Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Prime Purchases ~ February 2021

Well, so much for my shopping halt for January! Honestly, the month started out well and then....Amazon prime is just too darn easy. Today I'm joining my friend Tanya, for her monthly Prime Purchases link up. Here are some things I bought last month. 

Wayne opened the package of facial sponges and asked, "You bought coasters?" Silly, silly man! I took the package away from him to go put them in my bathroom cabinet and said, "No, they're for my face. To clean my face with." But when I looked down, I thought they looked like coasters, too (but I didn't tell him that!). These sponges start out very thin, but once activated with water, they turn into a soft, nice size sponge to help with exfoliation. I use them in the morning and at a night with a gentle cleanser. 

I'm back on the reading train and picked up a few books from our local library after the holidays. It's getting harder to read in the evenings with just a lamp, so I opted to buy a book light and it has really helped. This Energizer reading book light is less than $10 and totally worth it. I love to read in bed and since Wayne has to go to bed so early, I can now read with my new light, minus the lamp, while he snores away. 

Okay so honestly, this purchase was not mine. Wayne bought this for himself as a work watch (I bought him a nice watch for Christmas). This Smart Watch has all the bells and whistles like an Apple watch, just maybe not as advanced. It shows incoming calls and messages, keeps up with his steps and heart rate, and even records his sleep patterns. He loves it and it's perfect for his busy days of driving a brown truck. 

Y'all know how much I love The Ordinary products, but unfortunately, our Ulta does not carry the line in-store. So I ordered another bottle of niacinamide to replace my other one. I ordered it from Ulta because I've been told if you purchase products from the actual Ordinary website, they take longer to arrive. This purchase came within about five days of me placing the order.  I use this at night after I remove my makeup and clean my face. Love it! It's less than $6! 

I'm not one for keeping appointments and important dates on my phone calendar. I'm a pen and paper girl, so when it comes to a yearly planner, I prefer writing things down. Having said that, I ordered this Heather Stillufsen weekly planner from Amazon. It has both monthly and weekly at-a-glances and is perfect!

Brands know that I'm a sucker for things that show up in my social media feeds and this sweater from Loft is no exception. I'm not an impulse buyer - I do let things KEEP showing up in my feeds before I cave - but when I saw that it was half off, that's when I added it to my cart. I'll be sharing more about how I styled it soon, which is pretty much the same way this beautiful model did. 

Have a lovely Tuesday, Friends! 


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to The Ordinary products - they are all I am using right now and I love them! Hahaha, Wayne was right, those sponges look like coasters, but what a great idea!

    1. Oh, I am so glad that you're liking The Ordinary!!

  2. I'm dying about the coasters. I almost thought they were corn tortillas. LOL

  3. love that heart sweater.

  4. You got some great buys. I was laughing about the facial sponges and your husband! I wonder if they work good? That sweater is really cute.

  5. Those makeup sponges are so neat!

  6. I've tried a few Ordinary products but not this one. I've also tried to follow the literature and figure out exactly what I need. It's confusion and probably why I have yet to purchase this. But now I think I should I also love those sponges.

  7. I added those sponges to my cart. I'm intrigued to see how they feel on the skin.
    I love a good nightlight. Gotta check how that one charges - battery or USB?

  8. I have that book light and it's perfect!

  9. I really love physical planners too! I use Google Calendar for blog stuff, but the rest goes in my planner. Glad the book light is working well for you! I should get one.


  10. I'm also loving the ordinary products. I ordered from their website and it did take about a week to arrive. That Smartwatch is a DEAL! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road