Thursday, November 03, 2016

What 50 Years of the CMAs Taught Me

By the title of this post, it makes it sound like I'm older than 50, which is not the case, and I'm too lazy to go back and change the title. My Twitter feed tells me that only one dear friend of mine was watching {I recorded it and started around 7:45 - more on that later!}, while all the rest of the world was watching something called the World Series, but whatevah!  Here are somethings I learned or comments I have about the CMAs from Wednesday night {and in no particular order}!

1.  I am old. I mean, the first eight minutes?  That's the music I grew up listening to!

2.  Nicole Kidman cannot dance.

3.  I truly believe Trisha Yearwood was channeling June Carter Cash or Adelle in that black dress.  I was extremely disappointed, especially after she Facebooked a pic of four styles of shoes and asked her fans which ones she should wear. She does not look good with long hair. I swear those were extensions because she had shorter hair on her cooking show this past Saturday.  Just saying.

4.  Matthew McConaughey didn't get the dress code memo, but he preached a good sermon. Alright, alright, alright.

5.  George Strait is still King of Country Music.

6.  Dierks Bentley can lead me anywhere. And his little guitar, too!

7.  Who are all these new people? Peeps I never heard of!  Guess that's what happens when you switch from The Highway to Prime Country on XM.

8.  I'm still pissed Cole Swindell didn't win Best New Artist.

9.  What baseball game?

10.  When Reba showed out in the red dress singing Fancy! Take THAT, Harvill!

11.  True story.  I snapped Steph a pic of Carrie Underwood's hair during her performance and said, "You need to try this style." I didn't get an answer.

12.  I am going to make my kids listen to "Humble & Kind" everyday for the rest of their lives!

13.  Vince Gill just ain't the same, y'all.

14.  Did Lorrie Morgan cry at Garth's rendition of her ex-husband's, "Don't Close Your Eyes." Looks like she wanted to.  The camera kept panning to her and I kept saying, "Cry, Lorrie, cry!"

15. Beyonce' needs to stick to R&B. And the Dixie Chicks need to go away again. But I'm afraid puffy sleeved, see-through white wedding dresses and pearls may be making a comeback. We'll see.

16.  Why does Eric Church wear sunglasses inside?  That is such a turnoff to me and I know I could really like him if he'd just take off those stupid glasses!

17.  Why, I do declare, Garth Brooks! That kiss made me blush!  And on national television, too!  You go, boy!

18. Miranda just looked sad to me.

19. Carrie and Brad's intro was priceless! The coat of many colors bra and the Faith & Tim Barbie dolls were absolutely hilarious! And the Peyton Manning jingle!  I was rolling!

20. If Kenny Chesney cries....if that man cries...

21.  Faith, honey. Please do something with your hair.

22. I thought Loretta Lynn looked beautiful! And her sister, Crystal Gayle, too.  But I wanted to know if her hair was still long or not. Wonder what Loretta thought of Luke Bryan's song?!

23.  Lee Greenwood made me cry. #proudtobeanamerican

24. Where was Blake Shelton?

25.  Barbara Mandrell is still short.

25. And Dolly. My big hair icon. My favorite blonde bombshell of all time.  I was belting out "Jolene," "Coat of Many Colors," and "I Will Always Love You" before those songs were ever cool. My mama still tells me those were cigarrettes she and Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were smoking in "9 to 5." Ha!  But just one question. Why yellow? Dolly looked amazing with that hair teased up high, but out of all the dresses, I just wanna know, why yellow?

So this is the deal. I had Wayne record the CMAs for me and since I got a late start, I was watching the "recorded" version and he didn't add the "30 minute extender" to the end of the recording.  So right when Martina McBride and Carrie Underwood start belting out "I Will Always Love You," something happens to my TV.  It freezes up on me! I am DYING, y'all!  And throwing out a few choice Southern Diva words! Oh my gosh, y'all!  HOW could this happen!  I don't know if my beloved Dolly got to speak and I didn't find out until nearly two hours later that Garth Brooks won Entertainer of the Year! So if the CMAs taught me anything, it was to remind my husband to set the 30 minute extender to award shows! Ha!

I bet he extends if for that LSWho v. Bama game this weekend! Roll Tide, everybody!


  1. This list has me so stinkin excited and solidifies why I love you!! My husbands work buddy was there, there in person with his black tie and Cowboys boots.....oh I die...I loved the awards last night but threw a hissy when my Cole did not win!! I was mad Beyoncé was there, Faith was not on her hair game at all, has Clint Black had work done, I may have shed more tears in one sitting than all year, I wanted Lorrie to cry too, I'm going to see Vince Gill in two weeks; he better bring it, Randy Travis and his Amen had me and Miranda bawling like a baby, and can I get a whoop whoop Carrie and Brad in the intro. My neighbor looks just like Brad and gets mad when I call him Brad instead of Ryan, lol. I feel asleep before the last hour but have it recorded, oh s%#t, now I'm worried it didn't get the extender.

    1. GURL! I hope you got that extender!! Whew! Or you're gonna be like me watching "clips" from the show on the internet!! HA! Clint Black...I was never a huge fan of his and I kinda lost some respect for him the way he acted on Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago. Is he still married to Lisa Hart? The whole time I saw his true colors on CA, I was wondering how she put up with him. ha! I cannot believe you actually had a friend at the awards - or at least knew somebody that was really, truly there! How awesome is that?! I know you don't SnapChat - and you should! - but I saw some snaps from the night from different people at the show so that was kinda neat! Yes, Randy's, "Amen" had me in tears, too, but I had seen some things on social media when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and so I wasn't "that" surprised by his performance, but I thought he looked great! Gosh, I hope you got that extender! Have a great day, Friend! Love ya!

  2. I loved the show!!
    I think Lorrie Morgan looked SOOOOO uncomfortable.
    I didnt care for Trisha's looks either.
    LOVED Tim & Faith. They just look amazing separately & together.
    I so teared up at Randy Travis & his AMEN part of the song... oh mercy

    1. Tim grew up twenty miles from us. My husband played against him in basketball. He and Faith just don't look happy to me these days. It makes me wonder if the divorce rumors are true. Glad you watched!

  3. Yes, your title threw me off. I was like, "Dang, Laura aged well!" Just kidding!! I knew what you meant!
    I didn't watch the CMA's because #baseballgirl, but we have DirectTV & it automatically records all the prime time shows, so I'll have to go back & watch all the parts your talking about. Yay, now I have Friday night plans!! ;)

    1. Yes, I saw on FB that you were glued to the game. I'll watch it, but I'm not a big baseball fan. The game is just too dang slow for me!

  4. Super fun post! I seriously failed to set record on this and was glued to the game instead. I hate that I missed Carrie & Brad because I just love them together. Faith & Tim were on the Voice recently as "coaches" and I kind of felt like she was just trying too hard. Maybe that is how she is in real life but she just seemed kind of odd.

    1. I emailed you back instead of replying here. I just think something is wrong with Faith. That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it!

  5. Yes, the King of Country is definitely George!!! I loved all of your thoughts, most enjoyable!

  6. So fun - I loved reading your recap! I didn't watch this or the World Series. I do love country music though, but I always forget. Hope you have a great weekend!