Friday, February 08, 2019

Friday Favorites ~ Oink Oink

Y'all!  I forgot CHINESE NEW YEAR on Tuesday!! How the heck did I let that happen? I LOVE celebrating National Days! And with all due respect to the Year of the Pig, it shouldn't have fallen on Taco Tuesday!  I mean, really? But then again, that's EXACTLY how I would have celebrated if I had known! Pork Tacos, of course!! Instead, we had Amy Hannon's Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas! Yum! 
Image result for year of the pig 2019 for pig
So here we go with some of this week's favorite things. I hope your week went well and I just know you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am! Seeing as how National Pizza Day is TOMORROW, we're planning on celebrating pie day with brick oven pizzas for Alise and a handful of her friends! Wayne is going to fire up our pizza oven and let the kids design their very own personal pizzas! I'll try to remember to share some of the fun on my IG stories.
Oh, now I remember why the Chinese New Year never crossed my mind on Tuesday! Because THIS GIRLIE was getting her braces off!! Eek!  Her dad and I were MUCH more exited about it than she was. I surprised Alise by telling her that we were ditching school and work for the day and celebrating the entire day. We shopped (Alise still had Christmas gift cards to use!), had chips and queso for lunch (and Tacos! It was Tuesday, ya know?), and sang Taylor Swift tunes to the top of our lungs (even though I am officially over TS!). We had an awesome day together! Here are before and after pics! 
Ten thousand steps, y'all! Not once, but TWICE this week! For this office working Mama, those days are very, very hard to come by, even with my daily walking routine. But Tuesday, I was on my feet nearly the entire day and was so surprised that at 6 pm that night I was well over 10,000 steps! So proud of myself! I celebrated with ice cream! Ha! My scale didn't like that too much this morning, though. I hit my goal again yesterday!
I had planned to mention this in a later post (and I probably will with more details), but I gave Alise her first accounting lesson this week! She had the idea for her team to wear fund-raising t-shirts at their final home game for a school friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I was worried about her handling all the details with everyone's sizes, collecting the money, and meeting up to get the shirts, but she did it all be herself and I am so proud of her! My teaching moment came when her teammates began giving her their money. I gave her an envelope and told her that she needed to write down the names, sizes, and how much each girl paid on the face of the envelope (and then prayed she would still have all the money when it was due). Accounting 101. BAM!

There is a picture from before the game floating around somewhere with the girls wearing their t-shirts, but I didn't have it in time for this post. 
Have you seen this Crochet Tote from Cyndi Spivey's picks for Spring? I am loving this!! It's so 1970ish and reminds me of my mom AND my cousin. Mama had a crocheted purse once when I was growing up and my older cousin, Janet, gave me a purse with circle handles when she decided she didn't want it anymore. I always loved her hand-me-downs! 
LaLa Crochet Tote, Main, color, BLACK
Did y'all happen to see this commercial during the Super Bowl? It's one of the most patriotic and moving commercials I've seen in a very long time. 

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Have a warm weekend! It's suppose to be cold here in Louisiana, so we'll be hanging out around the pizza oven tomorrow night.  It gets really, really HOT!

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  1. Those crochet totes “tote”ally take me back!? Lol. I was born in the year of the pig, so this outta be my year right? Look at that beautiful smile...braces be gone! That girl, the world is hers to take and make sure the numbers jive too, lol, love that you gave her some accounting expertise! You’re the best mama and the greatest friend and I adore you. We’re so getting some za (that’s what Niner calls pizza) too!

  2. Precious Laura, what a wonderful post! Um, yes, I'd love cream cheese chicken enchiladas! How pretty is Alise with that mega watt smile! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with your smart girl and her accounting skills, so much to be proud of!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I enjoyed reading your favorites Laura and I love that crocheted bag. Have a great Friday and weekend.

  4. Great job on reaching your step goal!!

  5. What a great idea to take your daughter out the whole day she got her braces off. I think I will keep that in mind for when my daughter gets hers off!

  6. How sweet that you went and celebrated with your daughter getting her braces off, it is a big moment. I'm liking the crocheted totes, too.

  7. I totally remember my mom having a similar purse. And I think she had a similar one that was detachable so you could use the ring handles with other bags. The 70's were fun. That commercial was so good...I didn't catch it during the superbowl. We are having a chilly weekend here too. Way to go on the steps. Michael works in an office and it can be depressing for him to see his steps (or lack of) on some days. Have a cozy, warm weekend!

  8. What a fun post Laura...I can see why these won a spot on your favorites lists...moments that you wont forget - removal of braces, momentous! - teaching moments are often missed by me, so I like to celebrate with i take advantage. Good job momma! Those things are so important to learn BEFORE we get out on our own. lol. Biggest of hugs Laura!!