Thursday, July 27, 2017

Guys Behind The Blog

Today I'm joining  Crystal at Hall Around Texas for this month's Guys Behind The Blog. Now, I probably need to clarify that I probably didn't pick the right moment to "interview" Wayne.  We had just gotten back home from eating the day before his birthday. He was in the middle of watching a football reality show and wasn't "in" to our interview, if you catch my meaning.  But it is what it is and I really don't think there would have been any change in his answers even if I had selected another time. 

1.) What is your least favorite thing about summer?

W: {looking at me like I've lost my mind} No AC in a UPS truck.
L: It's hot isn't it, baby?
W: It's 140 freaking degrees in the back of that damn truck.
L: How do you know that?
W: Because Mike {a co-worker} put a thermometer in the back of the truck one summer.

2.) What is a must have for summer for you?

W: Water.
L: Would you take this seriously?
W: Laura, I AM taking this seriously!  Do you want me to die on the UPS truck?
L: {rolls eyes} Of course I don't want you to die on the UPS truck! Brown pays the bills.
W: Yes, it does!

3.) Grilling..only for men?  Favorite mean to make on a grill?

W: What does "mean" mean?
L: What do you mean, what does "mean" mean?
W: What does it mean?
L: Wayne, what's your favorite thing to grill?!!
W: Marinated filet mignon steaks. And sausage.
L: I think your steaks are the best.  I mean, I'd rather have yours than any restaurant.
W: Thank you.
L: But your sausage is a different story.  
W: (that crazy look again)
L: You know I'm not a sausage girl.

4.) What’s your favorite thing to do after work on a summer evening?

W: Get a shower and sit in my recliner.
L: No comment.

5.) What’s one summer project you’d like to accomplish before the season ends? 

W: Get all my firewood cut and stacked. I gotta get that wood from your parent's house.

So that's the extent of our interview session.

I bet if I had asked him some questions about Alabama football, he would have been MUCH more responsive!


  1. Hahaahahahaha he's such a dude! Love it!

  2. These would be the exact kind of responses I would get from Mr. Nine! Throw in the Irish football and we definitely have a conversation, LOL! Cute idea for a post and I love you girl!

    1. Love you, too, Girlfriend!! Glad to know we married men just alike! I think they're keepers!

  3. Men are so funny! Michael's answers are usually short and sweet, but that just makes up for my rambling! What a fun idea for a post!

  4. haha - I can TOTALLLLY hear this conversation in my head.
    "Do you want me to die..." - I so laughed. This is just ALL a reason why you dont see a lot of men bloggers ;)

  5. This is funny! I totally pictured you sitting there intruding on his screen time and verbally jousting back and forth, getting your answers and walking away! Love it!

    1. Yep! That's pretty much how the conversation went!! I love my man!!

  6. LOL! Is his favorite thing to do after work in the summer his favorite thing to do after work the rest of the year, too!? :)

  7. "Brown pays the bills" - that made me laugh!

    Luckily, we don't have our TV set up yet since we just moved. Otherwise, I would've had the same luck with my husband!

  8. I'm dying laughing over here. I need to do this last month - I'd love to hear what my hubby has to say! Have a wonderful weekend Laura!

    1. Would love to read what your man has to say, Lana! We could compare answers!