Monday, March 27, 2017

Mini Me Monday

I decided to steal the idea of Mini Me Monday from Anne, even though my own Mini Me is quite older than her cutie. Alise deserves her own post for the day simply because I feel like lately, it's all been about Big Sister. But please do not think that she gets lost in the shuffle or left behind because I promise you, she is right there, smack in the middle, of our family of four! 

I don't believe I've mentioned lately, but I've been blogging for ELEVEN years this month, y'all!  Eleven. freaking. years. And I'm so glad I started! Alise wasn't even a year old when I read about blogging being the newest rage in a magazine one night and decided to try it. And The Horton Family was born. Internet-ly. Here's the first picture of Baby Girl that I ever posted on my blog and pasting it here now just brings tears to my eyes! Because this birthday party for a friend's one year old daughter seems like yesterday. The purple eye shadow? Not so much. 

I remember those big, beautiful blue eyes and thinking how blessed I was that God had answered my prayers. Now her eyes are more hazel like her daddy's and I'm always telling her to "open your eyes" for pictures. She has a bad habit of squinting. I think it's from all the flashes from when she was a baby because it seemed I was constantly taking her picture. Constantly taking a picture of her just staring back at me with that lost look on her face.  It seems like it took her forever to learn how to smile. 

Did I ever tell y'all that we never received Alise's birth certificate because of Hurricane Katrina? I mean, I have it now, but we never received the first "official" one. We had actually gone to Alabama a few days before the hurricane hit to visit Wayne's grandmother, Alise's great-grandmother. On our way home, we noticed how crazy the interstates were with traffic and we were totally oblivious to what was about to happen a day after we got home. I remember breast feeding Alise in our old, burgundy recliner and watching the news on TV. It finally hit me that we had never received her birth certificate and I was a little worried about how I was going to get it since they are processed in New Orleans, but of course, everything worked out!

I remember giving this girlie a bath one night (I can still see the gold bathroom tile in my head!) just as she was starting to make those first talking sounds and longing so much for the day that she would say, Mama. Of course, Dada, ended up being her first word and I was kinda disappointed, but I will never forget that longing of hearing my Baby Girl call me Mama. Now? I'm not gonna lie. Some days hearing Mama over and over and over again has been hard, but that word coming from her lips will always be music to my ears.

Alise has danced, tumbled, batted, dribbled, and cheered her way through life these last {almost} twelve years. These days, she's like any other tween, addicted to her cell phone and her friends. She is still my Mini Me, my shadow, and my best friend. It's so hard now to know when to draw the mother or the friend line. I have to constantly remind myself that I am her mother first. We talk about everything and she's open and honest with me. I am so proud of her and so thankful that God blessed me with such a beautiful little girl. She will forever be my Baby Girl!  I love you, Alise!


  1. Oh mama, what an absolutely sweet, well-rounded and beautiful girl! She has the greatest role model in you and is absolutely just as beautiful! I love how she's always is beaming and that is a testament to the great love she has with her wonderful family! Happy Monday sweetness!

  2. What a sweet post about your sweet girl. Time goes so quickly. Daughters are special, that's for sure. Have a great week, Laura!

  3. Isnt it so nice having all your memories tucked away in your blog? The benefits of dedicating to much time to it.
    I feel like Hurricane Katrina was just a year or two ago - crazy to think when it really was

  4. Aweeee this is sweet as can be! That is one pretty chick you have there. My girl and I butt heads more than anything these days and it can be hard but man our girls are special! xo

  5. Loved it! I'm totally with you on the "mama!" There is this other person in the house named Daddy! I can't even imagine what y'all dealt with during the hurricane. Glad you got everything squared away!

  6. What a sweet post to your beautiful daughter. That parent/friend line can be so hard. I always figured if I parented well while they were growing up, we could be friends later. It's worked out so far! I can't believe you've been blogging for 11 years - that's impressive!

  7. What a nice post for your little girl. She is such a cutie pie!