Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Style Six With The Scarf Lady

I'll be honest.  I had never even heard of Dr. Birx until about a month ago thanks to Covid-19. I don't spend alot of time watching the daily White House briefings just because, well? I have better things to do. So when a friend mentioned Dr. Birx and her scarf setting trend, I had to find out what all the hoopla was about.
Instagram account celebrates Dr. Deborah Birx's signature scarves ...
Apparently, Birx's signature style is making a comeback for scarf lovers and is a nice change from the traditional dress and pant suits that most females wear in Washington (I think I even saw Nancy Pelosi wearing a scarf a few days ago). I remember wearing them in high school around my shoulders in the late 80's, so seeing this classic style come back around made me smile. 
Phil Burgess: Deborah Birx is the grandmother coordinating the ...
There is now even an Instagram account dedicated to Birx's scarf wearing and has over 30,000 followers. I'm its newest. 
Donald Trump is driving Birx to a tough spot. It's about to get ...
So what do you think about the doctor and her scarves? I just think it's fun to see how she styles them with her daily wardrobe. Not sure I'll be exactly sporting a scarf anytime soon, because, let's be honest, I barely wear a bra these days! Unlike my beautiful counterparts below, I feel like getting dressed is so overrated these days. Working from home has done a number on my desire to put myself together most days. For now, I'm sticking to swimsuits and t-shirts and shorts. Speaking of swimsuits, did you see Kellyann's post on Monday!?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out sweet friend! I'm with you, I hadn't heard of Dr. Birx but quickly became fan of her sweet demeanor and scarves! It's fun to see what she's wearing next. Hope you have a great week and you are amping up for a relaxing weekend all about YOU!

  2. I really like her she reminds me a lot of my great grandma as that is how she used to wear her scarves.! She told my mom that as we age we should wear scarves to hide our droopy necks, LOL! But I am like you girl, I get so darn hot with that thing around my neck. I used to wear them all the time but not these days. I do think it’s very classy!

  3. I use to love to wear a neck scarf...and I still have quite a few but the midlife hormones..geez. I guess at somepoint I'll want them to cover up the turkey neck. :)

  4. Oh how fun is that! I have been a scarf lover for as long as I can remember! She is rocking her scarves in all sorts of ways! I love it!


  5. My daughter commented to me about how much she likes Dr. Birx style and how beautiful she always looks. I love the fact that an older woman has become such a fashion role model that even a young woman like my daughter noticed. It's about time we get noticed! As for scarves, I've always worn scarves and always will. They are especially great in spring when the weather here is chilly.

  6. The Doctor has become a hit around here too...and not necessarily because of Covid- it's those scarves! I'm so happy they are making a come back, honestly- and she's partly to thank for that. I gotta go check out that site!

  7. Oh my gosh, Shelly's turkey neck comment has me rolling. I love her scarves. I like scarves too, but I feel like they are kind of falling out of grace right now. Hopefully they'll come back around. Happy Wednesday my friend!!! XOXO

  8. Hi Laura, I love the scarves and the look. My mom had a huge collection of silk scarves she would wear with her outfits and i think it looks so classy. You are so lucky to be in warm weather to wear the tshirts and shorts. I've been wearing leggings and hoodies all the time.
    Hope you have a nice week. By the way I miss your three things series you were doing last year. Take care and have a happy Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! I hope you warm up soon!

  9. I've heard of her scarves and I think they do look elegant I think it might age a younger person. I do love my winter scarves but I have some lightweight ones but the silk ones not so much.

  10. I know the neck is the first place that ladies show their age & cant hide it :( so I appreciate a way to wear scarves that can hide a lot of that. Though I know she uses it on her shoulders too - but I love seeing how she wears them too.

  11. I tend to wear a lot of scarves but really wish I had even more of them as I tend to stick to certain color patterns and don't have much of a variety to go with different outfits.

  12. Dr. Birx is such an classy dresser. I love her silvery shirt dress. And admired her scarves from the start. Glad to see them making a comeback. It is so hot here in the spring and summer that I don't get to enjoy my warm weather scarves often. Thinking of getting a few square neckerchiefs.

  13. Bras are the devil!! I say we burn them all. Lol. And the whole scarf thing?! Totally missed it. But the Dr is rocking them!

  14. I wore scarves for years and finally got tired of them. Not sure I will be dragging my own out but Dr. Brix looks lovely in hers. xo Diana

  15. This post is so fun Laura. I was watching the presidential addresses and her scarves are the first thing I noticed. One of the earlier ones was huge and I'm not sure I heard what she was advising me to do I was so transfixed by her scarf. lol. But it is fun to see what will be next. Also, I had no idea there was an instagram dedicated to them. This I must see!