Friday, January 16, 2009

LSU is a Dirty Word

I have a funny Alise story to share.

At Alise's school, the pre-school teachers come out to the cars in the morning to get the students out of the car so the parents don't have to stop, get get the picture. We just pull under the awning and they get the students.

This morning, Ms. K came out to the car to get Alise and she said, "Alise was so funny yesterday!" I'm thinking, "OMGoodness! What did she do? Is this really a funny story or is she just blowing it off like it's a funny story?"

She went on: "Yesterday E had on an LSU shirt and Alise told her, 'That's a dirty word!' And at first I went, 'Wha-because LSU isn't a dirty word and then it hit me! If I had not known and thought about you guys being Alabama fans, I would not have understood what she meant by that, so I told her, 'Well, Bama's a dirty word' and Alise said, 'No, it's not.'"

I laughed. There wasn't much I could say because there were cars behind me and we were holding up the line. But I did call Wayne this morning and tell him and all he could say was, "That's my girl!"

I think we need to do some more parental training on what are and are not dirty words. Wayne would disagree with me, of course.



  1. Funny story: Mary Margaret gave her pre-school teacher several Alabama items for Christmas. Her teacher overheard MM talking to one of her friends.

    Friend: What did you give our teacher?
    MM: Some stinky Alabama stuff. Not any good Auburn stuff.

    So funny!

    Loved the story;)

  2. A great story. I love it. When my Paige was in 1st grade I was in the habit of saying, "this house is filthy. It's just a pig sty." My husband taught in the same school where Paige was in 1st grade. One day the teacher stopped in his room with this story. Miss Amo said, "Let's clean this room up. It's just like a pig sty." Paige said, "Miss Amo, my mother's house is like a pig sty. It's just filthy dirty. It's so dirty that my grandma is coming to help her clean." so much for not watching what you say.

    Also, loved your g's Wasn't that a fun meme?

    ~hippo hugs~

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yours is too cute for words! Did you make it yourself?

    This story totally made me laugh!!!

  4. Hillarious! I could see this happening in our house someday.

    Alise knows her football school!!

  5. Cute, cute, cute! I love hearing what our little ones come up with,lol!

  6. Hilarious story!!! :)

  7. All that shows you is good parenting skills. You go Alise!

  8. That's great! When Katy was little someone tried to get her to say "Go Vols." She said, "We don't say that dirty word at our house." It was Wayne's boss, but luckily he thought it was funny. I agree - it shows good parenting!

  9. I am so jealous the teachers come out to the cars at your daycare. That would be heaven.

    Cute story.