Thursday, May 04, 2017

Thursday Thoughts No. 2

Sharing some cray-zeee thoughts again this week! 

So I made the mistake of telling off on Wayne last week about burning the house down.  Well, karma's a bitch and I nearly tried to do it, too, last Friday evening when I was burning frying bacon for the delicious corn dip that is a staple at our house in the summer time. There's a reason I fry bacon in the microwave - on school days! - and in the oven for the rest of the time. I. can't. fry. bacon. on. the. stove. Luckily, most of the smoke was out of the house by the time our friends arrived. 

Wayne and I went to see the movie, Unforgettable, this past weekend.  It was kinda slow, but probably one of the better movies we've seen in a while. I can't wait to see Snatched with my girls in a few weeks!

Studying and writing college papers are about to send me over the edge. I helped Stephanie until midnight two nights last week because she was "so stressed." OMG!  This kid doesn't know what stressed is! She is the proscrastinator turned perfectionist when it comes to the last minute and it drives me insane! Let's just say it wasn't a happy time! She's gonna blow up from all the candy she's been eating! Or need a root canal.

Trying to stay with the Meatless Monday theme, but the fam isn't really having it!  I tried a new recipe for Very Veggie Fried Rice and although it was perfect and yummy and light enough for a summer evening meal, everyone kept giving me ideas of what kind of MEAT to add to the recipe for next time. I asked them, "What part of Meatless Monday do y'all not understand?!" My version! So good!

Looks like the birthday girl's gift giving has started early!  When I got home from work on Monday, THIS HUGE thing was in our pool! I swear somebody's gonna drive by during the day when we're not home and shoot it!

Ok. So I didn't make it officially a whole month on the no Diet Coke train. Damn it! I missed it by five days! But it's all my friends' faults. Never fear!  I'm back on the train and water is still my choice drink.  Let me clarify.  Non-alcoholic drink. Because Saturday night I had the best margarita in the whole wide world! It had tequila and vodka in it! And then Amanda had to go and show me how many calories vodka really does have via Snap Chat.  I'm ignoring her right now! But I think I've managed to lose some "wine weight" because I've totally fended off wine because of the calories. Wine and I aren't friends anymore. 

I think I've mentioned before that Alise got a new math teacher mid-year and that he also use to teach me in high school. Whhhheeeellll...yesterday during the awards ceremony, he asked all the parents to stand if he had taught them before.  All I can say is that it was a very surreal moment. Surreal indeed. I felt nostalgic and very old. And then the parents were asked to stand again if we had ever taken calculus. So I got to stand again. Sorry. Bragging rights on that one! I texted the girls and told them, "our kids go to school with a bunch of nerds! What can we say?" So stinking proud of our Baby Girl! She is such an amazing and great kid and I am so proud to be her mom! 

The scale gods were gracious this week. I still have lab work hanging over my head and I still haven't taken the first calcium or vitamin D pill yet. One would think I had learned my lesson about waiting and putting things off. 

Our weekend is slammed! I'll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow night! I thought I could put off eating a taco on #tacotuesday until May 5th, but I failed. On Saturday we have the middle school dance and a friend's 50th birthday party. Not sure how I'm gonna swing that one! And then on Sunday, it's crawfish time again! 

I hope your weekend is just as fun!


  1. Why does reading your random thoughts crack me up?!?! Maybe because I can tell your mind is all over the place just like mine. I really backed off the diet sodas a couple of years ago and just have them occasionally but after watching a stupid video about what soda does to your stomach on Facebook, I'm trying to steer clear completely. We'll see how that goes the next time we go to Mexican (SOON) or 5 Guys because #cajunfriesanddietcokebelongtogether

    1. Ha ha, Lisa! I don't know if I should say thank you or that great and crazy minds think alike?!? Yes, I saw that video pop up on my FB feed, but I stayed clear of it. I'm the type that is better off not knowing, ya know?! Have a great weekend and enjoy Benny's graduation!!

  2. I'm LOLing about someone shooting your pool float! Ha! That's so funny about your math teacher! My calculus teacher ended up being my boss for a few years, and I currently work with my high school biology teacher! Hope y'all have a great weekend- and take your pills! They make calcium chews that are Tootsie Roll-esque!

    1. Seriously!? I'll have to look into the calcium chewies! Thanks for telling me about those! I actually went and had my blood work done this morning! Yay me!! Have a great weekend, girl!

  3. That pool float looks like so much fun. Wish we had pool weather! I only drink one diet coke a day now, and I look forward to it all day long! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. I seriously have had to swear off wine because it makes me feel so awful the next day.....I'm pretty sure I've got some weird allergy to it. I've been drinking deep Eddy's orange vodka with perrier water and I figure at least I'm getting my H2O right?