Monday, July 31, 2017

Sentence A Day: July In Review

I hate to break it to ya, peeps, but summer is nearly over. At least for the Horton's it is. School starts in about fifteen days for us and this moma is totally in denial. Our July totally screamed summer with lots of pool time, friends, and great food! Here's a daily wrap of our month in a sentence (or two!). I'm joining Foxy's Domestic Side for the monthly link up today. 

1.) July 4th pre-party with Leonard! And the only picture I got all night of our cookout with friends. Hamburgers, hotdogs, grilled corn, a baked potato bar, and homemade oreo ice cream! Delish! 
2.) A quiet day at home catching up on sleep and some household chores. An evening by the pool with a glass of wine and a WIN for Stephanie! Missing Baby Girl so much!

3.) Lunch with our favorite friends! I don't know what my daughter's fascination is with only taking pics of half her face.
4.) Happy 4th of July, Friends!  We spent the day with my parents and Wayne grilled steaks! MORE homemade ice cream was on the menu, too! I even got in the pool for the first time this summer! 

5.) Hi ho! Hi ho! Back to work I go!

6.) Lunch date with my favorite UPS man! Please remember our guys in brown this summer and offer them water or a towel. Those tin cans they drive are not air conditioned!
7.) Love hearing the giggles of tween girls in my car! It's a sleepover night and Friday so of course, that means PIZZA!!
8.) An unusually quiet Saturday at home. Date night got postponed. 

9.) Church, naps, went to see a friend's new house, Old Navy, and Grocery Store with this Girlie!
10.) A new easy and delish recipe that even Wayne liked!

11.) Dinner and a movie with my favorite girl!

12.) Just another hot, July day! And a quiet evening at home.

13.) Me and 8 AM conference calls are NOT friends! Argh!

14.) Wishing this Girlie a very happy birthday! She had a great day and a W on the court despite some awful news from home. Trying to keep her spirits up!

15.) It was a long day in the car and I'm not a car person! We met our family half way in Mississippi so that Alise could spend the week at her cousins' in Alabama. 
16.) Just empty nesters for the week celebrating National Ice Cream Day!
17.) Doctor's visit for moi! Fluid behind my left ear means two scripts!

18.) Work and a quiet evening at home. Missing my baby girls so much but Alise is having a blast in Alabama!

19.) #datenight
20.) Steak night with my parents!

21.) I'm BLONDE again! Some of you witnessed that scary pic on Snap! 

22.) Alise posted the sweetest pic and message on IG in honor of her daddy's birthday. It made me cry. Loved celebrating Wayne's special day with him!
23.) Met our family in Meridian, Mississippi, to pick up Baby Girl.  I missed her SOOO much last week.  We did some damage at the Outlet mall.

24.) I got our pantry organized and made homemade cinnamon rolls.  They were delish!
25.) Mani-pedi day with Baby Girl! Wayne and I had a salsa war for #TacoTuesday. More on that another day!
26.) Pool day! Our first bacon and tomato sandwiches of the season for supper. Yummy!

27.) Date night with some friends of ours at a local restaurant. Yummy seafood!

28.) Night time facials with Baby Girl and Gilmore Girls!
29.) I know I say this all the time, but I miss this Girlie like crazy! I live for our daily face times! 
30.) I spent $300 at the grocery store and watched Stephanie win another game on the basketball court.

31.) And...for the second time this month, back to work I go!!


  1. I love this and I feel like we're neighbors since I saw a lot of this via your blog/snap/IG. That's a cool feeling! I'm so starting this up for August! Have a good week, gorgeous! xo

    1. That's so weet, Amanda! I feel like we're neighbors, too, as much as we like to "chat."

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Yay for being blonde again :) I've darkened my hair here and there in past yeas and I always find my way back to blonde.
    Happy Birthday to your girl ! National Ice Cream Day ???? How did I miss it ?? Yay for date nights, I haven't had one in a year. Happy Monday to you Laura !!

    1. We need to remedy that date night thing ASAP, Girlfriend! Love going out to dinner and having an adult conversation with no interruptions!

  3. You captured some great moments this month! I can't believe school starts so soon. This summer went by fast. Have a great week!

  4. I loved your July! Your girlies are just as beautiful with your masks! So so cute!

  5. I seriously think we're sisters ... we always have so much in common.
    I am FOREVER getting fluid behind my ears. so miserable. Dont you get vertigo too?
    & yep - I'm sooo not a car person either.
    I think its the 'cool' thing to chop part of your face off - I notice that in my youth kiddos pics too ;) haha

  6. Sounds like a fun summer. Some kids started school today! CRAZY.

  7. Such a full and fun month! Can't believe Summer is halfway over! xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  8. Not sure you could have packed any more fun into July. Yes, sadly, summer is just about over. Happy week dearie!

  9. How fun, Laura!! I think I'll start only photographing half my face---maybe I'll look better that way...ha ha!!!
    And I didn't know that about the UPS trucks---good to know!!
    Next time you make those cinnamon rolls---I'll be there!! I have a huge weakness for them!! And those look out of this world yummy!!

  10. I made those pork chops a few months ago and my PC loved them. Had forgotten about them. So glad to be reminded.

    We also have that very same huge flamingo swimming in our pool in far west Texas. I didn't know flamingos could fly, tee hee!!

    Love your LOVE of family. I am the mommy of two daughters and God sure knew what He was doing when he gave me girls. I love them so much. Both recently visited and we did facials at home, too.

    Great minds, huh? XO

  11. I haven't made cinnamon rolls in ages! I should change that! And, yes, it's sad that summer is almost over... Luckily, it looks and sounds like you packed a lot of fun into July!

    Have a wonderful August!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  12. Those cinnamon rolls look amazing!

  13. What a fun month you have had in July. Loved that you had special times with your husband and then a facial with your daughter - special times. I hope that August is a great month for you and look forward to reading all about it next month.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

  14. Amazing how much the grocery store costs isn't it! Your daughters are beautiful. Hard to believe they're headed back to school!