Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday Fragments No. 3

I've been fighting a migraine for two days and unfortunately I had to miss Alise's basketball game last night. Kills this mama's soul to miss seeing her play, but the noise would have sent my head (and me!) over the edge. Life is crazy busy right now, so here are a few snippets from our week. 
Our Christmas tree is officially up. I recently read that people who decorate for Christmas are happier. I'm one of those people. I enjoy wearing fat pants at Thanksgiving while my tree sparkles and glows. No judging, please.

The POTUS came to Monroe last week. It's the closest I've been to a sitting President since Ronald Regan. 

Basketball is our life right now. Last week we had 8 games in 5 days. 4 games within 24 hours. No comment on the idiot that schedules our games. 

I am reliving my freshman English class from 1987. Alise is reading Romeo & Juliet. Good memories of Ms. Underwood's class and her "vitaminds." 

Friendsgiving 2019 is in the books! Lots of pie was had by all. Plans are in the works for an actual TURKEY next year!  I've never made a damn turkey in my life!

STILL love my Alabama Crimson Tide! 

Enjoyed our first fire of the season. So warm and cozy! 

Finally caught up on this season of This Is Us. I just love Beth! 

While Wayne was hunting in Texas this week, the kitchen was closed. Cereal was the menu of choice. But I managed an evening away to have dinner with girlfriends. And I may have brought Mini-Me some fast food home afterwards. 

I finally caved at 65 degrees and turned the heat on this week when we had the artic blast blow in. How long do you wait to turn on the heat? 

I hope you stay warm and cozy this weekend! And migraine free! 

Hi there, I'm Laura, I'm the happiest wife, the loudest cheer mom, and the craziest girlfriend you'all ever have, I'm a Southern Belle living in a Southern world!


  1. Sorry to hear about the migraine. I used to get them a few times a year, but luckily I haven't had one in a long time. They're terrible. Have a great weekend.
    x, Julie |

  2. Oh friend, I am so sorry about the migraine! I hope you don't get another for a very long time. I love to decorate for Christmas early not sure what I'll do this year. I hope you have a wonderful weekend - love you!

  3. I am so sorrry about the migraine. I wish those wouldn’t strike my sweet friend. I didn’t want to mention the game so I won’t, cause you know I know! We had to turn our heat on the earliest ever. Beth was fantastic on This is Us. YOU are fantastic so go make it a fantastic Friday. Love you! xo

  4. We just turned our heat on this week. Mainly for the rest of the family since I am happy to be "chilly" in my usual hot phase. So sorry about the migraine. I know that put a real damper on your week.

  5. we made it all the way to November before turning on our heat too. We keep it fairly low anyways during the winter - like 68 so we were good for awhile.
    BETH! I just had a conversation yesterday about how much I love her on This is Us.
    Hope that head is better today friend!

  6. Bless your heart! I hope your head feels better soon. I vacillate on my feelings about Beth...LOL. Sometimes I like her and sometimes I just think she's a real "B" and not for Beth. HA. Have a great weekend!!! XOXO

  7. Feel better! Hopefully you'll be able to rest a bit over the weekend and be good as new come Monday. I'm an episode behind on This Is Us. Looking forward to catching up over the weekend!

  8. Migraines are a doozy, I'm sure! I get a couple headaches a month and the only thing that helps with them are Excedrin! I usually know when to expect them, because they happen during a certain time of the month and I think it is hormones! One time I had a headache during Nat's band concert and I brought ear plugs! LOL! It helps a little... A Friendsgiving sounds so fun! I would love to host one of those someday!


  9. So, so good to see you at church this morning! Have a great new week and we MUST try to meet for lunch in 2020. Hugs to you!

  10. High five on holding off on the heat. We didn't turn ours on until it hit 62 in the bedroom. Then I couldn't get it turned on fast enough. Hope you are well over your migraine. There will be many more games for you to watch, but sometimes you have to take care of you.