Monday, August 12, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To

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I know.  I've been promising this post for a while and I really wanted to wait until everything was "put back together again," but what the heck!  Who cares if the drop cloth is in the picture?  Just keeping it real, peeps!  I'll post another picture later when I've decorated.

For a while now, I had been seeing pictures of striped walls on Pinterest.  And what impressed me most was the before and after pictures.  A plain, painted wall could be transformed into something that looked really elegant and inviting.  Just by striping the walls, the whole room is transformed and I fell in love with the idea!

My first decision was, what to stripe?  I didn't want to mess up my Alabama red kitchen {Mr. Horton wouldn't even have let me finish the question if he knew I was going to suggest the kitchen!} or the bedrooms or the bathrooms because I'm really happy with those colors.  The only thing left was the living room and although I think it would have worked, I had the staircase and those high walls to deal with and I really just wanted something easy to try first {Besides, I'm secretly hoping to repaint the living room soon}.  

So what was left?  The hallway.  It was painted the same color as the living room and although it is a rather long hall, it would be the easiest to stripe.

Next, I had to decide horizontal or vertical?  I've never been a fan of horizontal stripes.  We learned in Home Ec. that horizontal stripes make you look fat. Was I worried that horizontal stripes would make my hall look fat?  Of course not, but I was worried about decorating and hanging pictures on them.  And that's how I decided to go vertical.

So here are the befores and afters:
 It's nearly finished!!  And by the way, I just want it stated for the record that I did the blue taping!
 We decided to add a chair rail and paint the bottom of the wall the darker color.  Here's the chair rail.
 And here is the only "finished" project pic that I have and it's from the opposite end of the hall {see the drop cloth?}.
I can't tell you how pleased I am with how the striping and hall turned out!!  I mean, compare this pic to the very first one!  See what I mean by "plain" and "elegant?"  

Mr. Horton did a GREAT job with getting the stripes even {What would we have done without that laser thingy, huh, Babe?}.  He is so much more patient than I am.  I just wanted to hire someone to do it and he said, "huh uh" and the next day he told me to go pick out a color, which, by the way, was Martha Stewart's Buckwheat Beige.  So for less than $100, I have a new look to play with and decorate!


  1. That turned out fantastic!

  2. Looks great!!! Love all the molding!

  3. The hallway turned out great! You guys did such a good job. LOVE IT!