Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Tartan Inspo: Plaid Is Rad

Oh, yes, I did! Taking it back to the early '90's, y'all when plaid pants ruled our butts and such.

I made a swift walk thru at Target about a month ago, on a mission for a specific thing, when I saw these red tartan plaid pants and wondered. Just simply wondered if my backside could handle a pair of plaid nearly thirty years later. That day, I decided it couldn't and so I kept on walking. And then! I saw all the cute tartan for FALL and FELL IN LOVE! Thirty years later or not, y'all, this mama bought herself some plaid pants! I ordered these from Target and even though the reviews are just "meh?" I can see myself getting away with them at the Mother Ship if I wear just the right blouse. I can dress them down on the weekends with a cute baseball tee and converse or a chunky sweater. I'm very pleased with my purchase, so I wouldn't write them completely off just because of the fair reviews.
So that purchase has me sharing some rad plaid inspiration with y'all today and I would love to know your thoughts, too. I absolutely love everything about this look for the office!  Will turtlenecks please stand up?! When are you guys gonna make a comeback? No lie. I have one black turtleneck that I absolutely refuse to throw out of my closet. Definitely a turtleneck kinda girl! Love this dressier and brighter pair of slacks! 

Fall Fashion Favorites: Plaid Pants
Not sure yet if I'm ready for a plaid skirt, but I love this pencil skirt and ruffle. I tend to shy away from lighter plaids. What about you?
tartan skirt - that's a very cute ruffle round the bottom
EEK!!  Y'all know me and THIS says. it. all.
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I've mentioned I'm on the Navy Train for Fall and so of course I would like this outfit and twist on another pattern. Plaid doesn't always have to be red and black. When I was in college, I had a pair of navy and green plaid pants. I remember they had pleats in the front, so I guess they were more slacks than pants. 
Skinny Stuart tartan pants with an oversized navy jumper.
But this look right here inspires me the most! Stripes, plaid, and PEARLS!  YES! So me! And SO Mother Ship and office worthy! 
3,756 Likes, 31 Comments - Annie | Stylish Petite (@stylishpetite) on Instagram: “Mad for plaid  This skirt is available in petites (runs very small so size up) and only $31! Click…”
So have you made any plaid purchases for Fall? Hopefully a cool down in temps will happen soon enough and we'll all be inspired for new "rad" pieces to add to our closets! 


  1. I remember lots of plaid and turtlenecks and high waisted pants from the 90's. Ha, ha!

  2. I cannot wait to see you in your plaid pants and I think you are going to be beautiful in them!!! I love plaid with leopard and yes - will turtlenecks please stand up NOW! I say we are start a turtleneck trend! Let's do it!

  3. I can't wait to see you style those pants lady!!! I am also on the plaid train but my eyes have been mostly on a plaid, men's inspired blazer for the fall, although I am totally digging those plaid pants and black turtleneck.

  4. I have ALWAYSSSS been a fan of plaid. So I'm on the train with you.
    Those red pants would be ADORABLE dressed up or dressed down. I cant wait to see them on you!

  5. Stripes and plaid are so my fave...I just chose that as my theme in November for a TBB post! The booties in that last picture are also fabulous. No plaid on bottom for me....all anyone would be thinking is WIDE LOAD ahead. hahaha

  6. From one Tartan Plaid love to another...bring it on and rock the bootie even better!!

  7. PS guess what, you're so ahead of the game, another Fall fashion prompt is stripes and plaid!!

  8. I love plaid! I want those navy plaid pants! Where are they from, do you know? I tried 2 pants on at NSale but neither pant fit me well. Boo.

  9. Sooo super cute! I will definitely be adding plaid to my Fall wardrobe asap! I am now following you - you can follow back at Annster's Domain if you wish!

  10. I do remember owning lots of plaid back in the day and while I still do love it I don't think I have one single plaid thing in my closet... maybe I should remedy that! I do have a few turtlenecks that are almost see through at this point because I just love them so much and cannot find any good replacements for them. I hope they make a big comeback soon as it just does not feel like fall to me without a nice warm turtleneck.

  11. My 1996/97 fall/winter closet was this. Shoulda kept the shlitz.

  12. I am loving the plaid pants. I just got out a high school photo album and my daughter mentioned my plaid pants. Ha! I love them. Last time I was at Target, not only did I see the plain pants, but I also saw a yellow plaid suit that immediately made me think of the movie Clueless. You can never go wrong with stripes and plaids!

  13. Love the plaid! I'm actually more of a skirt girl with that much pattern going on, and probably more navy and cream than red. But I do love that red skirt with the striped shirt. Hope to see a pic of you in yours!

  14. I love plaid. Not sure I'm brave enough for the pants but I do love them. Especially with animal print - swoon! Hope you're doing well & had a great summer!