Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Update With The Style Six

Just when I thought Spring was officially here, the Lord decided to send us a little cooler weather. This past weekend was in the 50s here in da boot and had me scrounging my closet for longer sleeves and more layers. So thankful that I had not fully transitioned my closet from winter. If Wayne had been home, I would have seriously asked for a fire Saturday night. Seriously. 
But I seem to be getting my walking mojo back and have enjoyed being outside in the evenings. I won't mention any names, but two people especially are killing my time, but I'm trying to enjoy the company and not complain. I plan to be back up to three miles next week with or without them. 

My anxiety got the best of me this weekend. I had a state-wide C-19 conference call before I left the Mother Ship Friday afternoon as well as some not so good news from a colleague. I simply could not shake the fear and anxiety. I think I was pretty darn close to having another panic attack. I was still up and wide awake at 2am Saturday morning with my mind racing. I tried going to the grocery store at 9am, but just circled the parking lot and came back home (there weren't any parking spaces, anyway! I could not get over the number of people at the grocery store that early in the morning!). All I could think about were empty shelves and people everywhere and I just couldn't face that. 

On the way home, I had the idea of making a list (I hardly ever make lists!). I listed three things that I needed to get done that day and three "fun" things that Laura wanted to do (around the house, of course). With lots of prayer and with a new focus, my anxiety subsided.
I am still going into the office these days, but that may change very soon. We're being screened for the virus every day before we are allowed in our building. My staff have not all been approved to work from home yet, so I don't feel that it's fair for me to do so and not them. I am SO stinking proud of our team at the Mother Ship! Some of them are my dearest friends and it is amazing to see them stepping up and putting their lives on the line for us each and every day. If that isn't Christ-like love, I don't know what is. Please, friends. Stay home. Together, we can flatten this curve. 

Thanks for letting me share today. 


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  1. Sweet Laura, thanks for sharing your heart! The anxiety is real and I feel like we are all going to have those moments. I am so happy you shared what you did to turn things around, it is so helpful. Love you sweet friend!

  2. The fear and anxiety is so real with everything going on. I am not a big worrier but this has been over the top scared.
    Ben is still going into the office too. And we are social distancing ourselves to the lake this weekend.

    Hang in their sweet friend.

  3. HELLO Beautiful! I know how hard this is, especially for those of us with dang anxiety! My heart is with you and we will all get through this! And you look super Duper cute

  4. I am loving your cheerful outfit! We all need some bright outfits to keep us upbeat these days! I am so sorry that you were near a panic attack. I have been able to remain calm throughout this entire situation by recognizing my personal lack of control and giving it up to my higher power. It has been wonderful in keeping me calm. I hope you are able to find a way to relieve your stress and anxiety. Perhaps working remotely will help you. Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers for you!


  5. We had a cold snap, too, although today it's lovely. I know on the anxiousness. It can be distracting at times. I'm surprised your office is still coming in. I thought my husband's would continue as it's rather small and they can distance themselves, but they are work-from-home now, too. (His business provides electricity, so it's necessary.)

  6. It is so easy to get carried away in anxiety right now, and you were smart to make a list and refocus. I hope you don't have to go in to work much longer! Our area is now "shelter in place" so only a few people are going to work. Take care!

  7. That rainbow sweater is so cute on you with the sweet 'hello'!! My husband just started a new job at a big hospital with our hospital here, but he's in an office building (not the hospital) and stays in his office most of the day. But, it makes me nervous! I hope you get to work at home soon.


  8. I know just what you mean! I was wearing flip flops just a few weeks ago and then we had a dusting of snow this week.

  9. I'm glad to know I'm not alone... I havent made it to the grocery in a week because my anxiety has gotten the best of me too... every time I see pictures of people running in hospitals & people gasping for breath - I'm done. I feel like I can't breath. Seriously - its bad.

  10. Stay home is the only thing we can do for the health of everyone- you're so right. Have a great rest of the week!