Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rose Gold Love

I am SO on a rose gold kick this spring! I've never really cared for the color until now, when it seems like it is EVERYWHERE these days!  So today, I thought I'd share a few of my rose gold favorites and maybe spark some inspiration for Mother's Day {hint, hint!}!

Iphone// Some of you will probably remember that my Samsung Note fell in the pool last summer and I had the hardest decision about getting a new Samsung or crossing over to the dark side with the iphone. I ended up crossing over and chose the rose gold Iphone 7 plus.  Am I happy with it?  Yes. Do I think it's the best thing since slice bread? No. But that's my opinion. It's a phone.

Apple Watch// And...most people wouldn't agree, but I think I love my watch more than I do my phone! It was one of my prizes while we were in Memphis recently. And if anyone knows some great apps for it, please let me know! 

Mossimo Huarache Sandals// I recently ordered these from Target and I love them! They are so comfortable and remind me of my teen years in the '80's when I wore these same style of shoes in white {I hardly ever wear white shoes now}. Just goes to show you that everything does come back around in style. 

Anastasia Lip Gloss// I've mentioned how much I love this lip gloss recently despite the one negative review from Macy's. If you are a lip gloss wearer and like wearing nude shades, I highly recommend this cosmetic brand.

Kate Spade Crossbody// Steph recently treated herself to this KS purse and I'm so jealous. 

Michael Kors Adrianna Sunglasses// I desperately need new shades, but I can never keep up with them. That's why I don't normally buy expensive sunglasses, but hey!  These are nice! Truth: The pair that I'm wearing these days came from the Dollar Store. I have an Apple Watch, but I wear cheap sunglasses! What can I say?  

MicroSmooth Sculpting Contour Trio// I'm moving on up in the contouring world price wise.  I've been practicing with less expensive kits and this is the latest one I've bought to practice with.  Contouring really is fun, but you have to have the time and most mornings, I simply don't. 

Beats// We got the girls matching Beats for Christmas as a big surprise. Stephanie was actually the one who wanted a pair first, but little sister wasn't going to be trumped.  Especially on Christmas!

Petite Diamond Hoop Earrings Well? Diamond are a girl's best friend, aren't they?


  1. LOVE rose gold! My iPhone is rose gold too and I have 2 necklaces that are, now I want those Gold sunnies. Have A beautiful day, beautiful lady!

  2. Dying for an Apple Watch! Gimme gimme gimme!
    I also want some rose gold Birkenstocks. Please and thank you!

    1. Oh! You reminded me! I saw the rose gold Birkenstocks and even though I am not a fan, I would wear those fer sure!

  3. I so want those Beats... the stylish way to listen to music!!!

  4. Love those sandals! I am the same way about sunglasses- Target dollar bin all the way, but I think I need to act like a grownup and buy big girl glasses!

  5. My oldest got me hooked. Her beats are in rose gold. Need to look for those sandals at Target.

  6. This is one of my favorite colors - it's just so pretty and feminine. My son got me a Rose Gold Michael Kors watch for Christmas and I love it. Hope you're having a great week!

  7. I have not seen those sandals...super cute! I am totally needing a new phone and really lusting over an apple watch but no way both are happening. Thanks for linking up with Royally Waiting!

  8. Rose gold is great. I'm loving the crossbody bag - and the headphones!!


  9. I'm always late to the party, but I've finally arrived. I didn't use to care for the whole rose gold thing at all, but I just ran into Target the other day to look at some sandals...which BTW I didn't buy, but managed to still spend 70-some dollars. #typicaltargetshopper Love your ideas!!!