Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vanna, Can I Have a "G", Please?

My friend Becky had such a great post listing all her favorite things that started with the letter "R", that I decided to play along, too. She asked me to list my ten favorite things that begin with the letter "G." Here goes - in the particular order that they came to mind:

Let’s just say…before this whole diet thing…I kept Sonic in business when it came to grape slushes. I have not had one in nearly twenty days. Twenty days, people! In all honesty, it’s not killing me, either. That is, until Brooke told me about grape cream slushes. Just guess what the extra ingredient is in that concoction! No, I haven’t tried one…yet!

I’ve only read a few classic books in my day and most of those were in high school and/or college and normally it was for a grade. In my senior advanced English class, we read “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald and I fell in love with that book! The movie stars Robert Redford as Gatsby and Mia Farrow as Daisy. It’s kind of a cooky read, but I loved the symbolism. I thought “The Great Gatsby” should count for double points, but I didn’t think Becky would go for it.

Allow me just a few moments to brag on my daughter. I have been waiting all week to post this particular little story. I was standing at the window of Alise’s gymnastics class last Tuesday watching the girls on the bar while they were doing their skin-the-cat’s and whatever else those new flips are called (since parents aren’t allowed in Tumble Bears, I no longer know what the new routines are called). Now, granted some of the little ones from Diaper Daredevils moved up this semester, so there are some younger, less experienced girls in her class. While Alise was doing her flips over the bar, I heard two of the mothers at the other window exclaim, “Oh my goodness! That little girl in the pink is so good! Did you see her?” I wanted to scream and shout, “That’s my baby! That’s my little girl!!”

I like games – especially card games. When Wayne and I were newlyweds, we played cards with the newlyweds who lived in the apartment right behind us. We’d play canasta and another game that I can’t remember. Then Carrie and Doug introduced us to Phase 10 and we were hooked. Wayne likes Rook, but I don’t. I like Uno and playing Go Fish with Baby Girl.

Gingham was the only word that I could think of that was close enough to the word “hounds tooth.” I like both, actually.

My all time favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind.” I’m really the re-incarnation of Scarlett O’Hara, you know that don’t you? If I had been alive in 1939, Wayne and I would have been one of those thousands of people who stood in line to see the movie’s premiere. My favorite part of the movie is when Mammie is getting Scarlett ready for the bar-b-que at the Wilkes’ plantation. Wayne’s favorite part (and he doesn’t even like GWTW) is when Prissy says, “I’s don’t know nufin’ ‘bout birfin’ no baby!”

In the first house I grew up in, we had a row of gardenias along one side of the house and I remember picking these for my mother. I loved their soft white petals and their fragrance was wonderful. When Wayne and I moved into the house we live in now, I insisted that we get a few gardenia bushes and now that Alise has gotten older, when the flowers are in bloom, she says, “Mommie, let me go pick you some flowers.” It makes my heart melt. When it’s blooming season, I always have gardenias in my kitchen.

I actually just thought about this one while I was typing “gingham”. I tend to holler “GO BAMA!!” an awful lot during college football season.

OMGoodness!!! How could I miss my Baby Girl, Alise!???? And I just wrote that she was my girl up above!!! Clearly I’m not thinking!!!! It’s this stupid diet’s fault! I’m telling you, I’m loosing brain waves from lack of Sonic slushes and other fabulous food!!

And last, but certainly not least, my guy, Wayne. The love of my life. My best friend in the whole wide world. The best husband ev-ah….even if he does hunt four months out of the year and I want to kill him.

If anyone is interested in playing along, leave me a comment and I'll be glad to send you a letter. I promise no "Y"s, "X"s, or "Z"s.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Oh, Meeeee! I want to play!

  2. Love it! You did a great job! I was wondering how you and Kim would get Bama in there!!! So glad you played! We love card games, too - canasta and Phase 10 are some of our favorites!

  3. What fun! I stepped up to the challenge! Go check me out!

  4. I love this game. I did it awhile back with the letter D. And The Great Gatsby is my all time favorite classic book. I LOOOVE it.

  5. I want to play too! Sounds fun!

  6. GREAT list!!!!

    The Great Gatsby is in my Top 5 of all time. I love that book!!!!

    And, yes, the cream slushes from Sonic are the BEST thing there!!! My favorite is the cherry cream!!!

    (Go Bama...of course!)

    I'd ask for a letter,but I already did it. :-)

  7. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Cute, cute post!! I just loved your gymnastics story, I would have been so proud too!! And I just LURVE Sonic, but the closest one is 100 something miles away,lol! Good thing I guess!! Have a great weekend!!

  8. I love houndstooth, too!
    I also love Disney. I know Alise will have a wonderful birthday at Cinderella's castle.