Thursday, August 16, 2018

We Have An Eighth Grader

It's official! We have an eighth grader in the house! 

Just ten years ago, I was a mom of a three year old little girl and now I have a teenager! And just like ten years ago, Alise was so excited to see her friends yesterday! I could never picture myself back then with an eighth grader; I was living in the PreK-3 moment of a school uniform, her first backpack and snacks. Time has definitely flown by.
And just five years ago, I had a third grader that was all about taking her teacher a First Day of School happy. Bangs and all! She spent the majority of the morning reminding me that next year she would be in high school. Even a good 364 days before then, my mind simply cannot fathom that thought.
Love this Girlie so much and I am so blessed to be her Mom! But if anyone is looking for me, I'll be in bed. Curled up in the fetal position.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Freestyle Summer: Camo Queen

I honestly do not know why I am camo obsessed all of a sudden. It's the strangest thing! I know the trend has been hanging around for a few years, but I was slow to jump on the bandwagon simply because I like to buy things that I can wear casually on the weekends, as well as to the office. I'll remind you that I work in a very conservative and professional atmosphere, so wearing camo to work is not allowed (Can you believe it is specifically mentioned in the dress code policy?). 

Alise and I were in Old Navy recently doing some back to school shopping when I saw these camo Rockstar Jeans and so I got a wild hair to try them on. Love at first sight!  They were so soft and comfortable and I loved the raw edge at the ankle. Even at $40, I couldn't substantiate buying them because I knew I couldn't wear them to work. Fast forward to when we go to the check out and discovered that they were on sale for $30 AND I got an additional 15% off! Cha-ching! What was I waiting for? So, of course I bought them. Can't wait to style them soon. The possibilities are endless!
product photo
Then I bought Alise a lace up camo tee from American Eagle. I didn't think much of it until a few days later, she wore it to go out with her friends and I thought, Dang! That's really a cute tee shirt! So the next day after work, I found myself in AE looking for this same tee and luckily they had it in my size and when I tried it on, yep! You guessed it! I fell in love with camo all over again (I wasn't able to find the tee to link here)! I wore it out with girlfriends for apps and drinks one evening. And here's a pic of me and my Mini Me as Twinkies! Love her and the fact that she still lets us be matchy-matchy sometimes! Our relationship has changed over the summer and so far, life with a teenager has been so much fun! 
Linking up with the girlies from The Blended Blog today!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

SUYB & My Favorite Author Buzz

Hello Bookworms! How is your summer reading going? I've made some great progress on my summer reading list and I hope to share my top three books of the summer a little later this month. Today I'm showing you my July reads and sharing a rather nice meeting with one of my favorite authors. Keep reading! 

Something In The Water || I decided to read this book because it was Reese Witherspoon's June pick for her monthly book club. Something In The Water had so much potential and started off strong, but after I figured it out, the rest of the book seemed to wane to me. A newly wed couple go on their honeymoon and something crazy happens. Sounds intriguing - and it is! - just not one of my favorite picks by Reese. Three stars. 

The Perfect Mother || Sucked in. Twist and turns. Highly intense ending. A total psychological thriller. If those words describe books that you enjoy, then I highly recommend reading The Perfect Mother. I could not put it down and I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming movie. A baby is kidnapped and the May Mothers are determined, amidst their own personal troubles, to find out what happened to Baby Midas. I totally did not guess the ending. Five stars.

By Invitation Only || Such a sweet and enjoyable read about the differences in family members when Fred and Shelby decide to get married. There's the over-the-top MOB, the simple and realistic MOG, a moonshine making brother, and a host of other delectable characters that make this book a funny and true to life adventure. Three stars. 

Murder In Paradise || If you're a James Patterson fan, you can disregard this book containing three short stories in collaboration with other writers. And if you think you might want to become a JP fan, I wouldn't start with this book. Read this book only if you simply don't have a single thing to do. And you can even sleep through some parts, too. Two stars.

The Perfect Couple || I could not finish this book by one of my favorite authors. I borrowed the audio version from the library and couldn't even get two disks in. The order of the book was weird and the "zoo chapter" just did me in. I didn't like the characters and there were so many other books worth reading this summer than to suffer through this one. From the reviews I've read, this book is a stretch for Hilderbrand because it's more of a murder mystery instead of a great island drama that fans are use to. Which brings me to...a question that another favorite author recently asked:
So last month, I promised you all the deets about meeting one of my favorite authors, Beatriz Williams. I caught up with Beatriz (I'm pretty sure we're on a first name basis now) at Novel Bookstore on a very hot afternoon in Memphis. And I have to say that I was slightly disappointed by the turn out. The room was not full and I believe I was the youngest fan in the room (except for children, of course). But if Beatriz was disappointed after traveling all over the U.S. promoting her new novel, The Summer Wives, to much bigger crowds, she never showed it. As a matter of fact, she was very heart warming and genuine, taking her seat at the front of the room about ten minutes before the event officially began, and casually talking to us (after I nearly mowed her down in one of the book aisles! It was an accident, of course, but we arrived at the bookstore at pretty much the same time). She wore a blue and white floral dress in about a size 2 and her hair was flipped up like the 1950s.
I was shocked to learn that Beatriz majored in anthropology. And she grew up in the Seattle area, which was an interesting fact because her novels take place on the east coast. Beatriz regaled us with stories about her grandmother and the finer snobbery of the "upper east side." Her mother-in-law, who would not let Beatriz call her by her first name until she and her future husband were engaged (Wow! Sounds like the South to me!), is an inspiration for a lot of her books. They get along "swimmingly" now. She also spoke about the hardships of women during each generation (20s-60s), which is what her books are really about and I just find them fascinating. She told us how she came up with the ideas for her characters, that she has a say in her book covers, and even gave us hints as to the next book she will be working on. Sorry I can't divulge, but think Bermuda.
I could have listened to her talk all day! She would have made a great history teacher! But by that time, the hour was over and it was time for us to get in line to have our books signed. I was about the tenth person in line, but as she was signing books - with a gold Sharpie, of course! - she would talk to other people in line and look at everyone as she was speaking to them, which I thought was so nice. Then, it was my turn! And the first thing Beatriz Williams said to me was, "I love your hair!" EEK! She liked my hair (which was so fried that day because of the humidity and because I had just gotten it colored two days before!)!! After that, I absolutely don't remember a thing. I must have asked for a picture, of course, because here it is!

Absolutely one of THE nicest authors I've ever met. AND she responded to one of my comments about her book tour on IG AND she liked MY post!! EEK!!  BFFS!! So naturally, I'm currently reading, The Summer Wives.

Have you met any of your favorite authors?

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

School Day Memories

I recently read an article in a magazine that discussed how much school life has changed for each generation. It was an interesting article that got me to thinking about how much school has changed in my own life until now. So I decided to write down some words or phrases, in no certain order, of things and events that happened in my life during my elementary, junior high, and high school years. Do you have some of these memories, too?
Just look at those school dates, y'all! I told you I was an 80's girl all the way!

Elementary Memories (1978 - 1984): Learning the letters of the alphabet in kindergarten with "Letter People" like Mr. T with his TALL teeth and Mr. M with his MUNCHING MOUTH! We had "carnivals," not fall festivals. Our concession stand sold Fun Dip, long sticks of Jolly Rancher, and big bars of Laffy Taffy. All for twenty-five cents. Fifty cent allowances for making my bed for the whole week. The smell of new books. For some reason, the social studies books always smelled the best. Discovering Nancy Drew. Going to the library and having to sign your name to the card and smiling when you recognized the person's name that had the book before you. Getting glasses (4th grade) and braces (5th grade). Passing notes. Purposely wearing a dress so I didn't have to participate in PE. The smell of baked rolls in the cafeteria. Riding a bus. Breaking my arm. Chicken pox. Long division. My first C ever (and only). In conduct (My mother was LIVID!). Coloring. Recess. Halloween. Permed hair. Chalk boards. Helen Keller. Parachute pants. Grape Shasta. You might be interested to read this post!

Junior High Memories (1984 - 1986): We didn't call it middle school. Since our elementary schools fed in to one local junior high, it was the first time I was exposed to race, religion, and different socio-economic groups. Falling in love with American History. Hating Louisiana History. Changing classes. Having a (bottom) locker with a real combination lock (I can still remember the combination: 20, 16, 2). Recognizing groups as in, the jocks, the preps, the hoods, the skaters, the nerds and associating people with those groups. Introduced to 80s music like Michael Jackson, Culture Club, and Cindy Lauper. Selling boxes of M&Ms for a dollar as a fund raiser for the school paper. Pep rallies. Miss Manners. Mr. Medford. Dressing out for PE. Ranch Doritos. Getting sent to the Principal's office. Sleep overs. Makeup. Dungeons and Dragons. Challenger explosion. First science fair project: growing crystals on charcoal. Christmas. Barksdale Air Force Base.

High School Memories (1987 - 1991): First kiss in the back of an old, baby blue Ford Mustang. The SAT and ACT. Football games, cheerleaders, homecoming. Skipping school to sun bathe on the bayou. My best friend's car was named, "Muffin." Rumors, scandals, and gossip. Rolled up Girbaud and Guess jeans with LA Gear high tops. Oh and Tretorns, too. Double dates. NKOTB, Whitney Houston, and Milli Vanilli. Blue eye shadow. Sneaking out. Hamburger Day. Friends. Contacts. Daddy picking me up during English class to go get my driver's license. Failing the driving part. Big hair, don't care. Loving Geometry. Reputation (Not mine! Just everyone in general). Bomb threats. My "first" English paper on high blood pressure. My senior English paper on Wuthering Heights. Both A's. Prom. El Chico's in the mall. Barn parties. Graduation. 3.75 GPA and 15th in my class of 350. Getting my BFF a fake id. Beverly Hills 90210. My first alcoholic beverage. My grandfather's death. Always being "the good girl." Concerts. DAR Award. Wrist corsages. The Great Gatsby. Dyeable shoes. Riding shotgun. First set of pom-poms. Home Ec. Eating disorder. Voted Most Likely To Succeed. Dry erase boards. Cheating in Chemistry. Winning the State Football Title. First boyfriend. Mr. Washnock (not my first boyfriend). The Simpson's. Being sent home because I was wearing skorts (I seriously told the assistant principal, "But they're so CUTE!!). He personally drove me home. Diet Coke. Romeo and Juliet. Carrie's Firebird. Darla's Fierra. Bubba's baby blue Mercedes (to this day, I still don't know what Bubba's real name is! Sorry, Bubba! But he drove like an old man!!). Daddy's '79 Ford truck with red interior. French braids. Sweaters and suede mini skirts. Sadie Hawkins Dance. Thinking that life couldn't possibly get any better.

Gosh, this was fun!

Oh! And here's a friendly PSA!

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Product Review: Summer Products

Hello, Friends! This is our last official week before school starts so we're planning to take it slow and easy. Well, at least that's what THIS Mama has planned. My eighth grader still has to finish reading a book and complete two projects. How in the world did I give birth to a procrastinator?! It. drives. me. nuts.

Much to my surprise, my product review posts have become pretty popular. So today I'm sharing reviews of several products that Alise and I have tried over the summer and linking up with Tanya. If you've used any of these products, I would love to hear your feedback as well, so leave me a comment below. Here we go!
LUSH Shaving Soap || I had originally planned to devote an entire post to this one product. But since it wasn't worth the money, I decided, "Why bother?" I drank the Kool-Aid that day in LUSH and bought this shaving soap that doesn't lather and doesn't really smell all that great, either. Save your $15!
Esscense mascara || I really like the Essence line at Ulta. It's cheap. Not that I'm all about cheap when it comes to makeup and products, but every once in a while, it's nice to find something new that you really like for a cheaper price. I will NEVER quit wearing Better Than Sex mascara, but I tried Essense Princess Mascara about a month ago and I was impressed. Especially for the price - $4.99! I wear a coat over my BTS mascara and it extends my lashes even more. Very happy with this purchase. 
Essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara
Speaking of lashes, has anyone had a lash lift? I was strongly considering one until I found out that it's just as expensive to have a lift as it is to have fake lashes. I did the fake eye lashes one time and swore never again, because once you take those babies off, you have NO lashes!!  I don't care what anyone tells you! They're lying. That was four months of my life that I'll never get back! I still might consider having a lash lift this fall. I'll let you know what I decide.

Carmex chapstick || Okay, so I'm new to the Carmex band wagon. Do you remember in high school and college when EVERYONE had a tube of Carmex in their pocket? I swear, I had one friend that I just knew was eating the stuff! However, not me. I really don't suffer from chapped lips that much unless I'm out in the wind in the winter time and since it was summer, I really don't know why I made this frivolous purchase, but I did and now I'm on the Carmex band wagon. It just took me about thirty years to get there. My lips feel amazing and I wear it under my lipstick for a glossy finish.

Essence lipstick || Speaking of lipstick! My number one pick of the summer is Essence lipstick in shade 16. Really? I hate it when brands only name their shades by number, but trust me. Instant Cooler Shade 16 is a really nice mauve nude and it's been perfect for summer 2018 for me (and yes! Mauve can be a nude!). I've worn it nearly every day and several people have asked the name of it. For less than $3 it was a steal for the summer.

Egg white mask || Don't ask. I don't know why in the hell I bought this for Alise to try. She was with me and she's been having some skin irritations in her t-zone areas, so I just did. I just bought it. And it didn't work. So don't waste your money. And don't say you coulda told me so!
Skinfood Egg White Peel Off Pack
Aspen Ovard Eye & Cheek Palette || Earlier this summer this Tarte palette was all the rage and I let Alise buy one with her own money (Is it just me or do any other moms out there have a problem with their teenage daughters buying $40 and $50 eye shadow and contouring palettes? I was lucky to get a single eye shadow at K-mart when I was her age! Hell, I wasn't even WEARING make up at her age!! And if you don't know what "hit paint" is, email me and I'll tell ya!) With all my ranting aside, the colors ARE pretty nice and I actually tried them out while Alise was in Alabama recently. But would I personally spend $40 on a palette? That would be a no. There are certain products that I will splurge on but eye shadow isn't one of them. 

Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Water || Honestly, I have no idea what this is. Alise discovered it from her Cousin Katie this summer and asked me to buy her some when she got home. I haven't tried it, but Alise loves it. It's for dry skin and she says that it really helps her problem areas. It's gotten nearly five stars, so it must be good.

Someone asked me once if Alise and I shared make up and the answer is no. She has her plethora of skin care and makeup products and I have mine. Anyway, she's very stingy with sharing (only child syndrome). Once I asked her if I could borrow an eye shadow brush and you would have thought I had asked her to move a mountain! I stick to my bathroom and she sticks to hers. She loves to point out my faux pas, though. When I DO manage to get a "Mom, your makeup looks good today," it nearly sends me to the floor! I hate when she does "borrow" something of mine because she's not a good returner, either. And that alone nearly sends me over the edge.

If you have a teenage daughter, you can relate! Have a beautiful day, Friends! 
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