Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday Thoughts No. 7

I've got SPRING FEVER!! Yep! Starting today at 3:01PM, we will be on Spring Break until March 5th. I say, "we" because I am especially looking forward to taking a break from cooking and the endless loads of laundry from a soon-to-be teenager! Why shouldn't this Mama get a break, too?! I'm also stepping away from Blog Land next week, so see ya back here in March! 

Here are a few thoughts for the week! 
  • Happy National Margarita Day!! Some friends and I will be celebrating the start of Spring Break at a new Mexican restaurant after work with margs and queso! Can't wait! 
    Image result for happy margarita day
  • Will Jennifer Anniston ever find happiness? Maybe her and Brad Pitt will get back together! 
  • My middle schooler informed me last week that she's going to run track this Spring. I was surprised. Her daddy was ecstatic! He wants her to be in basketball shape and I just don't want her to pass out on the track! Some days she skips lunch and that concerns me. Lately she's been talking about "going on a diet" and for a mom that suffered from an eating disorder in high school, that bothers me, too. 
  • Twenty-seven years later, this fat a$$ has become addicted to Sour Punch Straws. I discovered them at a Bama basketball game with Alise and now I can't stop eating them!
  • Wayne ordered me a new pair of teeny (tennis?) shoes this week. He has been on me for months to buy a new pair because my old ones literally have holes in them, but since I've put myself on a buying freeze, I've held off. I have no idea what they look like except that they are purple and from New Balance.
  • I totally dropped the ball this weekend and forgot about a wedding that we were invited to for one of our old babysitters. And then I remembered that I haven't even gotten a wedding gift yet, and I felt even worse. I've got to get it together!
  • I've totally lost my mind and have agreed to let Alise wear a two-piece semi-formal dress to an upcoming school dance. It BARELY shows her stomach (if at all, maybe if she raised her arms up high), but Wayne may divorce me.
  • I have not seen Fergie's rendition of the national anthem from the NBA game this weekend, nor do I want to. I saw a clip of the players laughing and smirking, so I knew it must be bad. I'm sure it ranks right up there with Roseanne Barr's rendition at a baseball game years ago. 
  • I have made not one, but TWO batches of M&M Chocolate Chip cookies this week. Just because. 
  • The highlight of my week is Baby Girl being inducted into the Junior National Honor Society at her school. I am SO stinkin' proud of her y'all! The third nine weeks ended today and she has 100 averages in every class except two and she still has high A's in those as well.  All that studying on top of practicing every single day and starting for her school's basketball team! I am so blessed! Now to start making plans for the ACT! But that's another blog post! 
  • We're headed to LSWHO this weekend for our Bama girls' last regular season BB game and then our family days of traveling to see our friends and favorite players hoop will be over - other than TV, of course! Hoping to catch up with some friends in Baton Rouge for lunch before the game! Roll Tide!

Monday, February 19, 2018

My Wedding Ring

Wedding rings aren't what they use to be. When Wayne and I decided to get married in 1994, the style was simple: a gold band with a diamond solitaire. If I remember correctly, the pear-shaped diamonds were more expensive back then, so if any of my friends got pear-shaped engagement rings, we all knew that her fiancĂ© had shucked out a chunk of change. But I always preferred oval shaped gems and I think it's because my parents had gotten me an oval shaped garnet for my birthday when I was thirteen.

How do you feel about engagement rings? Should the guy have sole say in picking out the ring or should the bride-to-be have a say, too? 

When Wayne and I walked into a local jewelry store all those many years ago to look at engagement rings, I had my heart set on an oval solitaire with a gold band. Plain and simple, I know, but I was looking at it from a cost perspective, too, and I didn't want Wayne saddled with a huge ring expense. Is that crazy or what? Today, I'd be like, "Buy me that rock, Baby!" 

But! As luck would have it, while the jeweler went to the back to retrieve the loose diamonds from the store vault, I happened to look down at the showcase of wedding bands. DIAMOND wedding bands that only had the missing center stone, so that you could put any solitaire with it. And I. fell. in. love. with a gold band of stair stepped diamond baguettes. Totally not what we came in the store for! I must have said something like, "Awww!" and Wayne probably said something like, "What is it?" And I'm pretty sure I pointed to the band in the showcase and said something like, "I really, really, REALLY like it." When the jeweler came back, Wayne asked to see the band and I tried it on. Of course, it fit perfectly and I was as in love with that ring. We found the perfect oval diamond for the center stone and my engagement ring was complete. For our first anniversary, Wayne had the jeweler ship my matching gold band to California so that a jeweler there could put in the baguettes. After that, the total weight of my ring came to two and a half carats. 

Over the years, I've asked Wayne about redesigning my ring according to the latest fashion trends and just reusing  the diamonds in the new setting. I think I hurt his feelings the first time I asked. He said, "Why would you want to do that?"

I nearly lost my wedding ring a few years ago when I was tanning at a local hot spot. I had taken it off and laid it in the cushion of a nearby chair while I tanned and completely walked out without it. After a few hours, I realized it was missing and called the business to see if they could find it for me. They couldn't and I was in tears. It literally killed me to call Wayne at work to tell him how careless I had been. He told me to call the tanning salon back and offer a reward for finding it. Within an hour, they called back to tell me that they had found my ring in the trash can! I certainly don't believe that and I still have my suspicions, but I left work right then to go get my ring and pay the salon employee that supposedly found it. 

Since that day, I have felt so fortunate to have my ring back that I really haven't asked anymore to redesign it. I think the sentimental value means more to me. Styles change but the feelings and love I had that day with picking out my ring with Wayne haven't and I am beyond blessed to still have the love of my life by my side. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites: Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year, Friends! 

I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites! Join us!

one.// We love celebrating National Food Days. For instance, last Friday was National Pizza Day, so the Horton's celebrated with pizza! Of course, y'all know that Friday nights mean pizza around here anyway, but still. So last week on our way home from Oxford, we stopped at P.F. Changs for dinner and omg, I nearly died. They brought us RED fortune cookies and I kid you NOT, they tasted just like red velvet cake! Chinese New Year made! 
It's gonna be a good year! If you're looking for a easy recipe to celebrate tonight, I highly recommend my favorite General TSO Chicken recipe and if you're in a pinch, here are some quick hacks to make this delicious meal even faster! 
two.// I had no idea that Joanna Gaines was coming out with a new cookbook until she posted a pic on IG last week of some delicious looking chocolate chip cookies and promised the recipe was in her new cookbook. Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes For Gathering releases in April and I can't wait to add it to my collection.
three.// It's no surprise that I'm a fan of Leigh Anne Tuohy's. I follow her and Collins on IG and they are hilarious. Collins posted last week on her story about these canvases from WallPics. Download the app and check it out because I think I am totally going to use this app to finish out our hall collage at some point. The only "negative" thing I read about it, was that the foam on the canvases looked "cheap," but Collins' pictures turned out awesome and for our hall? I think so. 

four.// On my most recent Ulta haul, I decided to try Mario Badescu Lavender Spritzer. I recently saw the new scent in a magazine and since purple is my favorite color, well, this was a no brainer. I like this product as much as I do the Rose Water scent, so it's just up to you. I use this as the very last thing after putting on my makeup. Love it!
Image result for mario badescu lavender spray

five.// I certainly didn't mean for this to be last, but I literally had tears in my eyes when I clicked on Carrie's blog last week and saw that she featured mine. It had been a rough week and her kind words were like a breath of fresh air. Just what this tired Mama needed! It was humbling to be included with two of my other favorite bloggers, Rebecca Jo and Lisa! I love those girls! Show some love to my friends, Carrie, Rebecca Jo and Lisa and leave them a comment! 

We've had a fun Mardi Gras and Valentine's week and I hope you have, too! I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend! See y'all next week!

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday Thoughts No. 6

Hello Friday Eve and hello, Loves! I just wanted you to know that I'm in a much better mood and doing better behavior wise, so we shouldn't have to send for a priest this week!  Here we go:

  • Thank you so much for the positive feedback from Monday's post, Let's Make A Memory. I will send a gift card to the first person that knows what band sang that song (and not because you had to google it, either!). Leave me your guess in the comments. Hint: think "big hair." Love making memories with my man and thank you for letting me share them! It amazes me that so many of you thought that Alise and I look so much alike and yet I did not post a single picture of her in that post. Truly, she is my Mini Me and I wouldn't take anything for the blessing of calling her my Baby Girl! Love you, Alise! I am so proud to be your Mama!
  • No royal comments this week.
  • Are y'all gonna watch American Idol when it premieres in March? I'm thinking about giving it a shot.
  • Speaking of TV, I am STILL behind on This Is Us because I STILL have not watched the Super Bowl episode. Just haven't psyched myself up for it enough yet. At some point, I am going to pour myself a glass of wine, grab a box of Kleenex, and watch. 
  • I read last week on social media, and I QUOTE, "...Facebook is a 35 and above club..." Do you feel like you have just been slapped across the face?? I'll take my FB AND my 45 year old self #thankyouverymuch! Although seriously, I'm trying to cut back on social media these days.
  • Okay y'all are waaaaayyyyyyy more excited about the Winter Olympics than I am! Why is that? I'm not sure, but I'm from the Winter Olympics of 1998, which was the era of the Nancy Kerrigan (We almost named Alise, Kerrigan), and Tonya Harding hoopla. I remember watching that fiasco unfold on the national evening news and I was just shocked that someone could be so ruthless! I was more of a Kristi Yamaguchi fan and she ended up winning gold that year. I did hear that some chick landed the triple axle, but I swear, I thought somebody had already done that but whatever. I may tune in later on for the long figure skating programs. Obviously, all I care about is the ice skating! 
  • Podcasts. OH, for the love of all things human! How do y'all LISTEN to these things?? I have narrowed my search down to two: Jen Hatmaker and Jamie Ivey. And I've listened to the first episode of Serial, so I may stick with that one, but Y'ALL! The voices of the podcasts I tried GRATE on my nerves!! I don't know what I was expecting? Maybe my personal trainer, CHEF, life coach, assistant, and PRIEST all wrapped up in one podcast, I don't know? Can a gal get a little inspiration? If you know of a podcast with all these diverse hats, hit me up. Otherwise, I think I'll stick to Pandora and XM. 
  • You know you haven't been to church in a while when your Life Group leader hits you up in the middle of an SEC Alabama Women's Basketball game! We had church at Ole Miss this past weekend. 
  • How was your Valentine's Day? Mine was WONDERFUL! Love my Valentine's!
  • Yesterday at the Mother Ship, we had the opportunity to take ashes for Ash Wednesday. A colleague of mine took ashes, but I knew he wasn't Catholic. When I asked him about it at lunch, he said Christians could take ashes. Have y'all heard of that before? I thought it was a Catholic ritual. If I took ashes, though, I would want the cross on my forehead. I saw some people that like had just a dot on their forehead.  That wouldn't work for me. I'd be telling that priest, "Make it a cross, Father!"

Just keeping' it real, Peeps! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Five Ways To Win My Heart

Happy Valentine's Day, Loves! Eek! Is anyone else excited about February 14th? I'm planning on making some heart shaped pancakes (only because I never made it to Target for the $10 mini waffle maker that I mentioned last week and so many of you said you had and loved!) with whipped cream and lots of syrup tonight for my two loves!  We're staying in and that is oh-so okay with me! What do you have planned for this special LOVE DAY?

Today I'm sharing Five Ways To Win My Heart. Nothing earth-shattering. Just a few things to make me smile and feel loved! 

1. Empty the dishwasher// I absolutely HATE emptying the dishwasher. I don't mind loading it - because everything has their specific place and has to go a certain way - but I have been known to just reshut the door and let the clean dishes sit for a while until someone else unloads it. During the summer, unloading the dishwasher is Alise's job and let me just say that I love summer! 

This funny video on how to unload your dishwasher is life changing! (Yes, the video is a joke. I can't believe how many people took it seriously!)
When I was looking for this pin, I LITERALLY found a pin that said, " 6 Ways To Motivate Yourself To Empty The Dishwasher." Nope. I'll pass! 

2. Flowers// My friends, Lea and LeeAnn, received some BEAUTIFUL flowers from their husbands for Valentine's Day and I have to say that flowers are my love language, too. They just make me smile. BIG! Wayne got me roses last year for VDay.  We'll see if he comes through this year, but I'll take flowers any month, any day!

3. Put gas in my car// Maybe I'm just old school, but I love it when Wayne gases up my SUV and I don't have to worry about it. My daddy always did that for my mom when I was growing up and so this definitely speaks to me. And I kid you not! Last night, Wayne met me at the gas station on the way home from work and put gas in my car while I sat in the driver's seat and talked to him while he did it! You may laugh, but that was a good five minute, uninterrupted conversation! 

4. Take the night off// I live for these nights! When I've had a bad day at the office and Wayne and Alise are like, "Mama, don't worry about cooking tonight. Just get a bath and me and Daddy will eat leftovers," those words are music to my ears! Especially because my two do not like leftovers! But any night that I don't have to cook, those are the nights I live for! 

5. Weekend Get Aways// I've noticed a pattern with our weekend get aways. Alise seems to be included on them more since she's older. I certainly don't mind Baby Girl tagging along, but my more special times are when just Wayne and I can get away together and ESCAPE! Can I get an AMEN?! Soooo looking forward to getting away for the weekend in April for our anniversary!

I would love to know what are some ways to win YOUR heart! 

Happy Valentine's Day!