Wednesday, October 16, 2019

HOCO 2019 With The Style Six

I survived Homecoming 2019, y'all! I made it through a migraine, hair and pedicure appointments, last minute decisions for fake eyelashes and a quick run to Ulta for a specific sparkly eye shadow. I survived the florist that didn't open on time and met Wayne in a store parking lot so that he could bring us those special barrettes that "someone" forgot. I persevered when the Country Club was booked, our second restaurant choice had a fire and closed, and all the texts in the GroupMe app. I made it through the boutonniere debacle, but never fear! I found the magnet (Did you know they use MAGNETS these days??)! There were no shenanigans at the after-party and I crashed sometime around 1:30 Sunday morning. I. am. still. exhausted. 

Ten years ago, I certainly wasn't thinking about HOCO 2019, when the day would come that Baby Girl would have the chance to get all dressed up and attend her very first formal high school dance. Back then, we were living the PreK-4 days of pig tails and cheer skirts. Gosh, that seems like yesterday!

How in the world did we get here? 
Alise insisted on a green dress for Homecoming and she got no arguments from me or her Daddy who whistled when she walked in the living room. And if you know my daughter, this pic below is SO her! When I walked in her room Saturday afternoon and saw her dress hanging on her mini basketball goal, I teared up. It was just one of those moments that hit me. Hard.
Alise and Logan have been friends since kindergarten, so it just seemed right that they would go to Homecoming together. Logan's a great kid! Although they were "dates," their class went to dinner and the dance together as a group. I love that they do that and it made my heart smile. 
Speaking of basketball, here is Alise with one of her closest friends and favorite post player. They've been playing basketball together since fifth grade and they're going to be great this season! It's so much fun seeing them all dressed up and not sweating and without makeup. 
While Alise was at the restaurant, she ran into another favorite basketball friend from a rival school. I love all the friends she's made through sports, and these two can't wait to play against one another this season. 
Obviously I haven't taught my daughter to sit like a lady. I cringed when I saw this! She was like that in the womb, too, if you really wanna know.
Ok. Enough about Homecoming! My pick of the week goes to Julie at The Main Line Life! I have to confess that I am so jealous of this fabulous Madewell Sweater that she's wearing. I am in love with the balloon sleeves and polkadots. Such a great fall style, Julie!  
And now it's your turn!


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  1. Awww I love seeing this and reading all about it. Alise looked so pretty and it's so nice that the whole group went together. It does go by quickly doesn't it. Good for you for getting through all of that! My favorite is the picture with Wayne! Hope you get some rest sweet friend!

    1. Thanks, Kellyann! That's one of my favorite pics, too!

  2. Laura !! Oh my goodness Alise in that dress she looks stunning ! And.... Congrats on surviving all the HC stuf, I've been through it with our older 4 children and trust me it is A LOT !! My guy decided not to go to homecoming this year and I'll be honest I wasn't mad. He's a freshman and I'm thinking maybe next year he'll go.

    1. Why hello, Stranger! So good to hear from you again! I've missed you! I think next year will be the perfect year for your young man to go! Have a great Wednesday, Tammy!

  3. My heart is bursting over this and the mama emotions. Baby Girl going to HOCO.....a dream, a whirlwind, a did it really just happen. The accessories and shoes accenting that stunning dress perfectly and hanging on the hoop, well I’d be bawling. I know you felt run over by a Mack truck this weekend but you’ll bounce and I’m so glad you now have these memories in your heart!

    1. Guuurrlllll! A Mack Truck, indeed! And now basketball season has started! Hoping to get some much needed rest this weekend! I need it before Austin!!

  4. I love seeing your daughter's homecoming pics! She looks gorgeous! I hope she had a wonderful time!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Oh, thanks so much for the feature. I really appreciate it. You're daughter looks beautiful!! I had to laugh because we had all the last minute running around too. It was cute to see how excited she was and nervous.

  6. Your daughter looked so pretty for her homecoming and I love her dress! I remember when we had my daughters and it rained so hard that evening but it all turned out great. Enjoy this time with your daughter Laura as it goes so fast! My daughter is away at college now. Have a nice day. :)

  7. I teared up just reading this! What a beautiful girl! Green is my favorite color so I absolutely adore her dress! Thank you for sharing this special moment with us. I am glad you survived it all!


  8. LOL!!! I laughed at so many things here - surviving Homecoming & the sitting like a lady comment... Teenage mom life is hard.
    But the pic of a little & a teenager - that even made me stop & go ahhhhh.
    Such a beautiful dress on a stunning young lady!

  9. That sounds like quite the stressful homecoming season (not that I'm one to talk; my mom and I made my dresses for just about all of my high school formals-- fun and stressful for sure). The photos are just beautiful though.

  10. Well first of all, I love that first picture. Congrats on making it through. You are a great mama. Alise looked so pretty. Hopefully she appreciated all you did to make her night special. XOXO

  11. Just beautiful! Green looks amazing on her!
    Holy Cow that was a lot to deal with for one HoCo!

  12. Bless your sweet mama heart. You did it all and survived to tell about it. Love Alise's GREEN dress!! That photo of it hanging on the basketball hoop is frame-worthy. Her date/friend is adorable, too. I know Wayne with bursting with pride.

    Well done, mama, well done!