and neice so it is possible - in our world - to not spend alot of money. My parents like to buy us one or two big things and then normally give the rest to us in money so that we can catch the day after Christmas sales for other things that we may want. Wayne and I sometimes pool our "left over money" and treat ourselves to a date night at a restaurant that we normally wouldn't go to. It makes it special.

Alise is very quiet when it comes to Christmas. Either she doesn't get the whole "ask Santa for what you want for Christmas" or she simply doesn't care. She has never been one to walk into a toy store and scream, "I want! I want!" So, the neatest thing for her are the actual "surprises" that Santa brings every year. Priceless. If you were to ask her what she wants for Christmas, she wouldn't tell you.

So I want to poll my readers:

Have you even thought about Christmas? Have you already started your shopping? Do you do most of your shopping online or in stores? Do you and your family go "all out" or do you set a budget every year?

Please leave me a comment. I can't wait to read what everyone else is doing!


  1. I start thinking about Christmas around September. I have to budget in order to spend what I want on everyone...so that means it has to come out of 3 paychecks. Sept, Oct, and Nov. We buy for AJ, our parents, my sisters, and each other. Oh, and AJ's teachers. We definitely stick to a budget, but do spend a good bit. I love to go all out...or as all out as we can afford!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I have begun to think about it. In fact, I have some things already. Several years ago, we sat down with our grown daughters and talked about Christmas and how we want to handle it now that the kids are grown. I, like my mother, have always been a Christmas freak and bought the girls lots of gifts.

    We decided to leave off giving to each other and each take a charity and spend what we would on each other on the charity. Jim and I have taken on a family that is in pretty dire straits - dad has left, mom has debililtating liver disease. This has been so much fun for us. The mom gives each kids wish list and we go with that.

    We do buy for Jim's mom who will be 95 this December. That shopping is done. We (along with his brother and wife) are giving her a whole new bedroom; comforter, sheets, bedskirt, sham, rug for her room. She lives in an assisted living residence and we thought this would brighten her room.

    Also, this year we are going to Chicago to spend Christmas with our oldest daughter. And being the "Christmas freak" I am going to do a Christmas stocking for Paige, her housemate and her housemates son. I always buy for him anyway and have already purchased his big gift. I do have some great ideas for the stockings too.

    Sorry to go on and on, but you have just stirred the Christmas spirit in me. Hope I haven't tired you out.

    Being in the midst of a very dark time with our dear friends, I want to thank you for this post that made me think of happier things.

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. We usually set a budget! The boys aren't really asking for anything specific yet, so we'll probably do a few surprises for them. It's going to be a lean Christmas this year because we're saving up for a house down payment and we just don't really need anything!!

  4. Honey, with my BIG family, I have to plan ahead. I started my shopping in September and have at least 50% bought. The hardest person to buy for is Doug. I always set a budget, but some how I seem to go over a few dollars with Katie. I've got Katie just about finished, but I haven't bought the first thing for Colton.

  5. We've started thinking about it. I know what DH's "big" gift is going to be and I'm pretty sure I know what he's getting me (it's the only thing I asked for).

  6. I usually have everything bought by now. I am so behind Laura. I haven't gotten anything. I am a big on-line shopper. We have a big family combined. (11 nieces and nephews. 8 of which belong to me so whew.) In his family we have drawn names. Last year we just bought for the kids. I liked that. On my side of the family, I buy for everyone. I do budget it or it would be ridiculous. I think we should consider just buying for the kids. I need to get started on MK's shopping. I love to surprise her too. She is grateful for everything and precious about it. It is fun to buy for someone like that.

  7. Last year my husband went hog wild because my son finally "got it." But this year I want to talk about every gift we are getting because I need some educational games/toys to help during the day.We never really set a budget except for buying for the inlaws. This year I asked my husband if we could forgo cousins and contact them because it just doesn't seem worth it. I am starting to make mental lists of the things to get people. I want all my shopping done by Dec. 1st.

  8. Girl I am all over it! I make L an Amazon wish list and send it to our parents so they will know what to get him and to help avoid duplicates haha! So I'm a little OCD about it!

  9. I have reallybeen trying to start thinking about Christmas. I just don't know where to start! I have bought 3 gifts for Carter so I have a little something. Carter is normally really good about giving us some ideas. This year he likes so many different things that I am just not sure what he wants the most. We are trying to scale back this year. Hopefully, we can do that. One of the hardest places to scale back at is work...do you exchange gifts at work? I would hate to receive a gift and not have something in return so I usually end up getting something for all 12 girls in our office. It is crazy expensive!