Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Favorites: National Ice Cream Day

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

THIS Sunday is National Ice Cream Day! Yay! We all scream for ice cream! Or at least I do! We've had our fair share of "ice cream runs" so far this summer and have even made some homemade with friends and family. I've always been an ice cream lover thanks to my dad. It was a treat to eat ice cream with him right before bed (not every night!). Those were the "lean" years of being a kid when you could do that, but unfortunately, not anymore. Ice cream is more like a "splurge" now because it goes straight to this mama's hips!

Today I'm sharing a few ideas and memories in honor of one of my favorite summer time treats! 

{one.} Our Favorite Homemade Ice Cream
Without a doubt, our favorite family recipe for homemade ice cream is Butterfinger and you can find the recipe here. We absolutely love it and it's our go to recipe when the homemade bug hits! The first time I ever had this ice cream was when Wayne and I were dating and I wasn't sure I was going to like it because I'm not really a Butterfingers fan. Wow! Was I wrong! 

{two.} My favorite Ice Cream Memory
Every summer, my brother and I would spend a week at my Grandparent's house, which was about 65 miles away from where we lived. They bought ice cream in five gallon buckets - don't ask me why - but I remember eating ice cream in the late afternoons while Grandma and I watched the game shows after her "stories" (soap operas) were over. Anybody remember this stuff?

My brother and I thought this was the coolest stuff! I mean, how in the world it hardened so fast was amazing to us! We loved it and it became a game between us to see who could eat their ice cream without cracking the shell of the chocolate. Gosh, it was fun being a kid!

{three.} My Favorite Ice Cream Dessert
A few years ago, my mom found this recipe on Pinterest and started treating us with it for a dessert when we go over to their house for family dinners. It is SO yummy and now Alise and my niece and nephew ask for it for their birthdays. My mom and I laugh so hard when she tries to slice the cake because she has to use a butcher knife to cut it! It's rather thick and probably is best if it is allowed to sit out for a few minutes before serving. 

{four.} My favorite Ice Cream Idea 
A few years ago, Alise and I attended a baby shower that served an ice cream bar instead of the traditional shower/party foods. I thought it was the neatest idea! The shower was for a baby girl, so all the frilly pink and tulle decor just made the  bar look amazing! I wish I had taken a picture of it! 

Growing up, it was always fun when the ice cream truck came into our neighborhood. Michael and I would run in the house and ask mama and daddy for money.  Eskimo Pies were always my favorite. I found these pictures below on my blog from March 2008, when Alise was nearly three years old.  I remember this day so well because the ice cream truck hardly ever came in our neighborhood and Wayne had just gotten home from work. I wanted Alise to have the "ice cream truck" experience, so daddy obliged even though it was right before supper time. We've moved since then, but I don't think Alise has ever had the "privilege" again of buying ice cream out of a truck!

I hope everyone screams for ice cream this weekend and may you make lots of memories enjoying this favorite summer time treat!


  1. LOVE this, you scream, em dream, we all scream for ice cream!! Ahh the memories of the ice cream truck before i thought they were creepy. Butterfinger (YES to yours homemade) DQ blizzards when preggers, Mom and her
    homemade vanilla, sundae bars...such sweet summertime and look at Alise....All about that sweet girl...and her mama!! Happy Weekend babe!!

  2. I was not aware of National Ice Cream day coming up... Definitely taking advantage of this special day on Sunday ;)

  3. Oh girl! I love me some ice cream too! Yes to Magic Shell and if didn't have so dang many calories I'd eat it today. You have got to buy you some Halo Top! Immediately! Have you tried it? It's the answer to your prayers, I'm telling you!! Happy Friday!!!

  4. I divorced ice cream for the 2nd time in my life last week- I love it but my body wants me to see other desserts! Every time I make ice cream sandwich cake at school, the ladies think it's some insanely difficult dessert. Too yummy! Have so much fun this weekend celebrating such an important day!

  5. I went to a graduation party recently that had an ice cream bar, and it was a lot of fun! Happy Friday!

  6. Those pictures of the ice cream truck are just darling. What a great memory! Jack made some homemade ice cream today - he's been wanting to do it all summer. He made vanilla with Twix bars. I will have to show him the butterfinger recipe. and YES I definitely remember Magic Shell. My fave ice cream treat is still a dipped cone at Dairy Queen!

  7. My grandmother used to watch her "stories" every day too! Sweet sweet memories. And that ice cream sandwich cake looks scrumptious! Happy Weekend!

  8. I used to eat ice cream every night too! :) I still do enjoy it from time to time!

  9. Oh, you brought back so many memories for me. My Grandpa made the best homemade ice cream and it was my job to sit on the top of the maker while my Grandpa did the cranking. Goodness, that was a long time ago. And, the ice cream truck, I think they should still be around for the kiddos. Enjoyable post!