Thursday, December 01, 2016

Three Things

A few weeks ago, Kelly borrowed an idea and posted three things about each of her family members. I thought it was such a great idea - although I feel like y'all already know everything because I'm a "sharer" - what can I say? - and so I thought about doing it myself and trying to come up with something new that maybe you haven't read about or didn't know about them.  Here goes:


1.  Alise is a closet gamer. I didn't even know what a "gamer" was until she told me recently. She loves to play video games with several friends from school and her cousins in Alabama in her spare time. They face time each other while they're playing the video games. But she has totally outgrown the Mind Craft phase.

2.  She is letting her bangs grow out. Probably one of the worst decisions I ever made was giving Alise bangs, but her hair line was just a mess when she was a baby and it just seemed like the right thing to do at the time. With cheer, she has to have all her hair off her face so we've been growing out her bangs since this summer and they are finally long enough to tuck behind her ear. When her hair is straight and tucked behind her ear, I think she looks beautiful! Of course, I think she always looks beautiful, but sometimes she just looks beautifuler! Ha!

3. Alise hates to wear jeans. They aren't comfortable to her and God forbid she wear a dress to school! So she wears leggings most every day with shirts that cover her boo-tay so she doesn't get sent home. I don't know what we're going to do this Spring, but for right now, I've invested in leggings for winter.


1. Stephanie drinks an AWFUL lot of water! I swear she's a camel re-incarnate! Ha! I'm sure she appreciates that. She doesn't drink soft drinks or carbonated things like that. She has tried and tried to get me on her water bandwagon, but I keep falling off. 

2. Probably the most surprising thing about Steph is that she really is a girly girl, but you would never know it. The whole athletic look she has going on 99.9% of the time kills this southern mama's soul, but I get it. I mean, she's an athlete, but I love it when she dresses up. She loves make-up and products and jewelry and has expensive tastes just like her mama! Her favorite store is Pink, just like her favorite color. 

3. Steph is definitely a dog person!  She loves all animals, loves going to zoos, that kind of thing. She dog sits for some of her friends that are on the football team on the weekends when they are out of town. So if any of you were wondering what that pink mohawked dog was doing with Jack on my SC a few weeks ago, that was a football player's dog and he was "pinked out" for breast cancer awareness, supposedly.


1. Wayne is always busy.  The man never stops. He is always piddling or doing something around the house or running to Home Depot or coaching basketball practice or doing something for somebody else.  He is like the pink Energizer bunny. The only time he is still, is when Alabama football is on. And even then, his phone is dinging off the hook because nobody ever lets us watch in peace.

2. Wayne likes his sweet tea!  He comes in second place, just right after Uncle Si when it comes to sweat tea drinking!  I refuse to let him carry around a Tupperware cup, though. Wayne drinks his tea from Alabama game cups that we've acquired through the years.

3. Just recently, Wayne had to start wearing dollar store reading glasses. It kills his soul.  The man had perfect vision until he turned about 45. Luckily, he hasn't had to have actual prescription reading glasses. Every time he wears them and I look over at him, sitting in his recliner with them on, I think he looks just like his dad did. And I always have a pair of his cheap glasses in my purse for when we go out because he can't read the menu. My poor man!


1.  I don't eat shrimp.  I may have told y'all already.  But I love a good crab cake with hollandaise sauce.  Yummy! And when it comes to steaks, I think Wayne grills the absolute best! I'd rather eat a steak at home than go out to eat one.

2.  I'm already planning my birthday in January. Eek!

3. I wear a sleep mask to bed every night and if we go out of town, I have to have my favorite pillow. Recently, Jack has become obsessed with my sleep mask.  I usually keep it on the table beside my bed, but he began jumping up on the bed and getting it and ripping it to shreds! Bad dog! So now I have to remind myself to put it in the drawer every morning. I can't sleep without my sleep mask!

So tell me something about yourself in the comments.  I would love to get to know my readers! 


  1. Alise looks so beautiful in that picture. I know what you mean about the hair struggles. You might remember Grace got her hair cut last spring and then even shorter later in the spring. It looked cute when she straightened it, but now she has come to her senses and is growing it longer again. It kind of kills me when I see older pictures of her pretty, long hair. I think she is beautiful either way, but I definitely have a preference! :)

    1. Yes, I do remember Grace cutting her long locks! She's still beautiful! Alise's hair is probably the longest it's ever been right now.

  2. I was the same way with my eyesight. IT was perfect till I hit 40. It KILLS me that I cant see things without readers.

    Good for Stephanie for being a water lover. So healthy!!!

    My birthday is in 30 days... I should plan something. I never give it any thought.

    1. Oh, girl! My eye sight is horrible! Wayne has been so fortunate and I hope Alise is blessed with his good eye sight. I was wearing glasses in the 4th grade!

  3. I think the most shocking one was that Alise is a gamer. I never would have thought that of her. Ha! Not like I know her or anything!!
    I love crab cakes, too!! I like all seafood though. I totally think my husband's steaks are better than most restaurants, too, so think it's pointless to order one out. I've also put the pizza oven idea in my hubby's head, after seeing your snap. We've been researching plans!! :)

    1. I so hope y'all decide to go with a pizza oven! Can't wait to see it! Steph's team is having a pizza/Christmas party here at our house in a few weeks and the girls are so excited about trying out the oven! I hope the weather cooperates! You can bake bread and cookies and all sorts of things!

  4. Your family is so beautiful. A closet gamer - watch out! I also cut my girl some bangs a long time ago...regret!!!! Stephanie is so beautiful. My gosh she is like a model! Yo daddy-o my hubs likes the sweet tea too. And you my love are pretty amazing! I will eat the shrimp.