Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's Up Wednesday ~ November 2016 Edition

Wow!  I haven't posted since the week before Thanksgiving! What the what?! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and got to spend quality time with those that they love. We had a nice and relaxing Thanksgiving filled with not-so-good food {more on that in another post!}, lots of naps, Christmas decorating, and Gilmore Girls. My parents came over for the day, but my dad wasn't feeling that great because he was still recovering from a sickness earlier in the week. Steph was out of town with her Dad, visiting her aunt, and she was greatly missed.

What we're eating this week... We're eating Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak - my fav! - with mashed potatoes. Total southern comfort food. I also see a chocolate cake in our future. I'm having a taco bar later in the week for Steph and her team mates. Alise has requested fettuccine alfredo, so I'll be making that for her, and that pretty much sums up our menu!

What I'm reminiscing about...These Girlies! It has been a year since we attended our first ULM ladies basketball game and was introduced to these two beauties. I had no idea how much my life was going to change that day! What started out as Dani and I having a close friendship transitioned into becoming the mother to a girl that I seriously can't imagine my life without. The two of them have taught me so much about basketball {of course!}, about friendship and loyalty, and how much the world has changed since I was in college {Smile.}.

And then, of course, there's my other baller. My Baby. Oh, how I miss those days when she "believed." Christmas was so much more fun then.  Enjoy playing Santa with your babies!

What I'm loving...Honestly, I'm just loving life right now. This nine weeks for Alise has been so much more relaxed and I am especially thankful for that!

What we've been up too...It's basketball season. And it's hard having two girls that play both sports and trying to make games and practices. Normally Alise has practice when Steph has a game on Tuesday nights. I made the ultimate mom mistake and promised Steph we would attend an important upcoming game, and then we got Alise's schedule, and now we won't be able to. Her feelings were a little hurt, but she understood. We traveled to Thibodeax, Louisiana, a few weeks ago to see the college girls play and we took Steph's dad with us. Unfortunately, it wasn't a good game for Baby Girl, but she bounced back against LSUA with a double-double {I just recently learned what that was}!

What I'm dreading...Wrapping all those Christmas presents!  Santa wraps at our house! Always has and unfortunately always will.

What I'm working on...Our family Christmas photo. My Nikon died and needs $198 worth of surgery. It is so old that Wayne and I decided to just buy another one, which we haven't done yet. So...not exactly sure I will even be sending cards this year.  I may decide to make a donation to a local charity in lieu of cards.

What I'm excited about...I'm just excited about spending time with my friends and family for Christmas. We have a few parties on our social calendar, but for the most part, we'll be home for the holidays.

What I'm watching/reading/listening to...I finished, A Certain Age, by Beatriz Williams and although I enjoyed the story line, I didn't care for the flow or the way it was written.  If the Roaring 20's aren't you're thing, you're better off skipping it. After that, I was craving some holiday reading, so I started with The Baxter Family Christmas by Karen Kingsbury.  It was an easy read, but keep the kleenex handy! Next I read, The Mistletoe Secret by Richard Paul Evans and it was cute. I decided to take a break from holiday reading and started Liked by Kari Kampakis after the book started popping up in my IG feed. I want to read it and then give it to my girls to read. And...I've been listening to the Holly channel on XM radio since November 1st. Wayne and I watched the first episode of "Crown" on Netflix and we're also watching Lady Mary Crowley in "Good Behavior," but good she is NOT, y'all! Alise wanted to stay up until 3AM to watch the new series of "Gilmore Girls" {surely you've heard about it, right?}, but I couldn't do it.  We watched the Winter episode around 10 o'clock on Black Friday.

What I'm wearing...Spent some time boutique shopping this month and grabbed a new leopard kimono and a great floral dress. Also bought myself a new, reversible tote that even the Big Girl likes! That's shocking! I've also found some great dresses at Target lately! I've bought three! Leggings, leggings, and more leggings.  They're my jam this time of year.

I recently wore this outfit during the week of Thanksgiving.  My besties and I were suppose to go out to dinner to celebrate a birthday, but two out of the four got sick. So....When I called Wayne to tell him that I would be home for the evening after all, he insisted that we keep the reservation and go out for the evening anyway. My man is the best!

What I'm doing this weekend...Putting up the last few touches of Christmas decorations. Alise has her first basketball game on Saturday and I am oh-so hoping that Big Sister will be able to attend! If ever there was any animosity regarding the girls, it's now during season because Alise feels like we watch Steph more than her. I get that, but Alise doesn't have as many games as her Big Sis, either. Having said that, we will travel to Natchitoches, Louisiana, {Steel Magnolias!  Eek!} to see Steph play on Sunday. Unfortunately, it will probably be our last road trip for her because from now on, her games are more than one day driving distances.

What I'm looking forward to next month...Christmas!!  Of course!

What else is new...Alise told me over Thanksgiving break that she doesn't want to cheer next year. Sigh. And I know why. Poor girl is tired! This Mama is tired, too, with all the running around that's involved. I'm fine if this is truly something she wants to do and not someone else convincing her to not do it. I want it to be her decision.

And that's about all that's going on in our world right now! How is your's?


  1. You do not know how happy this post makes me to see what my pal is up to!! Your tree is phenomenal, your date night hotness so fricking cute and wishing Alise so much luck at her first game!! Ugh...too bad we can't have a wrapping and wine party, I have soooo many to wrap. Happy day beautiful!!! Fa la la and lots of love!!

  2. Sounds like you and the girls are in a great place right now. Perfect...just in time for a happy holiday season!! Loved seeing what you're up to. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. Those boots!!!! Love how high they are.
    I dread all the wrapping too!!! The worst!

  4. Ummm....I am LOVING that teal tunic and girl...that choker!! I so want one but just can't pull the trigger. I love it. Yea for unexpected date nights. :) Glad I'm not the only one that missed the memo they were having WUW last week instead of the "real" last day of November ha! I almost did mine today too just because I hated missing a month.

  5. I'm so glad you posted today! I was missing you! I am bummed I forgot to do my WUW post last week, but I loved hearing what you've been up to!
    You look beautiful in that teal tunic with those boots; and that leopard clutch is the perfect touch!! Hot mama!! Hope you're having a fantastic week!

  6. You look so gorgeous in the teal tunic & choker! I haven't bought a single Christmas present - I'm having such a hard time getting into the spirit this year. Hope you have a great weekend!