Friday, September 01, 2017

Friday Favorites ~ Happy September

Hello, Friends, and welcome to the first Friday in September! Here in Louisiana, Hurricane Harvey has dropped several inches of water on us, but I'm still praying for my dear blog friends that have suffered such huge losses this week. There was a picture on social media of trucks headed to Houston pulling their boats behind them and the title of the picture said, "The Cajun Navy Is On Their Way" and it made me smile. Here in Louisiana, we know all too well about hurricanes and flooding and we're all too obliging to return the favor and help a sister state out. It made me think of Hurricane Katrina thirteen years ago {this week!} and remember how itty, bitty Alise was. #GodBlessTexas
So the wedding shower that I mentioned last week went off without a hitch and everything was absolutely perfect! For a few hours last Saturday, my house was full of friends, family, and love for Dani. She texted me later that night and thanked me again for everything and, of course, made me cry. Let's just say that mom and I can throw down a wedding shower or party like it's nobody's business! I posted the easy punch recipe I used at the shower earlier this week and you can find it here. Here are a few party pics!

I was so pleased at how the island turned out. It was the focal point and where all the food was, so I wanted it to be big (of course!) and beautiful. I'm hoping to share some Pinterest inspiration soon and where my ideas came from. 

Okay for some reason, Blogger won't upload my shower pictures for this post, so I'll have to share them later.

And speaking of love and weddings and all that goes along with it, my dear friend and blogger, Andrea, posted the most romantic post this week titled, How We Found Our Paradise. Click over and read about how she and Mr. Nine "lucked up on" a little piece of Heaven! I seriously nearly cried!
Stephanie's dad called last week and told her to send him a picture of herself with her trophies because the Orlando paper wanted to write an article about her. She insisted that Leonard the flamingo be in the picture because "it's Florida, mama!" I like how the basketball goal "snuck" in the pic, too. I'm not sure if I mentioned it here, but she won awards for Most Blocked Shots and Most Rebounds in the league she played in this summer in El Salvador. Can I just say that I'm one proud Mama?? Her agent is in negotiations now and we're waiting to see where she will go next to continue her dream. 

One of my favorite boutiques in Jackson posted this beautiful fall ensemble on IG this week. I love, love, love this kimono and olive green is BIG this season - in case you didn't know it already.  I'm on a mission for some olive green skinnies, but they have to be office appropriate.  I don't need the nuns frowning on me. 

By the time you're reading this, we'll be on our way to visit family in Alabama! Usually on Labor Day weekend, our family comes to stay with us, but we decided to change it up this year and make the six and a half hour drive to Cullman. We decided to take Alise out of school for the day and get an early start. The Horton's are ready for some Alabama football, that's for sure!!  Of course, we're making a stop in T-Town on the way!  Last Saturday night, Wayne and I had a date night and I looked over and realized we were both wearing red!
And?? I couldn't let college football get started without a little #FlashbackFriday picture.  This is Katie and Alise when they were about two years old. I am so thankful that they have not allowed the miles to separate them and that they are following in their daddy's footsteps.  They are best friends! 
Roll Tide, Y'all!  Have an AWESOME Labor Day Weekend!  See ya on Monday for The Blended Blog's link up!
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  1. Oh sweet friend, i have been so worried about you with Harvey dumping on you guys. I know that going to Alabama will do you all good!! That picture of Steph makes my heart sing and your little cheerleader, well, she is just the sweetest!! Your island was dreamy and you my friend, are the BEST!!!! Enjoy your trip!! xoxox

  2. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Aww, that photo of your Stephanie is awesome ! You deserve to be a proud mama ! I love following her journey and excited as well to see where she plays next !! Does she have Instagram as I'd love to follow her. Have a wonderful weekend day and enjoy your time in Alabama !

  3. Have you tried any Old Navy skinnies? I love my olive pants that I got from there. I also love that kimono! Woohoo for Stephanie, how exciting! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Blogger can be so aggravating at times but the one picture it did upload was sure pretty. Know you'll have a big time in Alabama and we just won't mention that you'll be pulling for Alabama. :o)) Happy long weekend!

  5. Hey hey girl! I've been watching your journey to 'Bama on Snap! Too much fun. Enjoy!

  6. That is so awesome! I cannot wait to see where her talents take her! Have a wonderful weekend!