Monday, October 05, 2020

Life Lately: All About Baby Girl

 I'm back from a few days of vacation from work - and the blog!  Wayne was actually off work for two weeks (so jealous!), so I took a few days off and we had a really nice, long weekend. We played hooky one day and decided to check on our friend, The Turning Angel, after she was vandalized this summer. I am happy to report she is doing well. We ate and shopped - alot! - and then before we drove home, we stopped for the best tamales and margaritas in Mississippi!!

Remember how I told you that Alise had to read, Lord of The Flies, over the summer? The same book I read my senior year of high school? Baby Girl made the highest grade in the class on the test! Then, her teacher, who she really likes, passed out her and two other classmates' test essay answers (anonymously) as an example to the class on how to write an answer to essay/discussion questions. I was so proud of her! My baby, the writer! Who knew? 

Alise has a Homecoming dress right off the sale rack! Y'all, I don't normally shop sale racks, but when I suggested to Alise that we look in Dillard's for a dress before buying one off the internet that she found (from China, probably! 🙄), she was game and found her dress on the sale rack. Guess how much I paid for the dress!! With tax, it was less than $35!!  Cha-ching! I was so proud of myself! And her, too! 😊 She tried on several and I think she finally came to the conclusion that straight dresses are just not in the cards for her body type. But when she put on this HC dress, I knew right then, that it was Alise. The dress was just her. She's happy, Mama's happy, so now it's time for shoes, jewelry, nails, and hair! 

Speaking of HOCO, Alise did not add her name to the list to run for court, which was fine by me. My heart just wasn't in to all the hoopla this year, especially with the Covid Cloud hanging over our heads, and I don't think Baby Girl was, either. Instead, we promised her the new iphone since her current phone is about to bite the dust and she was perfectly happy with that idea. Another teenager win! Several of her best friends got on court and she was very happy for them. I love that she is joyful when others succeed! 

In Covid news, Alise's school shut down on Friday for extensive cleaning of the cloud. Middle school and high school students are dropping like flies and I'm worried that we'll have to go back to virtual learning. We've already lost three weeks of our normal nine weeks due to beginning school so late and alot of parents are worried about grades. Alise has had only one test in Spanish and her geometry teacher has already resigned! Holding my breath that she can still make all A's this "nine weeks," but I don't see it happening. 

Wayne's best friend invited us to stay at his camp while he was hunting in Montana, so since Alise was out of school on Friday, we decided to spend the weekend in Texas. We had a wonderful family trip that was much needed! Wayne and Alise pig hunted and Alise actually shot a pig late one afternoon, but they weren't able to find it. She and I put some miles on the side-by-side terrain vehicle and I vowed that she would NEVER get behind the wheel of a car ever again!! This is my favorite picture of the trip! I took is Saturday morning when Alise and I got up early to catch the sunrise. She was actually fishing from the dock. It was a beautiful morning!

I am so thankful for these moments away with my family when I don't have to do a thing! Superior Grill margaritas and a Sadler's Lemon Ice Box Pie on the way there help immensely. The truth is, God has blessed us so much. Our family motto is "Family First" (after God, of course) and I can't think of two more precious people to spend my days on earth with. Life is short. Spend it with those you love. 

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!


  1. I cannot wait to see the HOCO dress! YOU have done such a good job raising your precious girl. Your weekend away looks so relaxing and fantastic - gosh I need a getaway like that!

  2. My heart is so full for y’all! And I didn’t know about the lemon pie and margaritas, heck yes! I’m so proud of Elise as well, I bet that essay was spectacular and I would’ve given her the highest grade too! Mr. Nine and I enjoyed the cabin tour and I hope you’re refreshed this week! XO Can’t wait to see that DRESS!

  3. I just love everything about this post, and can't wait to see the hoco dress. I'm sure you know that we bought every single formal dress for G from Dillard's. Some were off the sale rack, others full price, so I guess it all balances out. I have heard of so many teachers quitting, and I wouldn't want to deal with it all either. On top of the covid risk, our school's teachers have to teach half the class via zoom and half in the same time. Luckily we've only had 1 or 2 cases since the start of school. Glad you got away for a peaceful weekend!

  4. Hope the school gets the covid numbers under control so it doesnt shut down again.
    YAHOOO for a sale dress! That's awesome.
    I Love that your sweet girl has a heart to celebrate for others!!!! That's precious & says so much about her character.

  5. UGH! I hope y'all dont have to go back to VL. So far so good for my kiddos school! Ian had HOCO this past weekend and didn't want to go! It was outside and you had to wear a mask! UGH!

  6. My son has been down three teachers since school started-- science, history, and Spanish. They found subs for science and history and are treating Spanish like a study hall. It is certainly not an ideal learning situation with spotty wi-fi, misinterpreted assignments, and trying to just figure out how to navigate all these online learning sites. His school recently had one student test positive and we're hoping it starts there... at least for the next two weeks so the freshman can finish up in the building and get assigned to their various shops. We are running the school with so few students in the building and no extra activities at all.

  7. I loved reading this family update, specifically about your daughter. Proud mama moments and also proud moments for her. I know my teen really likes when she does well as something, it's encouragment to continue to work hard. We are at school too and our numbers have stayed mostly low, with a few spikes here and there but really holding on well. So far no school related transmitions, although there have been cases in the school, mostly high school due to parties. EEK.

  8. Who would DARE vandalize an angel statue ( or any statue rather), that is so sad.
    As a teacher myself, I can appreciate the effort your daughter is putting into her school work! Meranda @ Fairytalesandfitness