This Is Us

Hi and welcome to our Family Blog! My name is Laura, I'm forty-six years old, and Louisiana has always been home. Wayne and I met in an economics class at college and my life has never been the same. We married in May 1995 and for ten years, we traveled and did just about anything and everything there was to do as a couple. In May 2005, our only daughter, Alise was born and God blessed us as a family of three.

I've been blogging since Alise was one year old. What started out as a whim has become a life line to my sanity, I guess. I didn't even know what blogging was thirteen years ago until I read about it in a magazine and because I love to write and have always kept journals, I decided to give it a try, with the main purpose being a way for our family in Alabama to keep in touch with us. A lot has changed in thirteen years as far as technology and cell phones go, and so has our little space here on the internet. Toddler and little girl antics aren't as easy to write about as they once were and the teen years require a lot more privacy (and a lot more eye rolls). So although our blog is still about our family, I enjoy writing about everything from lifestyle posts, to fashion, to simply sharing what is on my heart.

Thank you for stopping by to see that This Is Us.

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