Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parade of Pumpkins

It’s a long post, but stay with me. I have pictures. With me. In a costume that made by butt look HUGE!!

Monday night ended up being a McDonald’s-kind-of-night. It started out as a Cane’s-kind-of-night, but I digress.

Oh, what the heck! Let me explain “why.”

It’s the mommie in me that doesn’t like to eat fast food during the week. I like to save McDonald’s, Chic-fil-a and those kinds of things for the weekend. Call me crazy, but I like to have a home cooked meal during the week for my family. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean that the “home cooked meal” can’t come in the form of a frozen store-bought casserole, or even a “big surprise” between two pieces of bread. Key word: home.

Having said that, we had dance lessons and some major pumpkin carving that we had to get to for the school’s “Parade of Pumpkins” on Tuesday. All the children’s pumpkins had to be at school by 9 AM to be eligible for the contest.

So here I am at 6:45 on a Monday night – still dressed in a business suit, hose, and heels – calling Wayne to find out what he wants me to pick him up at the drive-thru - because obviously it would be too much for him to clean out the innards of a pumpkin AND make some boxed au gratin potatoes to go with the honey ham in the fridge - while Alise is screaming in the background that she’s changed her mind and doesn’t want Cane’s (she only wanted to go there because her BFF and dance partner goes there every Monday night after class because it’s the quickest place for her Mom to go and still get back home in time to see DWTS). She wants McDonald’s. McDonald’s is on the wrong side of the street. But Wayne – being the super pumpkin-carvin-Daddy that he is, rolls with it and “Welcome to McDonald’s” sounds like music to my ears. All that and I get stuck with a bowl of cereal and a nice slab of left-over Chocolate Dream Pie from Sunday.

Is that enough “digression” for you?

No pictures of the whole pumpkin carving process. I’m pretty sure Wayne was cussing me the entire time he was “carving” – with a cutting tool that finally broke – because I found the “perfect little kitty cat pattern online for Alise’s pumpkin.” Even Alise finally gave up and went to bed because it was taking too long. Ha! Besides, somebody had taken the battery out of my camera to charge and I don’t know how to put it back in. So I just mosied on over to the living room floor and worked on my pin-the-nose-on-the-pumpkin creation and my bats. More on that in a minute.

Tuesday morning found us waking up to the oh-so familiar sound of rain. By the time we got to school, it was pouring! To make a long story short, I was fumbling around with the umbrella and trying to get the pumpkin out of the floor board of the car (a feat in itself) when I heard the worst words in the world.

“Hi Dr. S!! Mommie! Look! It’s Dr. S!!”

God, give me strength! I find myself saying that a lot these days, actually. And meaning it.

And this coming from a 4 year old that woke up Monday morning saying her ear was hurting. Oh, did I forget to mention that?

So, then, my second thought was, “OMG! Dr. S nearly saw me say a very, very bad word while I was fumbling with the umbrella!” Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

So, most of you that have been reading our blog for a while now, know that seeing Dr. S (anywhere) = a visit to his office within the week.

Doc: “Hey, you guys! I forgot ya’ll were going to start going here (school).”

Me: “Hi, Dr. S! How are you? Alise and I have been looking for you at school, but we hadn’t seen you yet.” Yeah, right. What I wanted to say is that we've been avoiding you like the Swine Flu!! And while you’re at it, whip out one of those script pads and write me one for Alise’s ear infection.

Doc: “Oh, well. I get to do this from time to time. Usually it’s my wife (who teaches at the school).”

Alise, screaming in the pour down and for the entire school parking lot to hear, “Bye, Dr. S!!!!!”

Doc: “Bye, Sunshine.”

I wish.

So, then I get to work and notice on my calendar that I have a meeting with my boss at about the time I need to leave work that afternoon to pick up Alise from school, get her home and ready for the “parade shin-dig” at 5:30. So I sent her a nice little email asking to bow out early and she decides to cancel the meeting. Woo-hoo! I really do have a great boss!

Alise at the pumpkin parade with her hand on her pumpkin. Can you believe she won first place in the carving category? Well, maybe her daddy did!
And who is this nice man Alise is cuddled up with? Why, Dr. S himself! We ran into him yet AGAIN at the parade. Alise kept bugging me to tell him about her ear.

Alise holding her first place ribbon for her pumpkin and standing beside her classmates, Tanner and Kate.

RO's Pre-K 4 Class (those that came). That's Alise's principal in the witch's hat.

Alise and Emory-Cooper. I don't think Emory was in the mood to have her picture taken tonight. I never really got a good pic of them together.

Jake and Alise

Walla! Here I am! All decked out in my pink poodle skirt! The outfit is SO cute and I got lots of compliments. However, I am so thankful that the good Lord didn't see to it for me to actually live during this particular style because the skirt makes your hips look HUGE!!! I didn't care! I wore it anyway and had a blast!

Alise and I had so much fun tonight! As Alise put it, the "perfect girls night!!"

And these are the goodies that Alise will be giving to her classmates on Friday. I absolutely loved these when I saw them on the internet and they were SO easy to make. Go here to find out how to make them.


  1. You gals look so cute in your costumes!

  2. Love , love , love the costumes. The pumpkin that was carved looks great! What cute Halloween treats!

  3. OK, I am totally making those bat candy bars--thanks for the GREAT idea. Your tag is way cuter than the one on the link--where did you find yours?!

    I love Alise's pumpkin and your costume. I dressed up in a poodle skirt when Miss Priss was little and it made me look like a semi (you look great!).

    Also, Cane's ROCKS, doesn't it? I went to high school with the owner!

  4. Awww,y'all are too cute!! Love the bats!

  5. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Oh my Laura!! You look SO great in your costume and Miss Alise too!! Great pictures! And I just LOVE that bat, I now wonder if I have enough time to make them for Friday @ Aidan's party!!!

  6. Loved Alise's costume, you did a great job w/the make-up.

    Wayne, congratulations on the cat. So adorable!

    Love the bat candy bar gift. I wished I had seen that a couple of days ago. Katie's Halloween party (at school) is Friday. All parents are encouraged to bring a snack. Katie saw a pull-a-part Frankenstein cupcake decoration & had to have it for the party. Would have loved to make the bat or mummy instead. Oh well, there's always next year.

    Doug wants me to wait on making reservations w/hotel. Wants to see if he could get us a discount on rooms through work. As soon as he gives me the ok, I'll book. I'll let you know.

    Happy Halloween!

  7. YOu both look adorable in your costumes!!! That pumpkin totally rocks! Your husband is a great team player...I saw a pattern similar to that one online that Bella wanted for her pumpkin and Tim said "NO WAY!".

  8. Both of your costumes are GREAT! The pumpkin is really cute too! And I cannot forget those adorable little bats. I have not seen that idea before, super cute!

  9. What a fun post. I love your costume and, Wayne, the pumpkin was terrific.

    ~hippo hugs~

  10. Next time make Alise tell the doc herself & act like you know nothing!!!

    Y'all are so cute! And congrats to Wayne on his win! Your day kinda sounds like one of mine.