Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Royally Waiting Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, Friends!  How's your week going? We're soaking up evenings by the pool and enjoying meals outside as we ride out this last official week of school. I'm joining Shelly and the girls for Royally Waiting again for a sneak peek into our week! Join us!

{waiting on.}

Things were so busy last weekend that I didn't get the chance to see the new Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn movie, Snatched, for Mother's Day like I had wanted.  Never fear!  We're going this weekend!  Can't wait!

{thinking about.}

I'm seriously considering getting an Instant Pot - especially after seeing all the recipes popping up on my Pinterest feed for it. One of my friend's moms just bought her one and she has ranted and raved about it. I think it would be so convenient for summer because you wouldn't have to heat up the kitchen.  I'm all about not heating up the kitchen!  Ha! Truth: I still have a pressure cooker in the ORIGINAL box, never been opened, from a wedding shower over twenty-two years ago.  Shame. on. me.


We're in the middle of making plans for Alise's birthday next week. She is so excited and is even having a small sleepover with a few friends this weekend. She requested a make-your-own-pizza night and snacks "like you made for Stephanie's party, mama." I certainly can't do one without the other! 


I started reading The Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff this week, but I'm not very far into it yet.

The Orphan's Tale: A Novel by [Jenoff, Pam]


Look for an Old Navy Post coming soon!  I stopped in last night on my way home from work and picked up a few things. I loved this simple palm jersey dress! AND it was on sale for $15!  Cha-ching!


Monday night we tried Tyson's Beef Fajita meat, but we made quesadillas instead.  I mixed the meat with red and green bell peppers and a little onion and everyone loved it!  It was a quick and easy meal. Of course, it was suppose to be "Meatless Monday," but my peeps complain about there not being any meat, and that was an argument that I wasn't in the mood to have that evening. 

Image result for tyson fajita steak


If you've seen my Snaps, then you may be wondering what my fuss over May 15th was about.  The Mother Ship files extensions every year for our tax return and our drop dead federal date is May 15th! So....we completed and mailed out over 250 returns for our healthcare system between the 10th and 15th and I was oh-so happy to see that day come and go! It is ALOT of work, so yes, I celebrated this past weekend! Happy end of tax season for me!!

That's all I got this week, Peeps! Enjoy the rest of your week!  


  1. Old Navy has been hitting it out of the park lately!!! I LOVE the palm dress and look forward to your post with other great finds!

  2. Love that new dress! My Instant Pot is arriving in the mail today- I'm excited to try it out hopefully this weekend, although I'm a little intimidated. I LOVE Goldie Hawn but can't stand Amy Schumer. You'll have to tell me how it is!

    1. I'm really not a fan of Amy's either, but I really, really want to see this movie! I hope all the funny parts weren't given away in the previews! Can't wait to read how you like your Instant Pot!

  3. I keep hearing good & iffy things about the Instant Pot... so I'll be interested in what you think about it.I've seen some great recipes for it though!!!

    1. What "iffy" things have you heard, Rebecca Jo? They're pretty expensive so I'd like to hear the cons, too!

  4. Oh my goodness that dress is too cute! I love my instant pot..but I've been awful about meal planning lately. Our micro was out for about a month and I couldn't even defrost hamburger in a pinch for spaghetti! Thanks for linking with us friend!