Monday, November 26, 2018

My Christmas Wish List

Hello, Friends! 

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it! In case you didn't know! Christmas is TWENTY-NINE days away!!  Eek! I am SOOO in to Christmas this year, y'all! SO into the decorating, the buying, the wrapping...ALL of it! 

Today I'm linking up with The Blended Blog girls to share my Christmas list. I may have to post a part two because my list changes every day! Well, not necessarily "changes," but I'm adding to it every day, let's just say that. And Kendra Scott and Nordstrom's may be the reasons for those new additions.
blender || My blender is nearly twenty-five years old and is about to bite the dust. I can't believe that I am actually asking for an APPLIANCE for Christmas, but I would much rather have a new one than pull the one I have out of the cabinet one day and it not work. I don't have to have one with all the bells and whistles, but a nice one with a few extra speeds would be perfect!

teddy bear coat || I am absolutely OBSESSED with teddy bear coats this season!! There is one that keeps popping up in all my social media feeds and I have yet to purchase it, only because its in China and what if its the wrong size? The pink peacoat style is my absolute favorite and it just looks so warm and cozy to me. In the MEANTIME... I found a similar pink teddy bear coat at our Old Navy, however, I wasn't able to find it online to link here. When I saw that it was on sale for less than $30, I had to snatch it up and I absolutely LOVE it! I saw this Free People teddy bear coat in our local Dillard's recently and when I shared it on my IG stories, lots of you went nuts over it, so I know y'all like them, too. 

leopard hoop earrings || Baublebar is where it's at for holiday jewelry and when I saw these resin hoop earrings, it only made sense that they would be on my Christmas wish list! Leopard. Hoops. What more can you say?

Beautiful perfume || I'm actually getting my mom the Beautiful gift set for Christmas and I am totally out of this favorite perfume myself. When I am at a complete loss of what to get that special friend, I always consider a bottle of this fragrance or Philosophy's Amazing Grace. 

locking tupperware || Laugh if you want, but I am absolutely SICK of trying to figure out where my storage lids go to die. The dishwasher must eat them because I bet I only have two lids to a plethora of storage bowls. And I'm a tupperware snob! I don't want the cheap stuff and I don't want glass. It most certainly has to lock. The best storage containers I've ever bought were from QVC. I don't care where they come from, but it's time to start over with new containers for the new year.

slouchy boots || Ever since Cyndi Spivey shared these boots on her blog a few months ago, I have been coveting these bad boys! looks like they are only available in taupe now (as of this writing anyway). I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the chocolate pair! Also, my friend Andrea posted about these fine slouchy boots at Target  and I think they may be an option if Nordstrom doesn't restock the ones I really want. 
Whiskey In A Teacup || I wish I had picked this book up in Nashville while we were at Draper James. And...since I didn't, you know what that means, right, Santa?

I've done more online shopping this season than I ever have before. I've always been a shopper and I like to try on and "feel" things before I purchase them, but times have changed and I find myself in the stores less and less. Etsy has also been my friend this holiday season as well as Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, and Loft. Whether you're Christmas shopping in the stores or online, I hope that your spirits are merry and bright! 

Merry Christmas! 
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  1. I can just picture you so cutely wearing that pink teddy coat. I just clicked to get the FP one and no pink. I’ll be on a hunt! You must just get the Target slouchies. Worn several times and holding up great! Such a fun wish list from my wonderful friend! xo

  2. Oh what a great list Laura! A blender sounds like a great idea, this time of year there are so many fabulous ones on sale you can get a great one with all the bells and whistles! Those teddy bear coats look so cozy, I hope you get one! I know you've been so good so no doubt Santa is going to grant you all your wishes precious friend!

  3. Great list! I have such a love/hate relationship with the teddy bear coats...I see ones I love online and then when I see them in the stores I'm like nope not gonna wear that hahaha

    Happy Monday!

  4. I'm not a big fan of the teddy bear coats, - but that pink one. OH MY WORD - that's adorable!!!!!!
    I just ordered new black boots & waiting for them in the mail - we'll see how they work out!

  5. Why am I so late to the teddy bear coat!! How cute!!! Off to take a peek. Also, a girl can never have too much real tupperware!! And they last forever!!

  6. Well, never heard of a teddy bear coat but I'm about to check them out. Kendra Scott will do well this year from our family as I got both my daughter and DIL a set. I'm working on getting decorated this week and getting in the Cmas spirit too. Hugs to you!

  7. Ok, that pink teddybear peacoat is just absolutely fabulous. I didn't even know they made teddy bear peacoats! Where have I been? I have one, but it is more like a cardi.


  8. I love your list. Secretly, I'm crushing on that Teddy Bear coat and slouchy boots too. Thanks for things to put on my list. :)

  9. I had a Kitchen Aid blender for years, but I never felt like it was all that so I just recently replaced it with a Ninja. I love it. I had the slouchy boots from Target on my doorstep when I got home and they are great...except they run small. I even ordered a 1/2 size up and of course now they don't have my size. Whaaaa! Great wish list friend! I hope you get it all. XO

  10. I think I need to add those earrings to my list too! I swear, the tupperware lids are with all the socks somewhere. Where do they go? And 29 days until Christmas? EEEEK!

  11. That's a great list! Tell your Santa that Whiskey In A Tea Cup went to the reduced bin last month (yes, already) at TJ Maxx. XO

  12. What a great gift list. My list keeps growing too! I also love Beautiful perfume. My hubby just surprised me with a PopSugar Must Have winter box. It had Beautiful Belle (rollerball) in it, and it's just as wonderful as the original! Have a fabulous week.

  13. I did it even know what a teddy bear coat was and now I NEED one. Adding that to my list.